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Let’s Suppose you want more advanced functionality from your regular WhatsApp but have never used a mod, welcome to GT WhatsApp. This tweak for WhatsApp was created specifically to provide you with some awesome features that normal WhatsApp doesn’t offer.

What is GT WhatsApp?

A customized version of the well-known messaging WhatsApp is called GT WhatsApp. It has more functionality than the regular WhatsApp app, like examining messages the sender deleted for both parties and retrieving deleted texts.

With GT WhatsApp, users can send and receive messages, photos, and videos with other users. It is intended to improve the user experience by offering special features absent from the original WhatsApp.

GT WhatsApp Download

Additional Table

App NameGT WhatsApp
File Size60MB
File TypeMod APK
Mod FeaturesMany Features
Mod ColorGreen

Features of GT WhatsApp

GT WhatsApp was created specifically to provide you with choices for data recovery. You will have a better WhatsApp experience with it than with the official version because of its many more intriguing features. The most recent version, V17.55, offers much more to you; a few highlights are as follows:

1- Hiding Double Ticks:

You can utilize this clever feature to give people the impression that you still need to read their communication. By using this feature, you can prevent your sender from seeing the blue ticks that indicate you have read their message. You can pretend not to have read their message, even though you have, so you can ignore it and put it off.

2- Data Recovery Made Simple:

The most significant feature of this version of WhatsApp is the ability to retrieve all of your previously erased messages. For a maximum of sixty days, it also retrieves communications that another user in a group or chat erased. Recovering any type of media picture, text, or audio just requires a single tap. Videos may only be recovered, though, if they are deleted within 24 hours. It might also only function with files up to 30 MB.

3- Dual Account:

As you may already be aware, it is not possible to maintain two WhatsApp accounts in one application on the same device. However, GTWA now makes it feasible to combine two separate accounts into a single application. As a result, switching accounts is as easy as tapping.

4- Privacy Features:

Above all, GTWA offers you innovative privacy features that you wouldn’t even imagine coming with the official WhatsApp app. A few mentions of numerous privacy features are Freeze Last Seen and Anti view once. Get GT WhatsApp right now to explore the other dozens on your own.

5- UI Customization:

If you’re tired of the unfriendly UI of standard WhatsApp and want something more, GTWA has a lot to offer. With GTWhatsApp, you can fully customize WhatsApp to make it work the way you want. You can change any aspect of WhatsApp that you feel should be improved, including the colors, fonts, gradients, scaling, bars, and bubbles.

6- Uninterruptible Data Transfer:

Have you ever had a situation where WhatsApp refused to upload a video? Because users prohibit WhatsApp’s policy by sending a video larger than 16 MB. However, GTWhatsApp allows you to go above such restrictions. It makes it simple for you to transfer a video file up to 80 MB. Additionally, you can email up to 90 images at once.

7- Status Character Limit:

Unlike the original WhatsApp, GT WhatsApp gives users the option to post status messages with a maximum of 250 characters, providing greater room for expression.

8- Elegant Themes:

Users can add vibrant, elegant themes to their GT WhatsApp to give the application a distinctive, personalized appearance.

Key Features

  • You can utilize two accounts on the same device.
  • No account ban, offering more protection and comfort.
  • An integrated antiban function to improve account security.
  • Theme customization, which lets you personalize the app’s appearance and feel.
  • Cross-platform compatibility, which lets you use GT WhatsApp across several gadgets.
  • The ability to offer suggestions and encouragement to the creators guarantees the app’s ongoing development.
  • With the newest font store, you may customize the font style to fit your preferences and add personality to your messages.
  • WhatsApp customization capabilities, such as the capacity to conceal contacts, status views, and last saw status for increased privacy.
  • A backup and recovery function that lets you get back messages that have been deleted a useful feature absent from other WhatsApp substitutes.

Benefits and Drawbacks of GT WhatsApp

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of WhatsApp GT:


  • It maintains unaltered original photo quality.
  • 10 MB maximum media sharing restriction for photos and videos.
  • Users can feel secure knowing that this version protects them from being banned from the original WhatsApp.
  • It enables users to keep their privacy hidden by allowing them to see other people’s status updates while hiding their own.
  • The app’s color scheme, icons, and notification sounds are just a few of the elements that users can change according to their tastes.


  • Incompatibilities with specific devices.
  • Possibility of data loss or privacy violations.
  • Absence of governmental validation and reliability.
  • Risks to security posed by altered applications.
  • Possibility of account suspension or ban Limited updates and official support.

Install GT WhatsApp

  • First things first: click the above link to get the GTWA APK file.
  • To share or reinstall the APK file, move it to a secure location.
  • Now select the APK file and click “Install” to begin.
  • After giving it enough time to install correctly, open the application.
  • Using the 6-digit code that is sent to your phone number, directly verify your number.
  • GT WhatsApp is available to you once your number has been verified.

Personal Aspect

A few weeks ago, I utilized WhatsApp as a useful tool for rehabilitation. What an incredible WhatsApp this is. I was trying to figure out how to get back all the messages that were being erased or vanished from some of my chats. When I used this application, the outcomes were remarkable. This APK sent me the audio files, text, and photos from the previous month. It was effective for me. It is worthwhile to try.

Final Words

GT WhatsApp is a useful tool for retrieving lost data. Not only that, but it also provides you with clever mod features for WhatsApp, some of which are listed above. Nevertheless, you can explore a lot of stuff on your own. You can even obtain some new improvements, including Extended Privacy and Antiban Protection, in its most recent version, V17.5, which includes all the changes that the official WhatsApp has released. Must give it a try if your tastes align with it.

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