AG2 WhatsApp Latest (APK 2024) Updated Download For Android!

What is AG2 WhatsApp APK?

AG2 WhatsApp is a modified version of the Original WA, and it is the second variant of AG WhatsApp. It is also known as AG WhatsApp Pink. It offers various features also, this App has all the features of the standard App. This App is used to communicate with friends, family, or relatives worldwide. It is a high-speed and user-friendly Application. In addition, it is free for Android devices.

This App has many extraordinary features like Anti-revoke messages, Anti-view once, Status Downloader, App Lock, Text unsaved numbers, and many more. Users can use all these features to enhance their messaging experience. The developer of this App aims to provide a smooth and effective platform for communication between users.

Furthermore, with this App users can send large media like photos, videos, and files in an easy way. The media that has been sent to other users will be of their original quality. That is why the users love this outstanding App.

Additional Table of AG2WhatsApp V36.5

Application NameAG2 WhatsApp
 DeveloperAsim Mahjoub
 Last UpdateA few days ago
File Size77.94 MB
File TypeMod APK
Mod FeaturesMany Features

AG2WhatsApp Pink Download

For the latest version of this feature-packed messaging app, AG2 WhatsApp, users can get it from Waapks. Click on the download button to get the APK file of this App. Users can get AG2 WhatsApp from Waapks today and enjoy more customization options, privacy settings, and many other cool features. If you want to download AG WhatsApp Mod APK then click on the link before.

Features of AG2 WhatsApp Latest Version

It will change how you talk to your friends and send texts. It has many features, such as voice calling, contact groups, hiding your online state, and a lot more. The texting app is simple to use and can be changed in many ways. It has become the most popular texting app in the world and is used by a lot of people.

Navigation Buttons

These are the menu buttons, which are a feature that makes it easy for users to switch between tabs in the App. The chat updates, community calls, and other tabs have been moved to the bottom of the screen. It makes for a new user experience. In older versions, users swiped to switch between tabs. With the new system, users have to click on each tab to go straight to its content. People have different opinions about this change to the navigation buttons. Some users think it’s less easy to use than the old swipe-based navigation.

Pin 100 Chats

According to AG2 WhatsApp, users can pin up to 100 chats, which is more than the official WhatsApp app’s limited ability to pin only a few conversations. Users can now pin a lot more chats to the top of their chat list, making it easier to find and highlight important discussions. AG2 WhatsApp lets users add up to 100 chats, which is a useful way to keep track of more conversations and ensure quick access to important messages without limitations.

Separate Chats and Groups

With AG2 WhatsApp, the ability to separate chats and groups gives users a clear way to organize their messages within the App. This feature makes it easy for users to tell the difference between private conversations and group chats. It improves the overall user experience by making it easier to find messages and handle them. So, users can prioritize their conversations, find specific conversations more quickly, and connect with contacts in a more organized way. This feature makes the messaging environment more streamlined and user-friendly, giving users more control and ease over how they communicate within the App.


When it comes to AG2 WhatsApp, customization is a big part of making the experience better for users by giving them many ways to make the messaging App according to their tastes. They can change the background colors, notification icons, chat box bubbles, tick styles, font styles and colors, home screen and chat screen styles, and more. The App also lets users share and use their custom themes from their storage, which gives them much freedom to make it exactly how they want it. This focus on customization in AG2 WhatsApp lets users create a messaging space that fits their style choices and improves their overall experience with the App.

Download Status

Users of this App can quickly and easily save status updates by clicking on the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the status. Users can save photos, videos, or other status updates shared by their contacts straight to their device’s gallery with this feature. By letting users save status updates, AG2 WhatsApp makes things easier for them by making it easy to keep and read interesting or important status updates that friends or family have shared.

Privacy Control

In AG2 WhatsApp, privacy settings are very important for giving users control over their conversations and data on the messaging App. The App has many privacy features that let users tailor their experience. These include the ability to freeze the “last seen” status, turn off “view once” for messages that have been shared, manage who can call, make their privacy settings, hide their view status, and stop them from deleting their messages. By giving users these privacy controls, This App lets them protect their personal information, control who can see them, and manage how they connect with others.

Message Scheduler

This App allows users can easily schedule messages, which helps people and companies improve how they communicate by planning and automating tasks. With the AG2 WhatsApp Message Scheduler App, users can set up automatic notifications to do things like send birthday wishes, event notes, payment alerts, or welcome messages. Businesses that want to connect with customers, boost sales, and make their message more efficient will find this scheduling feature very useful. It has an easy-to-use interface for scheduling messages on both Android and iOS devices. It’s a useful way to keep track of communication tasks and make sure you talk to friends at the right time.


AG2 WhatsApp lets users change the look of the messaging app’s interface with a variety of themes. It allows users to adjust their chat experience to their tastes. Users can pick from different themes with different colors and styles. For example, pink themes are available for a more colorful and appealing look. This App lets users improve the look of their App by giving them a choice of themes. It makes the chatting experience more unique and personal. Also, the fact that users can choose from different themes gives the user interface a bit of personality and creativity, making the chatting experience in AG2 WhatsApp more interesting and personalized.

Emoji Variants

AG2 WhatsApp users can choose from many different types of emoji that come from Facebook, Android O, Old WhatsApp (iOS), and System Emoji. People can use these different emojis to describe themselves more vividly and creatively in their conversations. By using emojis from various sources, AG2 WhatsApp improves the chatting experience by giving users a wide range of expressive icons that can be used in a variety of ways. This feature makes chats more fun and lively by letting users express their feelings, opinions, and thoughts through a variety of unique and interesting emojis.


This App now supports multiple languages, which makes the experience better for users by letting them talk in their chosen language inside the App. People from all walks of life can use this function because it gives them more language choices than the official WhatsApp app does. Users can choose from many languages, which makes it easy to communicate in a variety of accents and scripts. By adding support for multiple languages, AG2 WhatsApp makes sure that users can communicate easily and effectively in their native or preferred languages. It makes the messaging app more open and welcoming to everyone.

My Personal Experience

As we come to the end of our look at AG2 WhatsApp, it’s clear that this modified version has a lot of cool new features and improvements that make chatting better. AG2 WhatsApp has a lot of features to meet the needs and wants of all kinds of users. It has powerful privacy controls, advanced customization options, and easy-to-use schedule tools. Adopting this mod can really change how you interact with other people, making your message more personalized and time-effective. Why give this App a try and find out all the options it opens up for you? Have fun texting with AG2 WhatsApp!

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