FM WhatsApp Latest Update APK Feb 2024 Download For Android

What is FM WhatsApp APK?

FM WhatsApp is one of the most identical mods of the Original WA. The developer of this App is Fouad Mokdad, and the R&D team maintains this App. FM WhatsApp Latest Update aim that this App will be on the top in the mods of the Original WA,  this App is in the top ten.

Moreover, FM WhatsApp Latest Update aims to have the most additional features and customization options. It has a wide range of extra features like Privacy Control, Theme Store, Hide Last Seen, Blue Tick Control, Hide Forwarded Tag, and many more.

Additionally, this App is different from all the other mods of the Original App just because of its vibrant color scheme. It has a lot of themes, and users can select any theme that suits their personality. If you want to read the deep and detailed comparison of GB WhatsApp APK and FM WhatsApp APK Then read this Blog: GB WhatsApp VS FM WhatsApp

What’s New in FM WhatsApp Latest Update?

In the latest version of this App, the developers add some eye-soothing features to enhance the messaging experience of users. They fixed many issues in this App to make things easier for their users. They aim to choose this App rather than the Original WA.

Furthermore, they improved privacy features like typing indicators, blue ticks (read receipts), and the ability to hide online statuses. They allow users of this App to restrict who can see their status to particular groups or contacts.

FM Features

For increased privacy and security, FM WhatsApp developers added extra security features like app lock, fingerprint lock, or pattern lock. They claimed that they had added an anti-ban feature to shield users from bans for using altered versions of the Original App.

And we all know that the FM WhatsApp update is undoubtedly still full of surprises for users, just like the previous one.

Download FM WhatsApp Latest Version

To grab the APK file of this outstanding App called FM WhatsApp Mod, click on the Download Button given below.

Additional Features of FMWhatsApp V9.95

FMWA has a lot of features users can use all of them to cheer the functionality. Users can customize the look of the App according to them using different customization options. The features of this App are undoubtedly incredible to use. For more details on the features of FM WhatsApp keep reading this blog.

Message a Number

The ability to send messages without saving the contact number on the device is a unique feature of FM WhatsApp. This App differs from the standard App due to this feature. This saves the time that would have been needed to save a contact number. This fantastic App makes it simple to send messages to unsaved contacts.

Pin Chat

The users of this App can choose to pin 100 conversations to their App’s home screen. There are only three chats that are pinned in the Original WA. See, how amazing this App is?

Custom Themes

Using this App, users can personalize their app with a variety of eye-catching, vibrant themes that suit their personality. There are many different themes available for users to pick. The App’s feature makes using this App enjoyable. Every day, many new themes are added to the App and made freely accessible to users.

Anti-Delete Story

One of FM WhatsApp’s most helpful features that is not present in the Official App is this one. Users are not able to see the deleted status or story on the Official WA because the user removed it. On the other hand, FM WhatsApp allows users to view a story or status update even after it has been deleted. So, users of this App do not have to worry about anything. Just use this App to cheer on this amazing feature.

File/Image/Video Restriction

Unlike the Original WA, FMWA allows users to send more photos and larger files. One GB of video can be played on it, and up to 100 photos can be sent at one time. Sent photos or images will be in their original quality. So, how outstanding this App is?

Increased Group Member Limit

In the Original WA, users can add 256 members only but this App allows users to add up to 1000 members in one group. This feature is helpful for large communities and professional groups.

Privacy Hacks

Compared to the Original WA, FM WhatsApp has better privacy settings. A typing indicator read receipts, hide/freeze online status, and other features are available for users.

Some Others Amazing Features

FM WhatsApp

Hide Typing or Recording Indicator

There are moments when users may feel ashamed to answer a message while staring at their phone. When users discover that the App is telling their friend that they are typing for an extended period, they become even more embarrassed. Users can stop worrying about this at this point. Users can conceal typing or recording action text with FM WhatsApp. Now relax and comfortably respond when they have a moment.

Emoji Variety

In addition to a lot of other distinctive features, various Android ecosystems provide users with a wide selection of emojis. This App supports One v3, Android O Emoji, Facebook Emoji, and a lot of other options. Users must have FM WhatsApp installed on their phones to take advantage of this fantastic feature.

Hide Last Seen

This feature lets users hide the last seen lifetime. Other users are unable to see the last seen. In the Original WA, users can see the last seen and many other things.

Hide Forward Tag

When users of the Original WA forward a message, it shows up as a forwarded tag on their friend’s account. This needs to be more comfortable. Users can choose to disable the forwarding tag in this App. Messages can still be forwarded, but they will appear as they did when they were first sent.

Customization Options

This App lets users customize the look according to their taste. There are a lot of options and each option or layout is customizable. Users can change font style, Icon, chatting board, and many more things. This App has customizable emojis and icons that help to express users more professionally.

Increased Security

Users can use this feature to lock conversations and protect their data. Users can make adjustments to prevent unknown callers from contacting them. To keep conversations private and unobserved by others, Users can also lock them.

Hide Profile

One helpful feature is the ability to hide their profile picture from a specific contact. Additionally, it enables users to show their profile picture to the people they care about.

FM WhatsApp’s Integration Feature

Users can link Facebook or other social media Apps, such as Instagram, to their FM WhatsApp account. Additionally, it is compatible with various messaging Apps. Users can integrate FMWA with various other applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others, to access and benefit from FMWA’s incredible features.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • A fresh layer of security that limits who can access your chats.
  • This App looks fantastic because of the custom themes.
  • One-click can be used to share multiple files.
  • You can use your phone without receiving WhatsApp messages if you put it in Airplane Mode or DND Mode.
  • The message/delete mode is not available when someone sends you a message by mistake. Until you remove it, it will stay on your phone.
  • When a message is forwarded, the forwarding label is not visible.


  • It might take some time to update FM WhatsApp because Facebook does not maintain the app.
  • This is not the official version of WhatsApp; it was created by independent developers.
  • You are unable to report bugs and must use the application as is.

Installation of FM WhatsApp

Download Steps FM
  1. Once the APK file is downloaded, Go to Chrome Download or device Download Manager.
  2. After that, Click on the downloaded file.
  3. Now, Select “Install” to install FM WhatsApp.
  4. Once you click on the install, it will start installing on the device.
  5. After the installation is done, Click on the “Open” button.
  6. Register with the number and enjoy FM WhatsApp.

How we Update FMWA?

  • To check the update of this App.
  • Click on the profile, then click on the “Settings”.
  • After that, search for “Updates”.
  • Once you find out click on “Updates”.
  • If the update appears, this will automatically start the updating process.
  • After some time, It will launch once the update is finished.

My Personal Experience

FM WhatsApp is for you if you’re tired of using the standard version of WA. FM WhatsApp’s fonts and color scheme can be changed to suit your personal preferences. Now that this App has been updated, install it to start a colorful chat adventure. This App will never get old to you. Your application will have a completely new appearance each time you switch themes.

FM WhatsApp will not breach or have an impact on the WhatsApp terms and conditions. Install this App and then use SMS verification to confirm your phone number. Using FM WhatsApp in place of the original WA is a very smart move. Several incredible and fascinating features that are absent from the original WhatsApp are present in FM WhatsApp. It has been updated and is virus-free and anti-ban. Due to its many incredible and dependable features, this App is a very well-liked version of the messaging App.

Frequently Asked Questions

The developer of this App is Fouad Mokdad and are in charge of updating and maintaining FM WA!

Almost, While GB WhatsApp has two R&D teams, AlexMods | HeyMods and Fouad Mods, FM WA is currently maintained by just one team, Fouad Mods.

In general, FM WhatsApp is secure. Make sure you obtain it from reliable sites, such as Waapks.

The main purpose of FM WhatsApp is to be used on a single device. If you have the appropriate Android emulator, you can install it on both your PC and smartphone.

While FM WhatsApp is secure, there is a chance that you could receive a brief WhatsApp ban. Use the most recent version and practice responsible usage to lower this risk.

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