MAWhatsApp Download Latest APK V10.45 Updated (May 2024)!

The best substitute for individuals requiring more privacy and UI features is MAWhatsApp, a useful mod of the Original App, similar to BT4 WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp, NA WhatsApp, and ZE WhatsApp.

What is MAWhatsApp?

MA WhatsApp is a Modified Version and better version of Original WhatsApp. Most significantly, it will allow you to easily and cost-free communicate with friends and relatives worldwide. Enjoy your chats and acquire a large assortment of third-party added features all in one location.

There are many features in this App, that are not available in the Official App. The features are Hiding Blue ticks, Customization options, Home Screen Customization, Broadcast Messaging, Message Scheduler, and many more. So, grab this WhatsApp Apk to enhance messaging experience.

WhatsApp MA Download

Additional Table of WhatsAppMA

App NameWhatsappMA
Last Update1 Day Ago
File Size36MB
File TypeMod APK
Mod ColorGreen
Mod FeaturesMany Features

Key Features of MA WhatsApp Latest Version

I’ve compiled a list of mod features in WhatsApp MA to help you understand and use them effectively. So, let’s see them one by one.

1- Message Scheduler:

Another time-saving and unique feature of MA Mod. We mostly utilize it on vacation and while we are away from the office or business. When we are not mobile yet and need to manage our job or chat regularly, we will use the “Message Scheduler.” It will schedule all of your messages and deliver them according to your preferences.

2- 100+ themes:

This feature of MAWhatsApp appears when we become bored with a usual old theme. Instead of using the traditional green themes, we can download colorful ones from the web gallery. So go there, download what you want, and enjoy.

3- UI/Chat customization:

MA WhatsApp allows you to create custom chat box designs and have a colorful WhatsApp according to your preferences. Furthermore, it will enable you to customize the entire app user experience, including theme changes, app logos, app backgrounds, foreground modifications, and more.

4- Emoji/Sticker Packs:

If you adore emojis, there are over 1000 custom emojis and sticker sets waiting for you. Download this WhatsApp APK from the download button and discover its amazing features.

5- Absence of Root/Antiban:

MAWhatsApp can be used on any device without root access, in addition to using an Antiban version of the messaging app. Furthermore, because we value the user experience, you will feel as though you are installing an app from the Play Store without any reluctance or limitations.

6- Limit on Media Sharing:

If you’re concerned about the constraints and quality and would want to choose multiple and share a lot of material, such as documents, videos, and photos, at once?

Then, MAWhatsApp can help you with your issue by enabling you to share any kind of media, including documents, audio, video, and photos, and by giving you the option to upload and download in the background.

7- Freeze Last Observed:

MA WhatsApp allows you to hide the last seen. No one can view your online and offline status while looking at the previous one, which is displayed in your profile picture below. This function allows you to stay online while feigning to be offline.

8- Keep Blue Ticks Away:

Additionally, you can manage your messages by reading the pair of blue checks, for example, freezing last seen. A pair of grey ticks quickly changed to blue each time you read a message.

If you wish to keep your viewing private, another chat participant can see that you’ve seen the message. Remain calm. The “Hide Blue Tick” option allows you to conceal it.

9- Status Saver:

Frequently, you want to download after seeing the status. However, the standard version of WhatsApp does not have a status download capability. Additionally, you usually feel free to ask each person to submit a 30-second video. The answer is there underneath each type of status: a “Status download” option. Click it to obtain what you want.

10- Several Languages:

You can translate from any language into English and switch between more than 150 native and non-native languages. Speaking with several international pals will be easier thanks to it, and you won’t need to use Google Translate for any translation needs. This function is accessible to all people worldwide.

11- DND Configuration:

One flight mode is DND mode. It is possible to turn off incoming messages, calls, and media without disconnecting your internet connection. Use DND Mode and adjust your other tasks accordingly, rather than shutting off your internet.

12- Dark Mode:

A feature that the WhatsApp community has long requested, especially for those who work nights. The dark mode lowers the brightness and activates a bluish-black user interface, enabling a dark theme. It will undoubtedly help since it calms your eyes when tackling projects and late-night talks.

13- Multi-Accounts:

With its clever features, this mod is great for satisfying our needs but also allows you to utilize many accounts—just like with normal WhatsApp—on the same smartphone. Using several accounts on a single device is not prohibited. It will also function without a hitch.

14- Privacy Options:

Even though privacy is today’s top priority, WhatsAppMA gives you total control over your online identity. You have the option to conceal the message displayed in Blue Tick Pair. You can manage incoming calls by turning them on and off, as well as private group participation. Therefore, others can only join you with your consent.

15- Control Blue Tick:

Additionally, you can manage your messages by reading the pair of blue checks, for example, freezing last seen. A pair of grey ticks quickly changed to blue each time you read a message. If you wish to keep your viewing private, another chat participant can see that you’ve seen the message. Remain calm. The “Hide Blue Tick” option allows you to conceal it.

Benefits and Drawbacks of MA WhatsApp

Here are some pros and cons of MA WhatsApp:


  • Antiban functionality to stop account bans.
  • Customizable bright and dark modes for a pleasurable user experience.
  • Frequent updates that include security improvements, new features, and bug solutions.
  • Delete garbage, have an infinite number of stories, and be able to enlarge and reduce profile photos.
  • Larger file sharing capabilities up to 100MB, as opposed to the official WhatsApp app’s 16MB limit; small, 37MB app.


  • MAWhatsApp is a third-party App.
  • The interface of this is complex.
  • Because of many features, it may lack functionality.
  • It is a Mod Application, so it depends on device compatibility. Make sure this thing that it requires Android 5+.

Install WhatsAppMA

Five simple steps to install WhatsApp MA on your Android device:

  • Save the WhatsApp MA APK file to a location on your smartphone’s internal storage.
  • Navigate to the device’s settings and choose to Allow the installation of apps from unidentified sources.
  • Click the “Install” option after opening the downloaded file.
  • Check the number on your phone.
  • The application will be operational.

Installation Guide For PC

  • On your computer, download and install the BlueStacks emulator.
  • Get the APK file for Blue WhatsApp Plus and save it to your computer.
  • Locate the APK file download location by using the BlueStacks emulator.
  • To install the program, use the built-in install tool or drag and drop the APK file into the emulator.
  • Open the Blue WhatsApp Plus app after the installation is finished, then take pleasure in utilizing WhatsApp on your computer.

Final Words About WhatsApp MA

To sum up, WhatsApp MA provides many upgraded features and customization choices above the normal WhatsApp experience. Although utilizing a customized software version offers users more features and flexibility, it’s crucial to be aware of the possible security risks, account bans, and lack of official support. Before choosing this App, users should carefully analyze these considerations and balance the advantages over any potential disadvantages to make an informed choice regarding their preferred messaging app.

Personal Review

In my opinion, MAWhatsApp has made my life more accessible in a variety of ways, including time management, hassle-free communication, privacy restrictions, and a host of other topics I’ve already covered with you. I can now avoid the inconvenience of scheduling crucial messages or transferring big media files when I’m spending time with my family. All of these things this mod had already done acceptably.

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