King WhatsApp: Download Latest APK V35 For Free (May 2024)

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a fantastic WhatsApp mod App that, in many parts of the world, including India and Sri Lanka, has quickly supplanted standard WhatsApp. I’d like to introduce you to “King WhatsApp Golden” which is exploding thanks to its exceptional features and user experience.

Globally, the explosion of the WhatsApp sector shocked many creative developers. Thus, among the more than 2 billion members of the WhatsApp family, we have witnessed several creative mods in recent years that are now common in various parts of the world.

What is King WhatsApp APK?

A customized version of the original WhatsApp, King WhatsApp provides users with many additional features and customization choices. It is renowned for offering special features that aren’t included in the regular WhatsApp app.

Users of King WhatsApp, also known as KIWhatsApp, can make use of features including customized themes, high-quality media file transmission, improved privacy settings like the ability to hide last seen status, and the ability to download stories.

Furthermore, King WhatsApp comes in a variety of variations, each with unique features and personalization choices, such as King WhatsApp Blue, KIWhatsApp Green, King WhatsApp Gold, and Queen WhatsApp Pink. The goal of this mod is to improve the user experience by offering a messaging platform that is more feature-rich and personalized than the

King WhatsApp Download

Additional Table of KI WhatsApp

App NameKing WhatsApp
Latest Versionv35.00
File Size71MB
File TypeMod APK
Developers TeamAhmed Al-Sarmandi
MOD ColorsBlue, Gold, Green, Pink Queen
Last UpdatedA few days ago

Additional Features of WhatsApp KI

Here are some amazing and fantastic features of King WhatsApp. When you download this Amazing APK read their features carefully:

1- Added Items:

With King Mods, sending various attachments is simple and you may transmit more data. Instead of simply 30 photos at once like in your regular WhatsApp, you can send up to 90 images as an attachment. Additionally, the video restriction for this Golden app is increased from 15 MB to 30 MB. Additionally, you can upload files up to 55 MB in any format, including PDF, DOC, and TXT.

2- A New Audio Capability:

With regular WhatsApp, you would have to record your voice notes all at once before this apk. This was problematic. You have to start over from scratch if you make a mistake when recording. It freaks me out! You can now pause the recording, consider it, and resume speaking. The main point is that you can listen to it to make sure you are pausing correctly.

3- Change Accounts Five Times:

I’m guessing this is the “never seen before” feature. You can create five distinct accounts with it in a single application. You can move between different accounts during your discussion, which is thrilling. It should be noted that you may only register one account for a single phone number. As a result, to manage five distinct accounts in a single application, you need five phone numbers.

4- Voice Modification choices:

With the help of this imaginative tool, communication can become enjoyable. You can modify the intonation of your voice by selecting from many preset sets, like baby, masculine, feminine, and others. With this clever app, you may easily prank your friends and family.

5- Personalization:

The feature that allows you to personalize everything you see in this apk to your tastes is its most alluring feature. You can alter themes, launcher icons, WhatsApp bar color gradients, add emojis, adjust font settings, and much more.

6- With only one click, share your location:

This is the latest version of the uncommon software, allowing you to reveal your location with only one strange tap. Your precise position is therefore only a click away from your friends and family, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

7- Lock or conceal conversations on WhatsApp:

Your discussions are further secured because this apk allows you to lock your talks. If some trespassers, then your wife is more likely! Take control of your phone! Don’t worry, there is an additional “application lock” layer. What happens if that application lock is also broken by this intruder? However, don’t worry! because the King WhatsApp APK allows you to lock specific chats.

8- Adaptable Icons and Themes:

King WhatsApp users can customize their WhatsApp experience with an extensive selection of customizable themes and an infinite number of app icons. By modifying the colors, fonts, and other visual components, users can build their unique themes or select from a wide range of pre-designed themes. The customization of the WhatsApp interface for users is further enhanced by the option to alter the app’s icons.

9- Improved Privacy Selections:

Better privacy features are offered by King WhatsApp in comparison to normal WhatsApp. Users now have more control over their online identity and privacy thanks to the ability to hide their last seen status, read receipts, and type indicators. Those who wish to exercise some discretion when messaging others will find this option especially helpful.

10- Download Stories/Status:

Without the usage of additional software, users of King WhatsApp can download their friends’ WhatsApp status updates and tales straight from the app. Users who initially missed the content shared by their connections can now view and save it thanks to this feature.

What’s new in the most recent King WhatsApp v35.00 version for you?

A few recurring issues were impeding the user experience due to the volume of user input. However, the most recent version now includes the following modifications:

  • There were a few communications delays.
  • The inability to send more than 30 photographs was fixed.
  • The application was running more slowly after a few problems were resolved.
  • On Android 11+, the backup was not functioning; however, this issue has been fixed.
  • Before this, the chat screen did not display the number 0. This has now been resolved.

Install King WhatsApp

Here are some important steps about installing King WhatsApp on your mobile phone. Before installing read these instructions carefully.

  • Initially, save the King Golden APK file to a different location on your internal storage after downloading it.
  • Navigate to the settings on your smartphone and select the Security option.
  • Toggle the switch to allow the installation of third-party apps from the Security settings.
  • Locate the APK file that has been downloaded, click on it, and choose “Install.
  • Your phone number will be verified by the app after it has finished installing.
  • King WhatsApp is now available for use as a productive messaging tool.

King WhatsApp benefits and Drawbacks

Here are some amazing benefits of whatsApp and also some drawbacks mention here.


  • Ad-free encounter.
  • Get friends’ status updates and stories on WhatsApp.
  • Multiple phone numbers can be supported in one app.
  • UI components, themes, and icons that can be changed.
  • Features for scheduling messages and auto-responders.
  • regular releases that include bug fixes and new features.
  • Additional personalization choices, including dark mode.
  • enhanced messaging capabilities (caption copying, audio pausing).
  • More privacy options (typing indicators, reading receipts, and concealing last seen).
  • the capacity to exchange bigger media assets (videos, photos) without sacrificing quality.


  • King WhatsApp might not provide as much customer care as the official WhatsApp app when it comes to fixing problems or offering help.
  • The most recent versions of WhatsApp may not always work with King WhatsApp, which could cause instability or other possible problems.
  • Although King WhatsApp might provide frequent updates, there could be differences in the consistency and dependability of these upgrades, which could result in inconsistent features and performance.

Final Words

Compared to regular WhatsApp and other WhatsApp modifications, this app has a few obvious advantages. However, given how quickly the WhatsApp market is evolving, developers must come up with some original ideas to stay ahead of the competition. However, newer versions of it have generated some more user-friendly concepts. For additional content from this apk, visit frequently to receive the newest feeds and features.

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