Adam WhatsApp Download AD APK V36 (May 2024) Updated!

Adam WhatsApp, sometimes known as ADWhatsApp, is a customized version of the Original App. An Arabian Developer “The Legend” developed this App. It lets users customize the program to suit their needs and make it work for them. There are two variations of this App a brown version and a black one.

What is ADAM WhatsApp APK?

ADWhatsApp is used by people worldwide. It’s more than simply a texting app. It also allows you to call your pals and share documents and other files. because it wasn’t functioning properly due to various issues with privacy and customization.

Additionally, this app has excellent privacy protection. Users of this app have the option to lock on there to view their profile picture and many other things they want. is an improved version of WhatsApp’s initial release. Since the most recent version of this application has been updated.

ADWhatsApp Variants

1- Adam or Adam1 WhatsApp Black (AD1 WhatsApp).
2- Adam2 WhatsApp Brown (AD2 WhatsApp).

Additional Table

App NameAdam WhatsApp
Mod Version’sAD1, AD2
Mod’s ColorsADAM Black, ADAM Brown
File TypeMod APK
FeaturesMany Features

Additional Features of Adam Latest Version

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After using them personally, we’ve come to talk about each function individually because there are a lot of features. Let’s now take a quick look at the amazing features of this App.

Simple Message Scheduling

You can schedule messages for times when you’ll be busy, such as during lunch, with family, or with friends, much like with MBWhatsApp. The finest thing that is not possible to obtain with regular WhatsApp is the ability to schedule a crucial message to someone at a specified time, which guarantees the success of your meetings and business activities.

Islamic Hadeeth Collections and the Holy Quran

With the built-in Holy Quran, other well-known Hadith, and daily prayer reminders, it’s an ideal application for Muslims. Thus, amid all the various modified versions of WhatsApp, these features distinguish it as a truly original choice. Furthermore, a Saudi developer created it, and its slick UI was intended especially for Muslim users. Anyone can read Hadeeth and recite the Holy Quran anywhere with the ADWhatsApp hack.

Group Name

We can spend more time with friends and family in more immersive group chats on WhatsApp, which is why we are glued to them. This App goal is to infuse our group names with something special and memorable every time. The official WhatsApp group chat, on the other hand, regrettably only lets users create group names up to 25 characters. However, the 35-character limit on ADAM WhatsApp gives you more leeway to select a name that suits your tastes.

Exceptionally Cool Launcher Icons

It’s interesting to note that Adam WhatsApp offers multiple launcher app icon variations. Thus, you may choose from a large selection of launcher icons to replace the old one if you don’t like the way the ordinary WhatsApp icon appears or how this APK represents it.

Elegant Interface

The jet-black interface of this APK, which gives it a calming appearance, is its most alluring feature. In contrast to previous iterations of WhatsApp, it offers gradient customization choices to enhance the appearance of your interface.

Unrestricted Media Sharing

This App allows you to share unrestrictly any media with others. You may now manage the quality of your pictures by setting your image resolution up to 3 MB. You can also submit a video file up to the 700 MB maximum that has been raised.

Legend Themes

You may get an infinite number of themes and enhance your WhatsApp experience by downloading “Legend Themes.” You can download an integrated plugin from this to access more than 100 imaginative themes.

Hide Blue Tick

You notice two blue ticks in your chat window shortly after the recipient receives your message. This is when the cunning plan to conceal blue ticks begins. For example, you can read every message, seeming to others as though you are not available.

Customization of Chat

It offers plenty of choices to enhance your chat screen. With ADWA, you can change the styles of your action bar, bubble and ticks, and chat entries. On your conversation screen, every button will be in your path.

Weather Situation

You may conveniently check the weather from your WhatsApp application by using this application, which supports weather conditions. Other than this mod, no other WhatsApp mod has this feature up until this point.

Greater Privacy Control

It differs from the others in that it gives users a range of privacy control choices, including the ability to conceal your recording audio and typing state as well as hide the top bar while chatting.

Status Saver

You can download the status of anyone you like with AD WhatsApp thanks to this capability. Therefore, you don’t need to request that someone email you their strings.

Some other Amazing Features

  • Messages are irrevocable.
  • Ads that pop up are absent.
  • It has a setting for night mode.
  • It displays the times of prayer for you.
  • Lets you alter the font’s color and size.
  • The capability of tagging group members.
  • There’s a more hygienic way of doing this.
  • Its home screen and chat screen are separate.
  • It Enables you to schedule messages ahead of time.
  • Make sure no one can see the number of buddies you have.
  • An enormous selection of themes, typefaces, and emotions.
  • You can use several accounts as long as you are using the same device.
  • It is crucial to prevent your last seen and online status from being visible.
  • Take this action if you wish to keep private chats hidden from prying eyes.
  • Don’t turn off the internet for everyone; just Adam WA should have it turned off.
  • To keep the app secure, it also features an integrated app lock that you can unlock with a pin, pattern, or fingerprint.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AD WhatsApp

Here are some advantages and disadvantages given below. You must need to know before you use this Modified WhatsApp.


  • A simple, adaptable UI with gradient options.
  • Password recovery, visibility control, and WhatsApp lock (pin and pattern) are features of a secure security system.
  • More privacy restrictions, such as the ability to block certain contacts’ typing status, blue ticks, and online status information.
  • Special features include a bulk message sender, a built-in Holy Quran and Hadith collections, and a customizable home screen and discussion screen.
  • Greater capacity to share multiple files and media simultaneously than with standard WhatsApp Support for 20 languages, including an extensive Arabic font and style library.
  • Extra features include the ability to transmit photos and videos only once, create a 250-character status, copy the status of contacts, reply automatically, and examine changed messages.


  • Although it offers a broad range of launcher icons, some users may find some of them overly simplistic.
  • Because WhatsApp does not formally recognize it, utilizing it puts your account in danger of being temporarily suspended.
  • Although there are more personalization possibilities than with standard WhatsApp, some users could find this to be overly or superfluous.

Install ADWhatsApp APK

Before installing this APK read this installation guide Carefully.

  • You have to start by downloading the most recent version of ADAM WhatsApp from the article’s top.
  • You can select AD2WhatsApp or AD WhatsApp Black Download according to your preferences. The eyes can easily adjust to either of the color choices.
  • After downloading the APK files, open the settings on your phone and select “Installation of Third-Party Apps” or “Unknown sources“.
  • After that, open the “File Manager” app on your phone and select the “Install” option to begin installing the “ADAMWhatsApp APK“.
  • Please be patient for a short while as the installation process proceeds.
  • Then, much as with standard WhatsApp, you may enter your phone number to get a verification code.
  • You can effortlessly take advantage of this app’s abundant features on your phone once the code has been validated.

Install ADAM WhatsApp for PC

Using BlueStacks, install ADAM WhatsApp on a computer:

  • Install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC after downloading it.
  • Obtain the APK file for ADAM WhatsApp and save it to your PC.
  • Locate the location where you saved the APK file and open the BlueStacks emulator.
  • Use the built-in install feature or drag and drop the APK file into the emulator.
  • Use the ADAM WhatsApp APK to begin using WhatsApp on your PC after the installation is finished.

Final Words about Adam WA

You should now have a clear picture of that gorgeous ADWA APK after reading the aforementioned post. But you won’t be able to experience the true feel of the app unless you download this advanced APK and use it.

You’ll feel like you have more control over your WhatsApp conversations than you did previously. Nevertheless, there’s always more to be done. The ADWA, which periodically updates itself, is no different.

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