AB WhatsApp APK V31 Latest (2024) Free Download For Android

What is AB WhatsApp APK?

AB WhatsApp is among the most widely used customized applications. Numerous more characteristics of this App generate great excitement worldwide. The performance of the App is enhanced with enhanced features. Millions of people use these Apps to communicate with friends, family, and relatives worldwide.

People are drawn to install and utilize it because of its distinctive icon and interface. Users can establish connections with millions of people worldwide with the aid of their devices. Since the original WhatsApp did not allow customization, most users did not do so.

Nonetheless, what’s unique about AB WhatsApp is that users can use many eye-catching themes and wallpapers to personalize their chat backdrop and home screen.

Additional Table of AB WhatsApp

App NameAB WhatsApp
Latest Versionv31.00
File Size74MB
Developers TeamAbdulmalik Alhaj
Version MODsAB, AB2, AB3, AB4, AB5, AB6
Color MODsBlack, Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow
File TypeMod APK
Downloads1 Million+

Additional Features of AB WhatsApp

Additional Features of AB WhatsApp

In this section, users will have a detailed conversation on the features of AB WhatsApp, Let’s See: And if you also want to download AB2 WhatsApp APK for free then click on previous link.


That is an excellent feature of AB WhatsApp. The home screen and look can be altered by utilizing various options and components by adding new wallpapers, themes, background colors, and other things. There are more than 100 gorgeous and distinctive themes in this App.


Anti-ban is the best feature of this App. This feature protects the users from getting banned. So, feel free to use AB WhatsApp.

Broadcast Messaging

For instance, my dearest friend would not answer my call the last time I called until I proposed to her ten times in a minute. I made a hundred simultaneous proposals to her with this special feature. After that, we all applauded. Bomb texting may be used in a lot of entertaining ways.

Voice Changer

Users may have utilized many voice-changer Apps. Imagine being able to alter your voice in your voice notes on WhatsApp before forwarding them to your pals. Is it really that amazing?

Indeed! Users can modify the voice in their chat box with AB WhatsApp by selecting from a lot of voices, including Baby, Drunk, Deep, Robot, and Underwater. It’s time to laugh and have fun.


Every time users open their chat box, they are energized by the calming background behind it. Correct? That may be a calm stream, a shiny-eyed Barbie doll, or anything that seems right for them.

For this reason, AB WhatsApp provides users with over a thousand cutting-edge wallpapers. Users can choose any that best suits their personality.

Disappearing Messages

The pointless talks and exchanges of media might make you uncomfortable! They take up more phone space. Furthermore, users are in danger if they come upon a certain discussion.

However, users can let go of any everyday discussion that doesn’t need to be saved by employing vanishing messages. So, With AB WhatsApp, users can personalize their vanishing messages for each of their contacts separately.

Also, a dropdown list with a variety of periods to pick from is provided. After that, if the recipient chooses not to preserve their messages, they will vanish from their chat window.

Holy Quran and Islamic Compilation

Ultimately, for the billions of Muslim WhatsApp users, this is a nice cleaning up. The requirement for an Islamic collection on WhatsApp that provides Muslims who spend most of their time on the messaging App with simple excess is addressed by developer Alhaj.

Not only this, users can recite the holy Quran here, but it also offers access to built-in Islamic literature, including prayers and the “Adhkaars,”.

Some Other Features

Some Other Features

Virus Free

With over 2 billion users using WhatsApp worldwide, spam and malware have also found their way into user accounts. For their vested interests, people utilize various spammy techniques, such as obtaining your data and approaching you unlawfully.

However, using AB WhatsApp, users can now utilize their “Cut virus option” to filter out all viruses and spammy contacts. in this version of the WhatsApp mod’s Alhaj option. With this incredible value addition to life, feel safe.

Sharing Media

With this App, users can send images up to 3 MB in size, making it a high watermark. Furthermore, users can transfer ten picture files with a single press.

The most amazing part is that users can transmit a movie up to 700MB in size at once, something they could never imagine being possible with their official WhatsApp account. Fantastic! This WhatsApp goes above and above.


Unbreakable privacy features offered by AB WhatsApp include blue ticks, anti-view once, and deactivate forwarding. Above all, though, it allows users to personalize their privacy for every communication. It’s a very smart tool. It’s worth noting that users are more adept at handling various privacy situations with various options.

Freeze Last Seen

This feature is the most demanded function of all the mods of the Official App. Under the name tag in other chat boxes, users can freeze the date and timestamp of their most recent view. From now on, when users enable this feature other users are unable to access the online timestamp and time under the name text.

One-Hour Status

This functionality is incredible and comes with a few premium versions of WhatsApp mods. they were allowing users to post a video status update for a maximum of sixty minutes. The thing to note is that the entire status may only be viewed by others who have installed AB WhatsApp on their smartphones.

Emoji & Sticker Packs

Perhaps users were anticipating it. Indeed! Most insane AB WhatsApp fans have come here to grab this function. The developer has added an enormous assortment of sticker packs.

All users have to do is download their favorite pack and begin utilizing the stickers and emojis in their communications and conversations. I guarantee it will add fresh vigor to the conversation box. A variety of stickers, including Mandalorian, Asian Love, and Foodies, are available.

Sharing Location with Just One Tap

The AB WhatsApp feature that users like the best is this one. With only one swipe from the chat box, users can share their location with everyone using this App.

In your chat box, users need to pick the bottom right pin symbol. A window with many choices, including location sharing, documents, and poll-ins, will open. Users can share their exact position as well as the locations of nearby places with their friends and family by tapping on the location-sharing option.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Now let we discuss about advantages and disadvantages of AB WhatsApp Mod APK:


  • Expertly crafted profile with company overview, contact information, URLs, and physical location.
  • Automated answers to frequently asked questions and welcome messages, which guarantee fast client feedback and save time.
  • Sorting and labeling interactions to improve management—especially helpful for large numbers of queries.
  • Sending out broadcast messages for announcements, updates, or promotions to a large number of contacts.
  • Analytics tools that offer information on consumer interaction, response rates, and message delivery.
  • Verification of business accounts is one option for increased credibility.
  • Businesses may display their goods or services immediately within the app thanks to the catalog function.
  • Integration of the WhatsApp Business API with external programs and applications.
  • Segmenting customers according to attributes like past purchases or hobbies to send personalized messages.
  • Because it is free to use, small and medium-sized organizations as well as those of all sizes can utilize it.


  • Less functionality than the standard version of WhatsApp, particularly for private use.
  • Need a different phone number than personal WhatsApp, which some users may find annoying.
  • This could confuse clients used to communicating with companies via standard WhatsApp accounts.
  • Transferring contacts and current chats from personal WhatsApp to AB WhatsApp is difficult.
  • Reliance on internet access, which might be erratic in some areas or when there is a network failure.

User Experience Review

A buddy of mine who stays at my hostel told me about this incredible version of WhatsApp. I didn’t realize this application had so much potential. However, as soon as I downloaded and looked through everything, I had shivers.

This App is unlike most other mods that offer lip services. The ability to instantaneously communicate whereabouts is what I believe to be the most endearing feature.

Additionally, I’ve discovered that this application has a ton of other amazing capabilities that I discover every time I use it. I ask myself, “Why didn’t I know this earlier?” To make a long tale short, it is just incredible.

Installation Steps of AB WhatsApp in Android

Installation Steps of AB WhatsApp in Android
  1. First, click the download button to get the AB WhatsApp APK file from our blog.
  2. Secondly, store the downloaded APK file somewhere else so you may share it or reinstall it later if necessary.
  3. Third, install it by tapping the APK file.
  4. Fourth, open the APK file and confirm the number on your phone.
  5. Use AB WhatsApp to explore the realm of imaginative communication.

Installation Steps of AB WhatsApp for PC

  1. First, on your PC, download and run the Blue Stack emulator.
  2. Download the AB WhatsApp APK file and save it to a new location on your computer.
  3. Go to the location of the APK file from the blue stack screen.
  4. Choose to install the file by performing a right-click on it.
  5. Start utilizing this peculiar version of WhatsApp on your Android device by following the same steps to authenticate your phone number.

How we can Update AB WhatsApp?

We’ve included some easy steps to help you upgrade your app. Look down at this.

  • From the upper right corner of the home screen, click the three dots.
  • Press the Settings button.
  • Now locate the update option; press it.
  • Head over to see if there’s any news.
  • To finish the procedure, click the update once more.

My Personal Opinion

The popular WhatsApp mod version, AB WhatsApp, is a creation of Abdulmalik Alhaj. Prior iterations of the software experienced a few crashes in addition to noticeable banning problems.

As a result, the developer requested an urgent upgrade. The majority of its recurrent problems have been fixed in version 31.00. All in all, it offers users a lot more today than just what I just said. It is worth finding, therefore I urge you to delve in and investigate it for yourself.

For Android users, AB WhatsApp is quite helpful as it enables them to communicate with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Users may socialize with folks from a variety of backgrounds. Diverse individuals impart varying levels of knowledge.

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