AB2 WhatsApp APK V31 (2024) Latest Download For Android

What is AB2 WhatsApp APK?

AB2 WhatsApp is the second variant of AB WhatsApp. This App comes with a lot of features. It gives users more functionality and a smooth messaging experience. It has many outstanding extra features, and users can use those features for a better experience.

Furthermore, this App allows users to customize the look and any element according to their taste. Every component of this App is customizable. Using this App users can communicate anywhere in the world with their friends, family, and relatives.

Moreover, millions of people are using this App to communicate also as a personal messaging App because the interface of this App is more user-friendly than the other mods. Users can also take advantage of the entertaining new chat bubbles and emojis. Pinning important conversations, automatically choosing messages, and moving chats across phones without utilizing Google Drive all make message management simpler.

Additional Table of AB2 WhatsApp V31

App NameAB2 WhatsApp
Latest Versionv31.00
File Size74MB
Developers TeamAbdulmalik Alhaj
Mod FeaturesMany Features
Color MODsRed
File TypeMod APK
Downloads1 Million+

AB2 WhatsApp APK Download

Users are allowed to download the APK file of this App from waapks. They do not have to go anywhere to reach out to AB2 WhatsApp. Just click on the download button and grab the APK file.

Features of AB2 WhatsApp Latest Version

This App comes with a lot of features. It allows users to improve the messaging experience by utilizing those features. Using the features of this App will be beneficial to users. So, let’s see the detailed overview of the features of this amazing APK.


This App has a lot of customization options. With those options users can customize the look and appearance of the App according to their personality. When users are customizing this App they feel like they are developing their Application.


Using AB2 WhatsApp, users can prevent the official App team from banning their account using an amazing anti-ban feature. This guarantees that everything runs smoothly and smoothly regarding the status of their account when using this app.

Built-in App Lock

Users can safeguard their conversations and data with the App Lock feature that is integrated into this App. The App itself allows you to set a pattern or PIN lock, eliminating the requirement for an additional App Lock application. This guarantees that conversations of users will always be private and unavailable to unauthorized users.

Voice-to-Text Message

It’s simple to convert voice messages into text format using AB WhatsApp’s audio-to-text feature. This feature improves the talking experience and saves time by enabling users to read and comprehend voice messages without having to listen to them.

Deleted Statuses

With AB WhatsApp, users can access deleted statuses in addition to deleted messages. Users can access and see someone else’s status without knowing that you’ve done so, even if they delete it. Users may keep up with their contacts’ most recent updates using this feature.


Use the add-on functionality to make the AB2 WhatsApp experience much better. This add-on offers many features, such as lowering the number of viruses, modifying the visibility of archive messages, adding a 5-minute status period, modifying settings, and managing the chat and home screens. It lets users improve and personalize their App to fit their needs.

Anti-deleted Messages

Ever wonder what was removed from someone’s conversation history? Users can view erased messages using AB2 WhatsApp’s anti-delete messages function. Users can now see the whole chats and remain informed, regardless of whether deletions were made by accident or on purpose.

Freeze Last Seen

Users can freeze their last seen status. Users’ contacts will only be able to view the timestamp of their most recent online activity before they initiate the freeze if they enable this option. This feature allows Users to have greater control over their privacy and online visibility.

Lock/Hide Conversations

Users can protect their privacy by concealing and locking particular conversations in AB2 WhatsApp. Users can impose a custom pattern lock or PIN to prevent others from viewing their private chats. Until the right PIN or pattern is entered, a locked conversation remains hidden and inaccessible. Their private communications will always be protected.

Privacy Control

This APK provides a wide range of adaptable privacy options. It gives users complete control over their messaging experience by hiding the second check, adjusting call privacy settings to manage incoming and outgoing calls, and even turning off incoming messages entirely. Appreciate more privacy and customized settings.

Over All Opinion

Many functionality and customization choices are available in AB2 WhatsApp, which is a customized version of the official App. Because it offers functionality not found in the standard WhatsApp, it is intended to improve the user experience. This APK boasts several exclusive features, such as better privacy settings, configurable themes and home styles, multilingual message translation, and improved stability and speed. Users seeking a more feature-rich chatting experience frequently choose AB2 WhatsApp.

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