AB5 WhatsApp Latest APK ( 2024) Updated Version For Android

What is AB5 WhatsApp APK?

AB5 WhatsApp is a changed version of WhatsApp that adds new features and lets users change things in ways that aren’t possible in the original App. This mod has features like Built-in Lock for chats, Anti-Delete Messages, Deleted Status watching, Freeze Last Seen, Status Downloader, Hide/Lock Chats with PIN or pattern, and Custom Privacy settings for calls and messages.

It also protects against being banned. To get AB5 WhatsApp, users must install the APK file, accept Unknown Sources in their Android device settings, and make an account within the App. With this App, users can improve their chat experience and make the App’s design more unique for a more customized use.

This App keeps changing to meet the needs of its users by getting regular changes and having a group of users who use it. Overall, AB5 WhatsApp is a unique and flexible option to the main WhatsApp app that can meet a wide range of needs and tastes.

Additional Table of AB5 WhatsApp Latest Version

App NameAB5 WhatsApp
Latest Versionv31.00
File Size74MB
Developers TeamAbdul Malik Alhaj
MOD ColorBlue
File TypeMod APK
Downloads1 Million+

AB5 WhatsApp Download

We allow users to download the APK file of this amazing App. They do not have to go anywhere to get the App, just click on the Download button given below. We also have a one more version of AB4 WhatsApp Mod. Also try this Mod.

Additional Feature of AB5 WhatsApp V74

It gives users many unique tools that make chatting more enjoyable. Some of these are Anti-Ban protection, Voice-to-Text conversion, Built-in Lock for chats, Anti-Delete Messages, Freeze Last Seen, and Status Downloader, You can hide or lock chats with a PIN or pattern, and You can set your privacy settings for calls and messages. These features give users more control over their private settings and chats, which makes AB5 WhatsApp a popular choice for people who want more features than the standard App.


The Anti-Ban tool in AB5 WhatsApp is a significant way to keep users from getting banned for breaking WhatsApp’s rules. This feature is included in modified versions of WhatsApp like OGWhatsApp Pro, GBWhatsApp Pro, and WhatsApp Plus. It makes sure that users can enjoy the extra features of these mods without worrying about getting banned by WhatsApp. By making specific changes to how these Apps work, especially in the newest versions, makers have lowered the risk of users getting banned.

Anti-Revoke Messages

With this feature, users can quickly see messages that have been removed or changed. By safely saving all messages, even ones that have been deleted or changed, users can get to these messages through alerts and read them in the App. This feature gives users more control over their chats and makes sure that important data isn’t lost even if the writer deletes a message.

Freeze Last Seen

By freezing their “Last Seen” on AB5 WhatsApp, users can hide what they’ve been doing recently on the App, giving them more privacy and control over their online profile. Users can keep others from finding out exactly when they were last active by “freezing” their “Last Seen” state. This way, they can still receive texts and participate in chats. This feature gives people more freedom to manage their access without losing privacy. Users can decide who can see their online state and when they want to share information about their activities. In general, stopping the “Last Seen” state on AB5 WhatsApp protects users’ privacy and makes using the App more private.

Status Downloader

It lets people download and save the statuses of their friends with just one tap. With this feature, users can save pictures, videos, and GIFs from statuses right to their phone. This makes it easy to keep and share favorite messages. With the Status Downloader feature, users can make sure they can still see their favorite status updates even after the app is closed. This feature makes the user experience better by making it easy and quick to save and share messages with family and friends.

Lock Chats

This App offers an extra layer of privacy and security for users to protect their chats. When a chat is locked, the thread is moved to a different folder that can only be opened with the user’s device password or a biometric authentication method, like a fingerprint. Not only does this feature hide the chat’s content in notifications, but it also keeps private talks safe from people who shouldn’t see them. To easily lock a chat, users can tap on the name of a one-on-one or group chat and pick the “lock” option. In cases where sharing devices is necessary or keeping secrets is important, this feature gives users control over their private conversations.

Custom Privacy

Ab5 WhatsApp provides the flexibility to their users to customize their privacy. This feature comes in handy when users are curious about their privacy. Utilizing this App, users can hide their private things like chats, online statuses, profiles, and many more things.

Multiple Accounts on one device

This App allows users to use multiple accounts on their devices. It won’t bind users to use only one account on their devices. Using AB5 WhatsApp prevents this accessibility. That is why, users are very trustful about this App.

Redesigned Interface

The way this App’s layout is made is very different from the rest. It seems like using an application on IOS. So, the users of Android devices can get a little bit taste of Apple smartphones. Each component of the interface is customizable and users can change the buttons and font style according to their tastes.

Message Pinning

Using this outstanding App, users are now able to pin the messages and chats within the App. It allows users to pin multiple conversations and messages within the chat.

Shared Media Quality

Sharing the images on the standard App results in losing the quality of media. By using this App it won’t lose the quality of images and videos. This feature maintains the quality of Media.


In Summary, AB5 WhatsApp shows that they want to improve the user experience and stay on the cutting edge of new technology. AB5 WhatsApp keeps changing to meet the needs of all of its users. It now supports multiple accounts on Android devices, lets users share high-quality media, gives Android users more privacy options like hiding IP addresses during calls, redesigns the iOS interface, and lets users pin messages for easy access. These updates not only make the App more useful but also put user privacy and ease of use first. This solidifies WhatsApp’s place as a top messaging App that focuses on safe and easy communication.

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