WhatsApp Blue APK v9.92 (Official Version) Latest Download Free

WhatsApp Blue is a modified version of Original App which is developed by a third party. This modified app introduces some additional features that are not officially available in the original WhatsApp. This app operates effortlessly for advanced messaging. You can install or download Blue WhatsApp APK to your mobile on our official website (Whatsapkz.com) without any charges.

The size of this modified app is (75.05MB), Which is why this app is acceptable for any Android user. As you know our chatting is getting more advanced. This app is getting more famous day by day and it has become the most downloaded app as compared to other modified versions of WhatsApp.

Additional Table of WhatsApp Blue APK

App NameWhatsApp Blue
DeveloperAPK Developers
Latest VersionVersion 9.92
RequiresAndroid 5.0
WhatsApp Blue PriceFree of Cost
Downloads80 Million+
Download Size75.05 MB
Mod FeaturesMany Colors
WhatsApp Blue APK

Features of WhatsApp Blue Modified Version

There are many additional features in this app, but some of them are as follows:


WhatsApp Blue allows you to create your custom avatars as profile pictures; additionally, you can use these avatars as your stickers. These avatars are similar to the Snapchat avatars. This feature extends the experience of chatting. For more, it distinguishes the conversation easily. Customizing and creating your avatars allows recognition of your contact with other persons. You can create avatars with any image, and the image may be yours, your pet, or any other pictures that recognize your personality or interest.  

Custom themes

WhatsApp Blue has too many custom themes, including colorful themes, dark themes light themes, etc. This feature allows you to customize the environment of your WhatsApp, by doing this you can match your style to Original WhatsApp. As we said this app has a wide range of themes, you can select and customize any theme according to your look and feel of Original App according to your interest. It provides more visual preference that provides the user with an easy way to use it. Themes include various designs and colors which is a great approach to selecting your favorite color and customizing your chat board. This feature gives you feel like you are building your App.

App Lock

WhatsApp Blue also provides the functionality of App Lock. This functionality is used to lock your chats and personal information. App Lock protects your chat and information from unauthorized users. App Lock provides inner peace by knowing that the data is in a protected form. Although it seemed to be an ease of mind about accidental access, so do not worry about anything your data will be safe.

Limitless Media Sharing

WhatsApp Blue excludes the size limit of data that the official App App enforces. It allows you to send huge amounts of data. This App allows you to send a video that is up to 700MB similarly it allows 90 pictures to be sent at one time. It seemed to be the greatest feature in WhatsApp history. This functionality is for those who want to send huge amounts of data or files easily and quickly. Additionally, it allows you to put a status of 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Settle your minds that WhatsApp users are also able to see your full status but in a division of 30 seconds.

Message Scheduler

It provides the functionality to send a message to anyone according to your time, just like you are wishing someone a birthday, if they have a message or a reminder, then you can set that. To use this function of, just by composing a message. Firstly, select the group or contact you need to send, Secondly, set a date and time you need to send the reminder or a message to be dispatched.

WhatsApp Blue iPhone Style

This app is designed to copy the iPhone interface by granting the same layout and design according to iPhone users. To enable this feature there are some steps you need to follow:

  • Go to WhatsApp Blue App settings.
  • Click on the iPhone Style option.

Pin Live Location

WhatsApp enables users to share their live location with family or friends. This functionality allows you to pin your location. Pinning your live location allows others to know where you are. This app introduced this feature, especially for those who spend most of their time in traveling conditions.


Advanced Privacy Settings

Blue WhatsApp allows you to ice over your recently seen status; this means that this app will hide your last active time from the other users. This Modified App emphasized the feature of Anti-Delete Messages, which allows the user to view the messages that have been deleted from the other side. Hidden Chat Option:

It introduced the feature to hide the chat from your chat list. This feature is for those who hope to keep personal dialogues private. Hidden chats can only be accessed through PIN or password.


This feature aids in banning and blocking users in preventing WhatsApp. This is particularly crucial for individuals who depend on WhatsApp for communication, as being blocked or banned may prevent you from participating in critical discussions. Download Status, Images, Videos, and Stories:

The Blue WhatsApp App lets you easily download stories, videos, images, and status updates. Your favorite moments and memories from WhatsApp can be effortlessly saved to your device with this feature. It allows no more copying and pasting or taking screenshots. To save the wanted media to your device for viewing at any time or location, simply tap the download button. Whether you want to save a priceless memory or share a hilarious video with your friends, WhatsApp’s download feature makes it simple and convenient.

DND Mode (Do Not Disturb)

Blue WhatsApp DND (Do Not Disturb) mode is a useful feature that lets you muffle incoming calls and messages. When this mode is activated all notifications will be muted, providing you the stillness you require to concentrate on your work or take a break. You can maintain your focus and privacy while in DND mode, whether you are driving, in a meeting, or just need some alone time. You can activate this feature and have a distraction-free experience with a few taps. DND mode is the ideal choice for a hassle-free communication experience.

Disable Calls

It allows you to block incoming calls. You can work without any hurdles with this feature, and you can take continuous breaks. It allows you the ability to set priorities for your time and decide when you want to receive calls. Turn off calls in Blue WhatsApp to have more efficient and continuous conversations.

Pros and Cons of Blue WhatsApp Mod APK


  • It provides additional options to customize themes.
  • This app is more user-friendly.
  • It enables users to send large amounts of data and high-quality images.
  • It enables a message scheduler option.
  • This app provides the functionality of App Lock.
  •  It enables the opportunity of connectivity with a PC to ensure broader device connectivity.


  •  This app was developed by a third-party developer.
  • Blue WhatsApp is not an official App.
  • This modified App is not available on Google Play Store.

Installation of WhatsApp Modified Version

To download or install the Latest Version of Blue WhatsApp on your mobile phones, you have to follow these steps:

1: Allow Unknown resources in your mobile settings to install this App.
2: Press the download button then the APK file will start downloading on your Android Phone.
3: Click on the downloaded file on your mobile and click on Install.
4: After installation open this APK.
5: Set up your account and Enjoy a better version of WhatsApp.

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How do you update your Blue WhatsApp?

Upgrading Blue WhatsApp is simply straightforward. You need to follow simple steps to update it.

1: Click on the Setting option of Blue WhatsApp.
2: Click on check for updates.
3: If the update is available at the current time, click on the update button.
4: Upon completion of the updating, you can experience the newest features and enhancements of this Application. 
5: After the update is completed, This app automatically sends the notification to the user. So, that the user can check the updated version manually.


This app is an upgraded edition of the original App chat client that comes with more amazing features and capabilities. The Application offers an interface that can be customized, along with features like Avatar creation, status update downloads, picture and video scheduling, and more. Although the app has advantages, it’s important to remember that it is not the official version and that downloading and using a third-party app may come with security risks.

It is crucial to adhere to the installation and download instructions for Blue WhatsApp as well as to secure your data by periodically backing up your chats. This app is suitable for you will rely on your requirements and tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Blue is not available on the Play Store because this is a modified version of WhatsApp and this is a third-party App.

Yes, but sometimes you need to check manually.

WhatsApp Blue allows you to call any person without saving their number. WhatsApp Blue allows you to block irrelevant calls.

No, WhatsApp Blue is end-to-end encrypted (e2e encryption), which is why no one can read your messages.

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