AB4 WhatsApp V31 Latest (2024) Free APK Download For Android

What is AB4 WhatsApp APK?

AB4 WhatsApp, the fourth variant of AB WhatsApp, stands out with its vibrant purple color and exceptional design. It gives users a unique chance to make their app experience more unique by giving them access to a lot of extra features and customization choices.

AB4 WhatsApp caters to the needs of Muslim users with its built-in Holy Quran and other Islamic features, providing a distinct chat experience. Users can enjoy unlimited media sharing with enhanced control over picture quality and video file size.

AB4: WhatsApp has more protection and customization choices than the basic features. From chat customization and message scheduling to blue tick concealing and status privacy, it puts the user in control. Additional features like status saver, legend themes, emoji variations, and freeze last seen1 further enhance the user experience. The sleek UI and unique launcher icons set it apart from official WhatsApp versions.

Additional Table of AB4 WhatsApp V31

App NameAB4 WhatsApp
Latest Versionv31.00
File Size74MB
Developers TeamAbdul Malik Alhaj
Version Required5.0+
Mod ColorPurple
File TypeMod APK
Downloads1 Million+

AB4 WhatsApp Download For Free

To download the APK of this App, users do not have to go anywhere on the internet. Just click the download button below and grab the APK of Ab4 WhatsApp. If you also want to download AB3 WhatsApp APK then click on the previous link.

Features of AB4 WhatsApp Latest Version

This App has a wide range of unique features. All the features have their capacity and work. Generally, all the mods come with extra features, and each feature is different. In this blog, users will have an overview of the features of AB4 WhatsApp.


An advanced anti-ban feature in AB4 WhatsApp ensures users can use the App without worrying about being banned by the official WhatsApp. This function protects users’ accounts so they can use them without interruption and without worrying about their account status. By adding this advanced anti-ban feature, this App gives users a safe place to send messages where they can enjoy extra features and customization options without worrying about getting banned.

Message Privacy

AB4 WhatsApp adds a “Message Privacy” feature that gives users more privacy and control over their messages. This feature lets users read deleted messages and see deleted status updates, so they can still get a sense of talks even after removing the content. By adding this feature, This App ensures that users can keep a complete record of their conversations, providing a level of openness and data keeping that goes beyond what is ordinarily available in WhatsApp. Furthermore, seeing removed messages and status updates gives users more knowledge and control over the content of their messages.

App Lock

AB4 WhatsApp has a built-in tool called “App Lock” that protects users’ privacy and safety while using the chat app. This tool lets users protect their data and chats by locking them with a PIN or code in the App, so they don’t have to use a different app called App Lock. By adding this feature, This APK ensures that users can protect their talks and private information so that people who aren’t supposed to be there can’t get into their private chats. The built-in App Lock feature adds an extra layer of security and control, making the chat App a better place to use overall.

Voice to Text

This App adds a sound-to-text feature that improves chatting by making it easy to turn sound messages into text messages. This helpful feature lets users read and understand voice messages without listening to them, which saves time and makes talking more enjoyable overall. By adding this function, AB4 WhatsApp gives users a helpful tool for understanding messages and talking to each other within the App.

Status Saver

It has a helpful tool called “Status Saver” that lets users download any contact’s state without asking them directly. This feature eliminates the trouble of asking for status updates and makes it easy for users to save the statuses they want, improving the overall message platform experience.

Enhanced Media Sharing

AB4 WhatsApp gives Enhanced Media Sharing, a tool that makes it easier to share media within the chat App. Users can now choose an image resolution of up to 3 MB, which gives them more control over the quality of the picture, and post video files of up to 700 MB, which makes it easier to share multimedia material.

Chat Customization

This App offers a complete chat customization tool that lets users make their chat screens look how they want them to. AB4 WhatsApp users can change the action bar, bubbles, ticks, and chat entry styles, giving the App much flexibility.

Group Management

It offers a robust group management feature that gives group managers more power and control. Group administrators can delete any message in a group that they think is unsuitable or annoying, keeping the quality of the content high.

Privacy Control

This App gives people many privacy controls that make their online lives and messages more private. With these controls, users can remove message-seen signs like blue ticks, handle incoming calls by turning them on or off, and make group involvement private so that only allowed people can join.


Ab4 WhatsApp offers a wide range of themes to make the chat platform look better and give users more ways to customize it. To make their chat layout more unique, users can pick from different themes that let them change writing styles, chat bubbles, emojis, and more. In addition, users can choose from more than 100 creative themes or even share their themes to make their chat environment unique and personal.

Experience of AB4 WhatsApp

In conclusion, AB4 WhatsApp gives users a flexible and improved chatting experience with many new features. With features like voice-to-text conversion, built-in AppLock, and privacy controls like messages that can’t be deleted and a status downloader, It gives users more control over their messaging environment14. The platform’s customized styles, group management tools, and better video-sharing options make the experience of using it even better. Users who install AB4 WhatsApp can enjoy a more personalized and safe chatting experience than official App versions.

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