GB WhatsApp APK Download (Latest) 2024 Feb Officially Updated

What is GB WhatsApp APK?

GB WA, also known as GB WhatsApp, is an enhanced variant of the Official App. With more than 500 million downloads. Unbreakable privacy safeguards, strong personal use security, and endless customization options including fonts, colors, themes, wallpapers, and more are all provided by the App.

GB WhatsApp now has several creative features, such as hiding one’s online status, switching themes, and adjusting privacy settings. Among its many features are auto-reply, privacy controls, customizable themes and fonts, greater file sharing, and message scheduling, among other important benefits. A must-have App for anyone who enjoys technology or geek culture is GB WhatsApp.

It doesn’t have enough privacy settings, and it doesn’t give you the freedom to add your flair to talks. This generates the need for a substitute. This Latest Version fills this gap by offering a reliable substitute. It includes every fundamental feature and function that a messaging app ought to have. GB WhatsApp is indeed the best chat App ever created.

Additional Table of GBWhatsApp V17.60

App NameGB WhatsApp
DeveloperFouad Mods
Latest VersionV17.60
RequiresAndroid 5.0
GB WhatsApp PriceFree of Cost
Download Size64 MB
Mod FeaturesMany Colors
GB WhAatsApp

Key Features of GB WhatsApp Latest Version

There are many additional features in it but some of them are as follows:


The variety of themes available in the GB WhatsApp is one of its best qualities. It lets users alter the App’s interface whenever they want, with no restrictions on how many times they can do it. There are already many themes available, and the developer is always adding more. With the App’s Bulk Message Sending feature, users can send an infinite number of messages to any contact. Using this tool to trick their friends by sending them an unexpected barrage of messages is particularly entertaining.

Anti-Revoke messages

A feature of GB WhatsApp that allows users to view messages even if the sender deletes them is called “anti-revoke messages.” Although this feature makes messaging more flexible and convenient, it’s ideal to think about the possible security risks before using this app because it runs on less secure servers than the official App.

Filtering Messages

Users can clear and filter their chat messages in GB WhatsApp using the “Filter Messages” feature, which offers a clutter-free messaging experience. By separating important messages from the rest, this feature helps users manage their chat messages more efficiently.

Status Privacy

With This Updated Version, users can download and view their friends’ status updates without their knowledge. All it takes is one click to secretly monitor their updates. The App comes with a built-in DND mode. This feature allows users to turn off the internet connection specifically for GB WhatsApp if they’re using an Android device and don’t want to be interrupted by messages from the App.

Status Download

Users can download photos and videos from other contacts’ status updates using the App. This gives users the flexibility to save any status from their contact list without requiring third-party Apps. A feature for filtering messages has been built into the GB WhatsApp APK design. This facilitates more efficient communication by giving you the ability to filter and clear chat.

Auto Reply

When a user needs to reply to their friends right away, the auto-reply feature comes in handy. Because it allows for unlimited bulk messages to be sent to any chat or group, it’s especially helpful for promoting businesses.

Media Sharing Limit

Unlike the official App, This APK lets users send over 90 images at once. Users can also exchange up to 50 MB of video and 100 MB of audio clips. It’s frequently necessary to share photos in their original resolution. You can send photos with GB WhatsApp Pro in the best possible quality, doing away with the need to use the Document Option.

App Lock

By requiring a Pattern, PIN, Password, or Fingerprint to access messages, the app lock feature adds an extra edge of security. By doing this, users prevent anyone who has access to their phone from viewing their chats. When entering the PIN and Password, they can be shown if necessary.

Advanced Privacy Settings

Advanced privacy settings, which are not present in the Official App, are included with GB WhatsApp. Users can choose to show or hide their typing status, blue ticks, double ticks, and online status using these settings. Users can view and download their friends’ status updates without them knowing if they use this APK. All it takes is one click to discreetly monitor their updates.

WhatsApp GB Mod

Advantages or Disadvantages of GBWhatsApp


  • Possibility of sending more images and videos simultaneously: up to 90 images and 50 MB of larger video files can be sent simultaneously.
  • Improved message scheduling, improved privacy options (including the ability to hide online status and blue ticks), and theme and icon customization are all available.
  • For more privacy and control, you can run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device, configure auto-replies, and lock individual conversations.
  • Custom themes, fonts, and colors are examples of personalization options that are not offered by the official App.
  • For a more organized messaging experience, users can clear and filter their chat messages using the filter messages feature.
  • Users can view messages even if the sender deletes them thanks to the anti-revoke messages function.
  • The capability of broadcasting text messages to groups facilitates simultaneous communication with several contacts.
  • With the ability to use private settings, auto-reply to messages for quicker responses, and hide their online status, GB WhatsApp Pro gives users more privacy and control over how they use the messaging service.


  • The application may contain some unnoticed warning signs and is not from a reliable source.
  • Due to its hosting on a less secure server, GB WhatsApp has the potential to infect devices with malware or viruses and collect user personal data.
  • There’s a chance that anyone using GB WhatsApp could read all of the shared data, including messages.
  • Because GB WhatsApp was not created by the original WhatsApp developers and does not support end-to-end encryption, user data security may be compromised, and using it could result in blocking access to the original WhatsApp.

How we Download and Install GB WhatsApp Mod APK?

Download GBWhatsApp
  1. Download the APK file form our website (Waapk’s)
  2. After downloading the APK file, Click on the APK file.
  3. Click on the “ Install ” button.
  4. The APK file will start installing on the device.
  5. After the installation is done, Click on the “Open” button.
  6. And Register with the number.
  7. After the process is done, Enjoy with GB WhatsApp.

My Personal Experience

I sincerely hope you enjoy using the official GBWhatsApp APK app. Additionally, GBWhatsapp offers the exact same plans and security as the official Whatsapp. Thus, if you would like even more additional features, install the Whatsapp Plus APK on your device right now. I hope this post is enjoyable for you. If you also want to download GB WhatsApp Pro APK click on this link.

We would be extremely grateful if you and your friends reviewed this fantastic GB WhatsApp APK. With its most recent features, you’ll think it’s one of the greatest apps available. Since it has the same license as the official app, you won’t experience any security-related problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can be sure that GB WhatsApp won’t harm your Android device. It uses the same servers as the Official App, doesn’t need root access, and can’t access any of your private information. As a result, you can download and install this App on your device with confidence and no worries.

Unfortunately, since GB WhatsApp APK is an APK file, it can only be used with Android devices. Users of iOS will have to wait a little while. But we’ll update it on our site as soon as the developers release an iOS-compatible version.

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the original messaging App that makes use of multiple MOD scripts to offer special features and improved privacy. We recommend that you create a test account first and that you don’t use your primary account if WhatsApp bans you.

GB WhatsApp APK can be installed on Android devices without requiring verification. Disabling Google Play Protect in the Google Play Store should fix any problems you have during installation.

No, it’s not complicated, but if you updated it, that would be amazing.

Yes, you can easily obtain your WhatsApp backup.

Yes, of course! This app was created specifically for it. so Enjoy making use of this

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