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This App is a modified application developed by an Arabic developer, Ammar Al Awadi. The purpose of making this app is to change the holy communication experience. This app competes with the boring Official App model. This app introduces a different model compared to the Official WhatsApp model. The model of this AN WhatsApp is very innovative.

This App is the modified version of WhatsApp Plus. The number of features is more than the Original App. This a communication app used to communicate with your family or friends. This App enhances the ability to enjoy the app with a better experience. 

After Downloading this app, you will realize why users choose this modified app instead of the Original App. The user interface of this app is much easier to understand than WhatsApp. It supports group messaging and several other unique features. In every version of this app, you will realize the difference between every update. 

Additional Table of AN WhatsApp v36

App NameAN WhatsApp
DeveloperAmmar Al Awadi
Latest VersionVersion 36
RequiresAndroid 5.0
AN WhatsApp PriceFree of Cost
Download Size61 MB
File TypeMod APK

AN WhatsApp Alternative to WhatsApp

Currently, everybody in this world is using WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family. Many teenagers use WhatsApp to contact friends and other relatives. If you are getting bored using old WhatsApp, the Features of this App may cheer you up. Now, the time has come to cheer up the messaging experience with AN WhatsApp. The features of the Original App are also available in this app. So, this app regrets the user’s excuses along with the simple WhatsApp features. This App provides simple WhatsApp features included its features. 

This App allows you to send large-sized images, videos, and files. In addition, this App introduced some beautiful themes and fonts that enhance the user chatting experience. An interesting thing about this App is that it’s free of cost. Besides, you have to update this App whenever a new update comes. Every update about this App introduces a new feature. This App is utilized on phones and PCs, which is a better approach to AN WhatsApp among other Apps. This App will shock your family members and friends when they know about this amazing App. 

Latest Version V36 of AN WhatsApp

As is said this app was developed by Ammar Al Awadi. November 2023, he updated the latest version of AN WhatsApp. After the update, this app has many features unavailable in the Original App. In the latest version, he updated the user profile. In this update, he permitted users to customize their user’s profile according to them. This app utilizes more privacy policies than the Official App version.

AN apk v36

Using this app users can use multiple accounts on one mobile. First users have to enable advanced settings on mobile settings. This App is not available on Google Play Store but you can download it for free from our website( In this App, you can pin over 3 chats on the front. In addition, this app provides more access to privacy. This app is called called “AN Golden WhatsApp”. Users can also back up their chats. 

Additional Features of AN WhatsApp

The latest version of this App introduced a lot of new features. Some of them are as follows:

Automatic Reply

Let’s talk about this extraordinary feature which is Auto Reply. This feature is the most useful for those who are busy. Users can automatically reply to any message without seeing when any other user sends the messages. This feature is useful for businessmen or people who are busy in their daily routines. This feature also works when the user is offline.

Send Large Files

This feature exceeds the limit on file size. It means there is no limitation on the size of the image, video, and file. Users can send large files to any other user; that is why this modified App is not an official App. Users can 60 images and large size documents or files without facing any issues. Now, this is to bid on the Official WhatsApp and enter into the space of AN WhatsApp and enjoy sending endless videos with no limits.

Download Status

This feature is the solution to jealous people. The people who are jealous to see their friend’s attractive status and reach. Those people are curious to know how their friends fetch those interesting statuses. Here is the solution for those people provided by AN WhatsApp Download. Now, Open the status you like and want to download. Select the download button at the lower right-hand bottom. The status will be downloaded on your mobile without knowing your friend. The image or video will be in your device gallery and you can use it whenever you want. There is a true thing about this App most people download this App for this feature.

Hidden Blue Tick

This feature is the feature that you are gonna use to trick other users. On the very first just hide the blue tick from the settings. Let’s say you have to provide a detailed explanation for a question your friend asks. You clicked on the chat mistakenly because you were too busy to respond and in reality, you want to answer it later. But against this, your friend may get angry if you don’t reply. So, to regret this thing AN WhatsApp introduced the Blue Tick feature to trick your friend. Using this feature your friend will never know whether you saw his message or not.

Hidden Second Tick

This feature is the same as the blue tick. In this feature, the user can hide the second tick same as the blue tick. This feature also helps you to trick your friend. Using this feature your friends will think that you are offline but in reality you are not offline. So, do not wait and install AN WhatsApp Latest Version to trick your friends.

Some Other Features of AN (Modified Version)

Visible Deleted Messages

If the user enables this amazing feature, the user will be able to see the deleted message. Let’s suppose a user deleted a message by selecting the option deleted for everyone, but still user can see it. To use this feature users do not have to enable any setting. This feature is a default feature of AN WhatsApp. That is why this App is not an Official App.

Hidden Forward Tag

This is the best feature I have ever seen in the versions of the modified Apps. Suppose, your friend forwards an important message to you and you forward this message to your other friend, this feature hides the words forwarded message at the top of the message. It seems like you are also asking the question to your other friend. See, how amazing this feature is? Using this feature users can forward any message without knowing the other side that you forwarded it.

Customizing Themes

This feature allows users to customize themes according to their personality. This feature is for those who got sick using the same theme of WhatsApp. This App has a massive variety of themes like ask_red, goku, anime, and many more where users can customize themes and fonts. In addition, this feature allows users to change any element. Users can fully customize the layout of AN WhatsApp when this feature is available. This App has this feature in it. So upgrade yourself using this App and enjoy.

Reject Call Automatically

This feature helps to reject calls when users enable this feature. Users can reject calls of unknown numbers. Suppose a person is disturbing you while you are at work you can reject a call just by enabling reject video and audio. After that, the user will realize how helpful this feature is.

Chat Lock

This feature allows users to lock the conversation of their loved ones or family. In addition, from the setting of the App, users can also lock this App. Using this feature users can save their chat from an unauthorized person or your friend. So, enable this amazing feature and amaze your friends.

Freeze Last Seen

This feature helps users freeze their last active status. It is especially for teenagers. This feature is useful for those who are curious about their personality. 

Hide Chats

In this App, users can hide chats of their loved ones. Hiding chats can not be accessible except to you. People loved this feature of. In addition, you receive messages from your loved ones and you do not want other people to see this feature will help you.  Users can enable it just by setting a PIN, Password, or fingerprint Lock to that chat.

Pros and Cons of AN WhatsApp V36


  • This App is secure and Safe.
  • It is an Anti-Ban App.
  • This App is more user-friendly than others.
  • This App is Ad-free.
  • This App has a Message Scheduler feature.
  • This App provides a Global Connection.
  • This App provides a backup of chats.
  • This App allows users to customize different themes.


  • This App is not an Official App.
  • An Arabic developer developed this AN WhatsApp.
  • AN WhatsApp is not listed on the Google Play Store.

How do i Download and Install AN WhatsApp APK

There are simple steps to download this app on your device. 

Download AN WhatsApp
  1. Open the APK file on your device.
  2. Enable the Unknown resources.
  3. Click on Install, App will start installing on your mobile.
  4. Click on Open.
  5. After that, add your number and Enjoy with OG WhatsApp.

Final Words of AN WhatsApp Mod

To sum up, AN WhatsApp distinguishes itself as a feature-rich and adaptable substitute for the standard messaging app. AN WhatsApp offers more features, improved privacy settings, and customizable themes to satisfy users who want a more customized messaging experience. Although it has a lot of features, users should be careful when downloading it and make sure they get it from reliable sources to ensure the security of their data. As with any altered application, a happy and safe user experience is facilitated by keeping up with updates, honoring privacy settings, and following safety precautions. If you want to download FM WhatsApp APK click on the link before.

Frequently Asked Questions

This App has amazing features which are not available in the Official WhatsApp. That is why this is apart from regular WhatsApp.

Yes, WhatsApp is designed and developed safely and securely.

Yes, AN WhatsApp is designed to be used alongside the official WhatsApp. 

This App prioritizes user Privacy and Policy like the Official WhatsApp. In conclusion, user data is secure and safe with AN WhatsApp.

AN WhatsApp is available on various online platforms. But users can download AN WhatsApp from our website (

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