JT WhatsApp Latest APK (2024) V9.98 Download For Android Now!

What is JT WhatsApp APK?

JT WhatsApp is the tweaked version of the Original App developed by Jim Tech developers. It is also known as JTWA. It has a lot of extra features and customization options. Since the regular WhatsApp messenger is so widely used, many users would like additional features, such as greater privacy options and unique capabilities. This App has all the capabilities and has been developed according to user preferences.

Take advantage of all the great functions offered by JTWA to enhance the user messaging experience. It will take users’ chatting experience to the next level. Its features are custom fonts, hide last seen, anti-ban, Stories like Instagram, hide profile, anti-view once, outstanding themes, and many other features.

Moreover, it’s a third-party App not available on the Google Play Store. Users can download this App from Waapk’s. Not only that, but users can get all the chats, even the ones the sender deleted. Isn’t that amazing?

Additional Table of JT WhatsApp

WhatsApp NameJT Whatsapp
Latest Version9.98
DeveloperJim Techs
APK File Size77.5 MB
Last UpdatedA few days ago
File TypeMod APK
JT WhatsApp PriceFree of Cost
Mod FeaturesMany Features

Download JTWhatsApp v9.98

Users can get the newest version of JT WhatsApp APK (9.98) from Waapk’s. It has cool new features that will make users’ messaging experience better. Click the download button below to get the APK file and enjoy a luxurious messaging experience with this App. By the way we have One more amazing WhatsApp Mod for you Called AB6 WhatsApp Mod. Also try this fantastic Mod.

Features of JTWhatsApp Latest Version

Features of JTWhatsApp Latest Version

This App contains a lot of extra features that we have discussed before. This App is the most demanding worldwide, and millions of people use it. If users get the most recent version of the JTWA, they can use bug-free tools like universal settings, call blockers, hide last seen, send large PDF files, and many more described in the given section.

Airplane Mode

Every device has an “airplane mode” feature that turns off all wireless contact. Cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, are all part of this. The device can’t send or receive data or calls when airplane mode is turned on. However, In JT WhatsApp, airplane mode can hide that users are typing while sending texts. Putting their phone in airplane mode means that JT WhatsApp can’t tell the other person that they are typing. It lets users type a message while others don’t see it. When users turn off airplane mode, the message will be sent.

Dark/Light Theme

This App offers both dark and light themes. Users can select any of them according to their situation. For example, if they use it in the morning, they can enable a light and dark theme for the night. Enabling the light theme will turn the interface into a white shade, and turning on the dark theme will turn the App’s interface into a dark shade. However, the App’s overall look is extraordinary, and users will always keep using this App.

Different Languages

JT WhatsApp supports different languages. Users can choose which language the App’s design will be shown in. When people install JT WhatsApp, they are asked to pick their favorite language from a list. This language choice tool lets users make their experience unique by choosing a language they are comfortable with. Furthermore, the language change setting can still be found in the App’s settings, allowing users to select different languages as needed.

Change Text Colors

People using JT WhatsApp can change the colors of friends’ names and text colors. With this feature, users can make their experience more unique by giving different friends different colors, making it easier to spot them at a glance. This App offers users a more easy way to detect any other user. It simplifies the way of communication.

JT Themes

JT WhatsApp has many themes, each with unique colors, so users can pick a style that fits their mood. This feature lets users change the App’s interface to make their chatting experience unique. Utilizing this feature, users can change the look and feel of the App to suit their tastes by picking from different themes.

Customize Font

Users of this App can change the fonts used in the App’s layout. With this feature, users can customize the look of their chats by altering the font style and size to their liking. They can quickly change the universal settings by going to the settings tab, which includes the fonts, language, color scheme, background, and layout. The visual experience of messaging in JT WhatsApp is improved by this level of customization, which gives users the freedom to make their chat setting fit their tastes.

Hide media from Gallery.

There is an easy way for JT WhatsApp users to hide media from the Gallery. Users can find the “Media visibility” setting in the App’s settings under “Chats.” Users can clear the “Show media in gallery” box to stop media files, like photos and videos, from showing up in the device’s gallery app. This feature improves privacy by letting users hide their media files from the device’s gallery view. It keeps these files private and separate from other media material.

Color Choices

Users of JT WhatsApp can change the colors of the whole app design, including the text and background colors of the universal action bar. This function lets you adjust the look of the status bar, the navigation bar, and other app parts. Users can choose from various colors to make their experience more unique. It makes the App look better and gives it a more personalized feel.

Home Screen

JTWA allows users to customize every element of the Home Screen according to their personality. It includes changing the header and bottom, setting up a floating action button, and watching story toasts to know when someone looks at your status. Users can also turn friends online toasts on or off, just like with TM WhatsApp.

Privacy Control

The App also has privacy and security settings, such as the ability to freeze the last person seen, hide the view state, and decide who can call them. Users can also change the App’s appearance by providing an interface that looks like iOS or by altering the color scheme, background, and styles to their liking.


JT WhatsApp has many privacy and security tools that improve users’ experience. The “Privacy & Security” section under “Jimods” in the app settings lets users change their privacy options. Some safety features are stopping “last seen,” “view once,” and controlling who can call them. Users can also hide their view state, make the interface look like iOS, and show or hide blue ticks. A safe app lock function in JT WhatsApp lets users lock the App with a pattern, password, or PIN. It makes sure that their private and public talks are safe.

Important Privacy Options of JTWA

Important Privacy Options of JTWA

This App offers various privacy options. It enables users to have more privacy control over their messaging experience. So, let’s check some privacy options.

Anti-View Once

The “Anti View Once” feature in JT WhatsApp is a useful privacy addition that lets users watch media more than once, even though “View Once” is supposed only to let you do that once. This feature lets users avoid the restriction that they can only watch media content once, allowing them to go back and watch shared media files again. Adding the “Anti View Once” feature gives users more control over how they watch media, ensuring they can access and enjoy shared material without being limited in how many times they can see it.

Hide View Status

With the “Hide view status” feature in JT WhatsApp, users can hide that they have seen their friends’ status updates. Users can protect their privacy and decide who can see what they do in the App by turning this option on. These features are especially helpful for people who want to read status posts without letting anyone know what they’re doing. By going to the App’s privacy and security settings, users can easily turn on and off the “Hide view status” option to control how visible they are when they connect with their contacts’ status updates.

Who can Call

When using JT WhatsApp, users can change this setting inside the App to decide who can call them. This feature lets users handle new calls and pick who can contact them through the App. Users can easily change how they want to receive calls in JT WhatsApp by going to the privacy and security settings. This feature gives users more control over their conversation by letting them manage incoming calls in a way that suits them best within the messaging platform.

Show or Hide Blue Tick

Through JT WhatsApp, users can hide the blue checkmarks that show a message has been read. This setting is called “Hide Blue Tick” or “Hide Receipt Status” and can be found on the privacy page. The sender cannot see the blue ticks if this option is turned on. It gives the user more privacy and control over the state of their messages.

Freeze Last Seen

This App offers a “Freeze Last Seen” feature. It allows users to freeze the online stamp below the name. This feature is extremely helpful for people who are curious about their privacy. Hiding the online status will safeguard users’ activity from other users.

Advantages and Disadvantages

JT WhatsApp has many benefits that improve the user experience compared to the normal WhatsApp app. But it also have some disadvantages. Here are some of these benefits and issues:


  • No Limits: JT WhatsApp users can share videos and files of any size without any limits.
  • Customization: The App lets users change more about their texting experience than the regular WhatsApp, so they can make it fit their needs. Safety and Privacy.
  • JT WhatsApp has better privacy features, such as hiding your online status and blue ticks. It also has an anti-ban tool to keep your account from being banned.
  • Fabulous Themes: Every day, users can pick from more than 5,000 themes to change how the App looks, which keeps things interesting and new.
  • Some extra features that JT WhatsApp has that normal WhatsApp doesn’t have are anti-ban, better privacy, full customization freedom, media sharing, status downloader, app lock, chat lock, DND mode, and conversation settings.

Users can get these benefits and improve their chatting experience by bringing the JT WhatsApp APK from a trustworthy source like Waapks.


  • Updates take longer than they do on the main WhatsApp app.
  • Needing proper help from WhatsApp Inc.
  • Possible account bans if modified forms are used, which would be against the terms of service.
  • Malware could be downloaded from sites you don’t trust.

JT WhatsApp VS Original WhatsApp

JT WhatsappOriginal Whatsapp
Edit MessagesCannot Edit
Send Bulk Messages
Change contact colors
iOS Style on Android
Load new iOS fonts
Instagram Story like statusAvailable
Plus Features
Receive pin messages

Installation of JT WhatsApp

There are very easy steps to follow to install this App. Just read the instructions below carefully.

  1. On the very first, grab the APK file.
  2. Once the APK is downloaded, click on that APK file.
  3. After that, the file will open, and click the “Install” button.
  4. After that, it will ask to allow “unknown resources” from the settings. Just enable it.
  5. Once you are done, it will start installing automatically.
  6. Now, register with the number and enjoy with JTWA.

How do I Update JT WhatsApp V9.98?

  1. First of all, back up the conversations before updating this App.
  2. Once it is done, go to the settings of JT WhatsApp.
  3. Now, search for the “updates” option.
  4. Click on it and check the update.
  5. If the update is available, it will start updating automatically.
  6. After some time, it will restart itself in updated form.

How do I restore chats in JT WhatsApp APK?

  • Install the Latest JT WhatsApp APK form Our Website Waapk’s.
  • Click on “Jimods” in the upper right corner of JT WhatsApp.
  • At this point, go to “Universal Settings“.
  • It is where the “Backup and Restore” button is.
  • Please click on “Restore WhatsApp Data” and have fun.

Our Experts Experience

With its unique features, JT WhatsApp has a lot of benefits. These include more ways to customize the App, more privacy controls, and extra features not in the standard WhatsApp app. Some benefits for users are custom themes, better security settings, and the ability to share bigger files without any problems. But it’s important to consider the bad things that might happen if you use JT WhatsApp. For example, security risks come from illegal apps, updates are slower than the official version, WhatsApp Inc. doesn’t support it officially, and you could get your account banned for breaking the rules. Even with these problems, JT WhatsApp is still popular for people who want a more personalized and feature-rich chat experience.

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