AG WhatsApp APK Updated (March 2024) Download For Android!

What is AG WhatsApp APK?

AG WhatsApp is a modified version of the Official App that offers multiple features and customization options. There are four variants(AG1, AG2, AG3, AG4) of this App. The developer of this App is Asim Mahjoub. It has extraordinary reactions like Love, Laugh, and Simple Smile, and users can change the bar reactions according to their taste.

The interface is user-friendly, and users can customize it according to their personality. Additionally, this App has various privacy control options such as Hide view once, Freeze last seen, Hide profile, and many more. If they want to control their privacy with their hands, start using this App.

Moreover, it allows users to have more control over their messaging experience. This App aims to enhance the user chatting experience, power, joy, and value by using the mods of the original App.

Additional Table of AG WhatsApp

App NameAG WhatsApp
MOD’sAG1, AG2, AG3, AG4
File Size65MB
File TypeMod APK
Android Version RequireAndroid 5+

AGWhatsApp Download

The only way to get the AG WhatsApp APK file is in APK format since the Google Play Store has no third-party Apps. Clicking on the download button below makes getting the AG WhatsApp APK file easy. Users can also send the file to family, friends, and coworkers. We also have a one more unique mod for you called JT WhatsApp Mod APK.

Features of AG WhatsApp V36.5

Features of AG WhatsApp V36.5

AG WhatsApp offers additional features like a message scheduler, limitless media sharing, Pin 100 chats, and many more. In this section, users will have a detailed overview of the amazing features of this App. So, let’s see.


AG has put 64 of the world’s major languages on its desk in its most recent change. Because of this, it has a bigger effect on everyone. Surprisingly, it turns on the translator tool for all major languages worldwide. In this way, AG doesn’t teach users any new languages. This feature is helpful for those who are used to freelancing and want to communicate with their clients in their language.

Message Scheduler

Sometimes, users need a break from their business but want to maintain touch with their customers. With this feature, users can schedule and send texts to their prospects at regular times without any problems. Scheduling messages gives various options like time, proper message, time durations, message per minute, and many more. Fill out these attributes and release tension from the head.

Hide Blue Ticks

AG WhatsApp offers a “Hide Blue Tick” feature. Users can turn off read notes in the App’s settings to hide blue ticks. If they turn off read records, people won’t be able to tell when you’ve read their messages. To do this, open AG WhatsApp and go to the settings menu. Then, select private settings. Find the “read receipts” choice further down and turn it off. If users turn this feature off, their friends will no longer see the blue check marks showing a message has been read. It’s important to remember that turning off read receipts will also hide the times when other people have read messages. Users can maintain their privacy and control over message read notifications on AG WhatsApp by changing their privacy settings.

Multiple Accounts

People can use more than one account on the same device. People with multiple phone numbers who want to use them on the same device can use this function. It’s helpful for people who want to manage multiple accounts for personal and business reasons. To use more than one account on AG WhatsApp, users only need to download and run the App and then register their extra phone numbers to make new accounts. Users can access and control each account separately, which makes it easy to keep personal and business messages separate or to manage multiple phone numbers on one device.

Limitless Media Sharing

AG takes away all of the barriers to sharing files. Users can now change the quality of their pictures by setting the image size to up to 3 MB. Plus, users can now share a video file up to 700 MB. Last, users can post a status for up to five minutes. One thing to note, though: only people who use AGWA will be able to see your 5-minute state.

Chat Customization

Chat customization in AG WhatsApp means users can change how the chat screen looks. Users can change the color of chat boxes, make the action bar look different, and change how ticks look. These customizing options let users make their chat experience more unique and appealing to the eye. Many different chat customization choices are available in this App, so users can make the App look the way they want it to.

AG Themes

AG WhatsApp lets users change how their chat interface looks by giving them a choice of themes. These themes let users change the App’s appearance, including the colors, chat bubbles, and layout. AG WhatsApp has many predefined themes, such as Material, Balham, and Alpine. Each of these themes has its look and feel. Users can pick a theme that works best for them or make their own by changing the CSS rules. It lets them change how the App looks however they want. This level of personalization through themes lets AG WhatsApp users make their messaging experience more unique and attractive.

Status Privacy

Users of AG WhatsApp can change the privacy settings for their status messages to decide who can see them. With the App’s “My contacts,” “My contacts except,” and “Only share with” options, users can decide how private they want their status changes to be. This feature allows users to share their status messages with certain people or groups but hide them from others. AG WhatsApp also lets users share status posts as Facebook stories, which allows them to reach more people if they want to. Giving users these privacy choices lets them control who can see their status updates and how they look.

Emoji Variants

AG WhatsApp lets users choose from many emojis, such as Facebook, Android O, Old WhatsApp (iOS), and System Emoji. These emojis give users more ways to show themselves than the standard set with the official App. By adding these extra emoji choices, This App improves the user experience by giving them a wider range of expressive icons to choose from, which fits a variety of communication styles and preferences.

Status Saver

Status Saver in AG WhatsApp lets users save and get photos, videos, and GIFs that their friends share as status updates. This feature makes it easy for users to keep a list of their best status updates without taking screenshots or asking for them directly. Also, AG WhatsApp’s Status Saver tool might have extra features like automated replies, text repeater, message recovery, video splitting, and more that make the WhatsApp experience better. By adding this feature, AG WhatsApp makes things easier for users and gives them a complete way to manage and save their statuses.

Group Management

Group management features in AG WhatsApp give users in charge of groups more control. Users can delete any post in a group that bothers them, which helps keep the rules for group communication. The App also lets users see who left a group and when they left by showing them in the past. These features give administrators more control over how groups interact and what material is allowed, which makes managing groups in this App better overall.

Best Features of AG WhatsApp

Best Features of AG WhatsApp
  • Users can keep their AG WhatsApp safe by turning on the WhatsApp lock.
  • Users don’t need a Google Drive to make a copy of their files.
  • There is a button that lets users quickly switch between chats without having to go back to the main screen.
  • Users can hide the status they have last seen from their contacts and hide the fact that they looked at a friend’s status.
  • Users can also hide the blue tick, second tick, recording status, and typing status.
  • Users can change how AG WhatsApp looks and works to suit their needs.
  • Users can move the bar and change or hide any icon they want. They can change the color of the background and the bubbles.
  • With the help of widgets, users can even change how WhatsApp alerts work.
  • AG WhatsApp lets users send up to 100 texts at once.
  • Users can add up to 100 chats on the main screen.
  • Users can turn dark mode on or off whenever they want.
  • The AG WhatsApp app lets users change its look.
  • Users can only disconnect from the internet using the AG WhatsApp app. They can still use other apps.

Installation of AGWhatsApp Mod APK

Installation of AGWhatsApp Mod APK
  1. Save the AGWA APK file to a place on the phone’s internal storage.
  2. Turn on “Third-party app installations” by going to “Settings”.
  3. After that, click on the APK file you just got.
  4. Now, press “Install” after clicking on the file.
  5. The app will begin to be installed on the device.
  6. Once it is done, click “Open”.
  7. Register with the number.
  8. The App will check the number, and then users can use AGWA.

Installation guide for PC

  • Users can get the latest version of the BlueStacks emulator from the page.
  • Put the software on their computer and run it.
  • Look for AGWA in the emulator app store, like the Google Play Store.
  • The App will be on the computer after users click the “Install” button.
  • Launch AGWA from the emulator after installation and follow the on-screen directions to finish setting up the process.
  • Have fun with AGWA on their PC.

How do User Update AGWhatsApp?

  • First, chats can be restored from AG WhatsApp settings.
  • Second, search for the “updates” in the app settings.
  • Third, click on the updates button.
  • It will start updating automatically.
  • The App will restart after it is done.

Final Words

Based on what other users have said, you will fully understand how useful this APK is once you download and start using it. On the other hand, this APK still needs a lot of work. Even though its most recent version, v36.5, has more advanced features than the ones that came before it, they can still be made better. For that reason, the people who are working on it are making some changes to the structure. It’s been one of the best APKs so far. Check out our blog often to get the most recent news and feeds conveniently.

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