AB3 WhatsApp APK Updated (2024) Latest Download For Android!

What is AB3WhatsApp APK?

AB3 WhatsApp is a third variant of AB WhatsApp. It has a lot of customization options. The color of this App is burgundy and the overall look is much user-friendly. Every element of this App is customizable and users can customize the feel and look of the App.

AB3 WhatsApp gives users more performance boosts, privacy management, and customization options. This App offered a more efficient and customized messaging experience. It has a lot of features like customizable chat interfaces, sophisticated privacy settings, and enhanced speed. Additional features available to users include voice-to-text conversion, an integrated App Lock, anti-delete messages, and the capacity to check erased statuses. Users can obtain AB3 WhatsApp by downloading and installing the software from Waapks and following the on-screen instructions to guarantee a safe and well-suited chatting experience.

Additional Table of AB3 WhatsApp V31

App NameAB3 WhatsApp
Android Requirement5.0+
File size76 MB
Last updatedA few days ago
DeveloperAbdulmalik Alhaj
Mod FeaturesMany Features
File TypeMod APK

AB3 WhatsApp V31 Download

Users can download this outstanding App just by clicking on the download button given below, So, Click and grab the APK of the App. If you want to download AB2 WhatsApp then click on link.

Additional Features of AB3 WhatsApp

All the mods of WhatsApp have their built-in features. All the Apps are different one from another. Similarly, this App has a lot of extra features. Users can cheer those features according to their needs. So, let’s see a detailed overview of the features of AB3 WhatsApp.

Ghost Mode

An option to enable Ghost Mode for podcasts, groups, and contacts. It allows users to conceal reading markings and reception plates without preventing them from getting messages or losing them. Ghost mode is the best feature of this App. So, do not hesitate to get this amazing App.


AB3 WhatsApp gives users a great deal of flexibility when it comes to personalizing their chat experience. With more than 100 themes at their disposal, users may customize their home screen, chat interface, font styles, and emoticons to create a special messaging experience that suits their tastes.

Privacy Control

To improve communications security and personal information management, AB3 WhatsApp provides users with strong privacy control options. To manage group additions, quiet unknown callers, handle blacklisted contacts, and regulate who may contact them, users can do anything by utilizing these options from the settings of this App.

Voice-to-Text Conversion

Audio-to-text conversion is a handy function of AB3 WhatsApp, which enables users to convert audio messages into text format for simple reading and comprehension. This capability comes in handy when it’s not possible to listen to voice messages, as in busy places or during meetings. This feature improves the messaging experience and guarantees smooth communication in a variety of situations.


With AB3 WhatsApp, users will be able to send messages straight to their WhatsApp account from other messaging applications, which will simplify communication and eliminate the need to transfer between different platforms.

Opt-In System

Users will be able to choose whether or not to accept cross-app messages, giving them discretion over how they communicate and protecting them from fraud and spam.

Divided Chat Sections

To preserve order and clarity in user interactions, third-party discussions will be divided into a separate “third-party chats” area within the App.

Built-in App Lock

AB3 WhatsApp has an integrated App Lock feature that improves user security and privacy within the App. By enabling users to lock chats within AB3 WhatsApp with a PIN or pattern, this feature removes the requirement for users to download a separate App Lock. Users can ensure a more secure messaging experience by activating this built-in lock, which protects their chats and important data from unwanted access.

Anti-Delete Messages

Users can see messages that the sender has erased after sending thanks to the app’s anti-delete feature. Those who wish to restore unintentionally deleted messages or maintain track of conversations may find this option very helpful. Using this App, users can access deleted messages without the sender’s awareness, giving them a method to retrieve crucial data that could have been lost otherwise.

Anti-Deleted Statuses

This feature allows users to retrieve removed statuses directly within the App. Users can access status updates that the original poster erased, which gives them a chance to recover and see important information that they have missed.

Emojis and Fonts

This App gives users a wide range of customization choices for fonts and emojis to improve communication. Users can customize and distinguish their chat experience by changing the emoji design and font type inside the App to suit their preferences. It offers a recognizable and eye-catching interface. Users can personalize their messaging App to fit their interests with this degree of flexibility, which makes the conversation more interesting and pleasurable.

Home Screen and Chat Screen

AB3 WhatsApp gives users the option to manage and personalize the conversation screen and home screen to suit their tastes. Users can customize their chat interface to look and feel distinctive with a variety of themes and backdrop settings.

Status Limit

This feature allows users to add status updates for a length of five minutes, which is an extension of the typical thirty seconds for status updates. Users can post lengthier films as status updates by turning on this feature, which makes communication with contacts more expressive and engaging. This feature improves the entire messaging experience inside AB3 WhatsApp and is especially useful for users who want to share longer stories or more comprehensive material through their status updates.

Cut Viruses

AB3 WhatsApp has a feature that lets users remove infections using the “Hajj settings” in the App. This feature gives users the ability to efficiently manage and regulate the content of their communications by allowing them to delete lengthy messages by showing an “add more” option.


In summary, AB3 WhatsApp promises a more linked digital world where communication is limitless, marking a turning point in the development of messaging Apps. Users should expect a more smooth and flexible communications experience that goes beyond standard App limits when this revolutionary feature rolls out.

An outline of the fascinating developments surrounding AB3 WhatsApp and its possible influence on modern communication methods is given in this article. Keep checking back for more information as this ground-breaking feature develops.

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