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What is BT4 WhatsApp?

BT4 WhatsApp is the fourth variant of BT WhatsApp. It is a mod of the Original App and is used for communication. It has a lot of customization options and features that are not available in the Original App.

Overall, every mod of WhatsApp comes with great and different functionalities but here are some features in BT4 WhatsApp. The first is Anti-View Once, different privacy options, Blue Ticks control, and many more.

Moreover, by using this App, users will have great control over their communication and messaging App. This App is the most famous variant of BT WhatsApp. Utilizing this App will give users a better messaging experience.

BT4 WhatsApp Download

BT4 WhatsApp is the last variant of BT WhatsApp, users can download this App from this page by clicking on the download button given below. So go and grab the APK and enjoy this App. Also check BT3 WhatsApp and download for free

Additional Table of BT4 V20

App NameBT4 WhatsApp
MOD VersionBT4
Mod ColorRed
File TypeMod APK
DeveloperTaha Qudsi

BT4 WhatsApp Key Features

Here are some features of BT4 Bluetooth WhatsApp:

1- Hide the media gallery:

One thing that annoys you is when pointless media files accumulate in your phone’s gallery and take up additional space. You may filter all of the media files with this WhatsApp mod application. You may now quickly select what to let into your phone’s gallery.

2- Turn off your WhatsApp:

To turn off your WhatsApp, make sure that none of your other apps are disabled. You can also continue to use WhatsApp in vibration mode.

3- Anti-delete Messages:

Messages that the sender has erased can all be read by using BTWA’s anti-deletion feature. You can thus retrieve all of the earlier conversations with senders. Furthermore, it won’t operate on you if they erect any obstacles in the way of one viewpoint.

4- Audio Notes:

Previously, you had to record your audio in a single sitting. It is a truly novel function. You can pause the audio, listen to it, consider it, and then resume recording.

5- Numerous WhatsApp accounts:

You can use more than one account in a single application by using a special version of WhatsApp. But you have to register a unique number for every account.

6- Auto reply:

Greeting or welcome messages are examples of auto-reply messages that you can enable in bespoke templates. If you have a customer service relationship with your audience, then this function is beneficial to you. As a result, using these autoresponders will speed up communication.

7- Options for Privacy:

A strong security measure is the ability to set a password in a variety of ways, like a fingerprint, pattern, or digit lock. This App protects you from hackers by acting as an external layer for WhatsApp.

8- Themes:

Users can choose from over 1,000 free themes to customize the look and feel of their chat experience with BT4 WhatsApp’s theme customization feature. Users can download and apply numerous themes to change the App’s colors, layouts, and visual elements. With so much customization at their disposal, users may tailor the App UI to their preferences and enhance the chat experience.

9- Status Download:

The status download tool allows users to store any status straight to their smartphone. Users can download and store status updates shared by their connections without requiring any extra steps or third-party tools. Through the incorporation of the Status Download function, BT4 WhatsApp enhances user convenience by providing a straightforward way to save and retrieve statuses for offline viewing or sharing with others.

10- Hide Files:

This App lets you add a variety of themes to your device, hide media files from the gallery, and even change the launcher icon to give your device a unique appearance. These privacy settings aim to provide users greater control over their texting experience, which should make the App safer and more personalized.

Benefits and drawbacks of WhatsApp Bluetooth

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of BT4 WhatsApp APK:


  • This App gives users more privacy control and messaging experience.
  • With this App, Users can schedule messages to be sent automatically.
  • With BT WhatsApp, users can store the whole chat data that can be retrieved for later use.
  • With customization capabilities not seen in the original WhatsApp app, This App lets users customize its design to their own.


  • This App might have malware because it is an unofficial App.
  • This App has a lot of features so it might need to be more stable, dependable, and fully functional.
  • Since BT4 WhatsApp is an unofficial app, its makers could not provide frequent updates or support. It can cause problems with newly released features or upgrades from WhatsApp.

Final Overview

In conclusion, This Amazing APK provides more capabilities and customization choices than the default WA App, so it’s important to know the benefits and drawbacks before adopting it. This App might be different in terms of security and service because this is the mod of WhatsApp. When selecting communication software, users should give security and data privacy priority. Before deciding to use unofficial versions such as BT4 WhatsApp, users should thoroughly consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

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