BT2 WhatsApp APK (Pink) Download Latest Version (May 2024)

WhatsApp mods hold significance as they offer users additional features and customization options beyond the official app, catering to diverse preferences. These mods can enhance privacy, add functionalities, and provide a more tailored experience. Now Let we Introduce the best WhatsApp Mod in the World called BT2 WhatsApp Pink.

What is BT2 WhatsApp APK?

An altered version of the official WA called BT2 WhatsApp, sometimes referred to as Pink WhatsApp. It gives users extra features that are not found in the official WA. So, it experience in addition to a UI with a customized pink theme.

Even though the updated program has features like scheduling messages, hiding online status, and saving other people’s statuses. Due to their potential for improper encryption and the potential for malware exposure, using unapproved WhatsApp modifications like BT2 WhatsApp may breach the terms of service and give rise to security and privacy concerns.

YO WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and FMWhatsApp are a few more modified versions of WhatsApp that offer enhanced features and comparable customization to the official software. BT2 WhatsApp is just one of many such versions.

BT2 Pink Additional Table

App NameBT2 WhatsApp
MOD VersionBT2
Mod ColorPink
File TypeMod APK

Download BT2 Pink WhatsApp

To download Pink WhatsApp, users can locate the BT2 WhatsApp section at After that, click on the download button given below to get the APK of this App. Now, click on the APK file and Install This amazing APK.

Additional Features of Pink WhatsApp

Here are some amazing features of WhatsApp Bluetooth:

Customizable Themes

BT2 WhatsApp users can add a pink color scheme to the app’s theme to make it more unique for them to message. With the help of this feature, users may personalize the app’s visual design to fit their tastes and give their chat interface a little something extra.

Font customization

Users can change the font styles and sizes inside the app with BT2 WhatsApp’s font customization feature. Utilizing this feature, users can customize their chat experience by adjusting the text display to their preference, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Enhanced Privacy Options

This App has more privacy options than the Official App. To provide customers more control over their message privacy, these extra privacy choices might include settings to manage the availability of online status, read receipts, or other privacy-related features.

Emoticons and Sticker Packs

To enhance messaging discussions, users of this App have access to a selection of emoticons and sticker packs. With a variety of emoticons and stickers, users may add fun and creativity to their conversations with these packs’ extensive expressive options.

Customizing Status

This App gives users many choices to personalize their status. Users will have additional options to express themselves and engage with others through customized status updates. Although it allow users to store other people’s status updates. With this App, users can communicate with their family more engagingly sharing their ideas, feelings, or activities.

Advanced Group Management

BT2 WhatsApp might provide users with the ability to regulate group members, permissions, and other group-related capabilities.

No More Restrictions on Media Sharing

It appears that this App permits more restrictions on sharing media, including the number of photos, videos, or files. It can be sent in a single message.

Anti-Revoke Messages

This App offers an Anti-Delete Messages feature. It allows users to see the messages that are deleted by another user accidentally or seriously. Utilizing this feature, your whole chat is safe, secure, and always in front of your eyes.


The term “Anti-Ban” describes a feature in Pink WhatsApp that protects users from being prohibited by the Official App. This functionality is ideal for those who want to use Pink BT2 WhatsApp, as it lessens the chance of getting banned. This App has added an Anti-Ban feature to protect your account and provide enhanced user communication.

BT2 WhatsApp V20 Benefits and Drawbacks

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of Pink WhatsApp:


  • The option to conceal typing indicators, blue ticks, and online status.
  • permits the uncompressed transfer of documents, movies, and high-quality images.
  • Use chat backgrounds, fonts, and themes to customize the conversation experience.
  • A platform for customized messaging that meets a range of consumer demands and preferences.
  • To improve data security and privacy, individual chats can be password-protected or have app locks applied.


  • Due to changes performed by third-party developers, modified versions of WhatsApp may display instability or unexpected behavior, such as crashes or problems.
  • It’s possible that users of BT2 WhatsApp won’t get official assistance or upgrades from WhatsApp Inc., which could result in compatibility problems or prevent them from using new features.
  • Because the BT2 WhatsApp developers are frequently unidentified companies, doubts have been expressed concerning the app’s reliability and validity as well as the possibility of user data being misused.

Final Words

Positively, Pink WhatsApp offers a variety of extra features and customization choices to customers. Which improve users messaging experience. This app provides users with greater control and flexibility over their communication. It Provides enhanced privacy settings to increased file-sharing features and customizable personalization. While users should be on the lookout for potential risks, such as security flaws and terms of service violations. It provide more customized and pleasurable messaging for those looking for features beyond the official app.

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