MB WhatsApp V9.96 APK Latest (2024) Download For Android!

Introduction of MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, which provides users with an incomparable messaging experience that independent developers develop. This app offers many features to improve communication skills and optimize advanced features. From enhancing privacy settings to media-sharing capabilities, this App provides a great messaging experience. MB WhatsApp installation is user-friendly for locking its features and services with a protected messaging experience. This amazing APK is gaining importance daily due to its user-friendly experience and ability to communicate with family and friends. This App provides many colors, themes, fonts, icons, and more. Two-factor authentication is safe, and this App is end-to-end encrypted due to its features.

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Additional Table of MB WhatsApp APK

App NameMB WhatsApp
DeveloperStefano YG
Latest VersionV9.96
RequiresAndroid 5.0
MB WhatsApp PriceFree of Cost
Downloads10+ Million
Download Size86.6 MB
Mod FeaturesMany Features
Last updatedToday


WhatsApp is highly secure in its standard version. However, WhatsApp introduced features users should use on their Android devices. Now, the ideal alternative messaging App for users is MB WhatsApp. This App provides users with fantastic features that are unlike the standard WhatsApp. However, because the entire App is focused on the iPhone, this one will transform the Android phone into an iPhone. To learn more about the Latest version 9.96, keep reading.

The latest and modified version of the standard WhatsApp version is called MB WhatsApp v9.96. Lots of functionalities need to be included in the standard version of WhatsApp. The primary feature is that this application makes the Android phone feel like an iPhone.

Features of MB WhatsApp

Features of MB WhatsApp

There are a lot of additional features in this App, which is why this App is on the other hand along with other mods of the Official App. So, the features of this App are as given below and if you want to download SM WhatsApp APK click on the link.

Enhanced Privacy Settings

 MB WhatsApp allows users greater control over their privacy policies, who can view their online status, last seen, and profile picture. Users can adore this App’s more secure messaging experience with their advanced privacy settings.

Customization Options

People like different themes, colors, and fonts concerning their needs. This App provides us with all these aspects very quickly. This App allows users to engrave their messaging interface according to their favorites, adding individuality to their conversations.

Increased Media Sharing Limits

After employing standard WhatsApp, users cannot share an immeasurable number of photographs. With the help of MB WhatsApp, users can share as many pictures as they like with WAAPK iOS. It provides information for sharing photos, videos, and documents. This App allows users to share high-quality media files effortlessly, facilitating seamless communication.

Built-in App Lock

MB WhatsApp comes fortified with a built-in app lock feature to boost privacy and security settings. Every user can set up a passcode or fingerprint lock to secure their chats and prevent illegal access to their messages.

Anti-Ban Protection

MB WhatsApp provides continuous access to its extended functions without the risk of interruption by joining anti-ban procedures to protect users from being banned by original app.

Some Other Amazing Features

Some Other Amazing Features

Message Scheduler

This App makes it simple to list messages with a built-in message scheduler, so users can write and send messages at convenient times, making it ideal for timely conversations, birthday greetings, and reminders.

Copy Status

The original WhatsApp does not allow users to download or copy the status. MB WhatsApp provides a status copy and download feature for several reasons since it understands that many users would like to download their status updates. Their favorite status updates can be stored in their gallery with the help of this feature.

Instagram stories

Like Instagram stories, users can display their status on the MB WhatsApp app. Simple WhatsApp does not allow for that. Viewing their status in the same way as Instagram stories is a nice feature. GB WhatsApp APK users can also get this feature. WhatsApp has officially announced this feature. However, with each new version of WhatsApp, something advanced is explored. Using IG Story status will, therefore, be fantastic.

Chat lock

It helps users to lock their chat according to their privacy settings and restrictions. Users can also lock their chat with a pin and personalized pattern. This setting makes the this App secure.

Message Unsaved Number

Users can easily send messages to everyone they want. There is no need to save a number before texting someone they want to text. Users can text hundreds of contacts at once with the help of MB WhatsApp.

iPhone Emojis

MB WhatsApp emojis are the same as iPhone emojis, so users can send several types of emojis they would like to send the same emojis as the iPhone.

Pros and Cons of MB APK


  • This App has anti-ban protection.
  • This App has enhanced privacy features.
  • This App has unique themes and fonts.
  • Secure chat locking is present in it.
  • This App is secure for use.
  • This App has a user-friendly interface.
  • This App has compatibility with older devices.


  • This App is developed by third Party Developers that it has low security as compare to Original WhatsApp Security.
  • This App is not officially available on Play Store Because this app is latterly harmful.
  • Users are unable to get this App from the Play Store.

How to download and install MB WhatsApp APK V9.96 on Android?

How to download and install MB WhatsApp APK V9.96 on Android?
  1. Download this App using the download button in this article.
  2. Go to setting>Security>Unknown sources and then enable it.
  3. Open the file manager and then install the MB WhatsApp by clicking the install button.
  4. Installation takes some moments to start.
  5. After installation, click the start button and enjoy!


MB WhatsApp offers various features and customization options that are unavailable in the original App. This App allows users to customize their home screen by changing theme fonts, hiding status indications, scheduling messages, and many more. It also improves security by including pattern locks, fingerprint locks, and pin codes. This APK also includes Facebook and Twitter emojis, a message scheduler, night mode, flight mode, a theme store with a large selection of free themes, enhanced anti-ban protection, custom sticker creation, daily chat backups, message editing, increased participant limits, and support for multiple languages. Overall, It offers offers users a more versatile and sophisticated messaging environment, especially for individuals who want more control and personalization over their communication tools.

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