BT3 WhatsApp Latest APK V20 (May 2024) Download BT3 Free!

The third iteration of the BT2 WhatsApp mod is called BT3 WhatsApp. It is also referred to as BT WhatsApp Gold or Golden Penguin WhatsApp. It has a golden color scheme and features to improve WhatsApp’s user experience.

What is BT3 WhatsApp APK?

Multiple copies of WhatsApp can be stored on BT3 phones, along with additional capabilities like message scheduling, auto-reply, selective media downloads, and improved privacy settings like the ability to hide online status and read receipts.

Additionally, users can use many WhatsApp accounts at once without uninstalling the original WhatsApp. Users can enhance their messaging experience with this App.

Download BT3 Golden WhatsApp

Waapks is a platform that provides mods of WhatsApp, so users can download BT3 WhatsApp from our website by clicking on the download button given below.

Additional Table of Golden WhatsApp

App NameBT3 WhatsApp
MOD VersionBT3
Mod ColorGolden
File TypeMod APK
DeveloperTaha Qudsi

BT3 Golden Additional Features

Here are some amazing features of BT3 WhatsApp:

1- Golden Color Scheme:

It has a distinctive golden color scheme sets it apart from the WhatsApp UI. The app’s text typefaces, notifications, and chat interface are all infused with this eye-catching design feature, which gives users a customized and visually appealing messaging experience. The BT3 WhatsApp’s golden color scheme makes it simple to customize with different themes and styles. This App improves its overall aesthetic appeal and distinguishes it from the original WhatsApp’s typical white and green color scheme.

2- Selective media downloads:

Unlike the conventional WhatsApp feature, which restricts users from downloading all media or blocking all downloads, selective media downloads in BT3 WhatsApp allow users to select certain media files for download. By choosing only the media they want to download to their devices, consumers may maximize their data and storage consumption. By giving users the ability to selectively select media files, BT3 WhatsApp improves user efficiency and control over managing their media material. This makes sure that only files that the user wants are saved locally, which streamlines the user interface and boosts overall app performance.

3- Privacy of BT3:

Users now have more control over their visibility and activity within the app privacy options offered by this app. To protect their privacy, users can read receipts, type indications, record indicators, and disguise their online status. Higher levels of anonymity and customization are made possible by this feature, which enables users to personalize settings to suit their tastes and establish more secure chat environments.

4- Text messages to unsaved numbers:

Sending messages to numbers that are not saved in a contact list is possible using WhatsApp. By doing this, communication with new or transient connections can be streamlined without requiring the information to be saved.

5- Message Scheduling:

Message scheduling allows users to plan messages for delivery at a specific time or day in the future. This tool helps with scheduling, reminding, and making sure messages arrive at the best times.

6- Auto-reply of BT3 WhatsApp:

To create personalized automated responses for particular circumstances, users can utilize the auto-reply tool. Businesses and people who wish to respond quickly to frequently asked questions or acknowledge messages when they are unavailable may find this to be especially helpful.

7- Create Multiple Accounts in BT3:

Managing numerous WhatsApp accounts at once is made possible by this functionality, which spares users from having to remove the original WhatsApp software. For those who need to effectively distinguish between personal and professional correspondence, it offers convenience.

8- Themes and customization:

With a vast array of themes and customization choices, it allows users to tailor the app’s appearance to their tastes. Users can choose from a variety of color schemes, backgrounds, and icon sets to create a unique and visually appealing interface.

9- Floating Chat Heads:

It has a feature called “floating chat heads” that makes it easier for users to rapidly access their discussions. It’s easier to multitask and respond quickly when you can move and reduce the conversation heads on the screen.

10- Blacklist and whitelist:

BT3 WhatsApp has a function that lets users ban or permit messages to be sent to them by particular contacts. Users may keep control over their messaging experience and manage their contacts with the aid of this functionality.

11- Mute and unmute chats:

Users can temporarily turn off notifications from particular discussions by muting and unmuting chats. Using this function to manage group chats or mute conversations that aren’t urgent right now is helpful.

Pros and Cons of BT3 WhatsApp

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of BT3 Golden WhatsApp:


  • The interface of the App is easy to use and navigate; it is sleek, straightforward, and basic.
  • It provides a fingerprint lock as an additional security measure to safeguard your conversations.
  • This App enables chat history, media, and settings to be backed up and restored for data security.
  • This App is an online instant messaging App that makes it easier to share text, images, audio files, and video files.
  • Improved privacy features that allow you to conceal your online status, typing indicator, recording indicator, blue ticks, and second tick


  • Because WhatsApp depends on an internet connection, it could not work properly in areas with poor connectivity.
  • WhatsApp can create smartphone addiction and lower productivity due to its frequent notifications and interruptions.
  • The platform makes it easier for incorrect information to proliferate, which speeds up the propagation of lies with practical repercussions.

Final Words

A modified version of WhatsApp called BT WhatsApp Gold provides cutting-edge capabilities to improve social interaction. Taha Qudsi created the app, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The most recent version, v20.00, adds new features like the ability to change video quality, share multiple media files, add polls to group discussions, and enhance privacy features.

The Gold Plus version also comes with more sharing choices, longer status durations, control over blue ticks, and a selection of golden themes in addition to various account options. Additionally, the app offers adjustable chat privacy settings and anti-delete message choices.

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