NA WhatsApp Gold APK V13.15 (Official Update) Latest

NA WhatsApp Gold is an anti-ban Application. An Egyptian developer “Nassar Al-Jaidi” develops this amazing App. Using this users will see the difference between the Original App, and this App. This App changes the communication way of chatting. Users will know how amazing this App is when they will use it. 

In addition, there are a lot of additional features in this App, including the Official App’s features. That is why this App has one billion times downloads. While this App is found all over the world, it is most frequently found in Africa.

Furthermore, This updated version of this App is superior to the original in many aspects. NA WhatsApp comes with a lot of advantages. There are eight different variants of this App. Every variant of this App has a unique functionality. In every version, there are minor differences between them. We will provide all eight variants of this App. 

NA WhatsApp Additional Table

App NameNA WhatsApp
DeveloperNassar Al-Jaidi
Latest VersionV13.15
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Download Size58 MB
Mod FeaturesMany Colors
Last UpdateFew Days Ago

Features of NA WhatsApp APK

There are many features but some of them are as follows: 


Users can use any one of the twenty distinctive font styles in your regular consistency. This makes users stand out from the crowd and has a good effect. These fonts are available for use in status stories and group chats. So, select the font that reflects your style and enjoy this App.

Increased Image Sharing Limit

This App allows users to send up to a hundred images at one time. It exceeds the limit of sharing images and When using your standard WhatsApp, you were limited to sending 30 photos at once. So, just select the images and share the images any time anywhere. 


Using this App, users can customize the App according to their personality. Users can customize any element in it. Users can customize the interface of the App to enhance more experience and communication standards. In this, users can add custom logos, fonts, and many more. 

Long-form Status

The Official App limited the length of a status update to 30 seconds. which is quite brief in comparison to your status updates. On the other hand, users can obtain a 30-minute status in this App. Users can thus post status updates that are thirty minutes long. This feature exceeds the limit of status. 

Turn off Chat Blue Ticks

This feature allows users to turn off the blue tick of the chat to cheat the other users. Users can cheat others in this way, A contact will receive a notification indicating that you have viewed their message if the user does. However, NA WhatsApp will provide the users with additional privacy if that is what they desire. The blue tick can now be hidden. Thus, you perceive the message without realizing it.

Anti-Delete Messages

This feature is the most helpful for the loved ones to fight through the messages. It allows users can see the deleted messages using this App. this feature is helpful in this way such as, If someone sends you a message on standard WhatsApp and the sender deletes the message, you will not be able to see it. You become curious about the message the sender sends when you delete messages. On the other hand, the contact’s deleted messages are visible in this modified version. As a result, you will be aware of what the sender sent and removed. 

Theme Customization

This App allows users can customize themes according to their style. Users can load custom themes for later use. There are many themes like light/dark, Dragonball, Red Heart, and many more. This App can look better with themes.

This App library has a large number of themes along with those themes users can personalize both their group background and chat background by using those themes. Additionally, you have the option to select your photo as the chat’s background theme.

NA WhatsApp v13.15

Some Other Features

In-App Translator

Any communication App is not made to make multilingual communication easier. While using this App users can now communicate with anyone on the planet using this App’s ability to translate between over 40 languages. Furthermore, the text you type will be rendered in the language you designate. It is also possible to post your status in those languages.

View Other Accounts Last Seen

This feature allows users can see the last active status of any other account at any time or any place just make sure that you are connected to wifi or mobile data. This feature works even if someone has hidden his Last Seen from everyone, you can still view it if they are in your contact list and use WhatsApp. 

Anti-Ban Application

Users do not have to worry about ban issues or something else. Because this App is anti-ban this means this App is not going to be banned. So, the accounts of users are safe with NA WhatsApp. This feature will assist users in avoiding bans. Users can now relax knowing that they will not have their accounts banned.

Meter for Internet Data Usage

One of the greatest features of this App is this feature. Users can monitor how much time they spend online with NA WhatsApp. Additionally, you have the option to monitor this App usage by category, including calls, messages, and data transfers. One of the interesting aspects of NA WhatsApp is this.

Take out the forward tag

If someone shared a message with you on the original WhatsApp, you would see a forward tag. While using this App users can determine that the message is not coming from the person who sent it to them. It was copied by that person from another chat. However, since the contact will be aware that you did not copy this message from someone else, you can delete the forward tag in this App.

Fast Updates

If you’ve ever used a modified version of WhatsApp, you’ll undoubtedly think this feature is crucial. since there is no internal updating system in other app mods. With the recent spread of numerous updates in the WhatsApp industry, that is much more difficult.

But NA WhatsApp will ease users’ concerns. Users need to update this APK to establish an internet connection. This APK will always be updated to the most recent version. As a result, users do not have to quickly browse the websites to find updated versions of other mod versions.

Save View Once

In opposition to the recently implemented feature in regular WhatsApp, there is something that will be extremely beneficial for you. With the current version of WhatsApp, users can restrict their data to a single View. However, NA WhatsApp combats this by allowing you to store the data on your device in addition to allowing you to view it again and over.

Audio Recording Pauses

It’s a strange feature, but it also starts to interest me. Because regular WhatsApp allows you to record all at once without pausing.

Therefore, to obtain flawless audio, not to mention the pain of having to record over and over again. But now things are different. Just use the audio, think about it, and then start talking with the recording again.


NA WhatsApp All Variants

There are eight variants of NA WhatsApp. Each of them is listed below:

NA1 WhatsApp

The interface and themes of this NA WhatsApp version are renowned for being blue. For this reason, it goes by the name Blue NA1. The feature-rich messaging app NA1 WhatsApp, created by Nasser Al-Jaidi, offers some upgrades and improvements to improve your communication experience. With an emphasis on innovation, usability, and customization, NA1 WhatsApp seeks to offer users a smooth and entertaining messaging experience. It is 66MB in size and can be downloaded from our website.

NA2 WhatsApp

The look of this App is elegantly green. There are not many differences between the original WhatsApp and this NA version. The same features and functionalities as NA WhatsApp are also present in NA2 WhatsApp. The App has a neat user interface that differs slightly from the standard WhatsApp. In addition, it lets users express their individuality and customize WhatsApp to suit them. The ability to change emoji styles, themes, backgrounds, fonts, and more are some advantages of this App variation.

NA3 WhatsApp

This NA WhatsApp version appears in red. For this reason, it goes by the name Red NA3. It looks incredibly chic. Thousands of themes, customization options, privacy features, and security features above all are just a few of the App’s incredible features. Users can customize WhatsApp’s overall appearance and feel with this app. The Anti-Ban feature of the App, which protects your account from being banned, is its best feature.

NA4 WhatsApp

One of the seven WhatsApp variations is NA4, which is a variant of NA. The only visual distinction between the various NA WhatsApp versions is their color schemes. Other than that, they all function nearly identically. NA4 WhatsApp is pink and offers its users the best features available. Users can customize it, get additional security features, and much more. Common features found in all other modified WhatsApp versions include anti-delete messages, anti-delete status, hide blue ticks/double ticks, and hide view status.

NA5 WhatsApp

One of the most popular NA WhatsApp versions is NA5. Because of its yellow color scheme, it is also known as the NA Gold WhatsApp. With the same features and functionalities as all of its other variants. NA5 WhatsApp comes with extra Privacy, Security, and Customization options, among other exclusive features.

The Floating Chat button is one special feature that sets this WhatsApp mod apart from others. With the help of this Floating Chat button, you can add emoticons, fancy text, message bombers, quick replies, and more. You can also alter the voice for audio messages. Other WhatsApp versions, such as GB WhatsApp or FM WhatsApp, hardly ever have this feature.

NA6 WhatsApp

One of the seven NA WhatsApp variations is NA6. Queen WhatsApp is another name for this variation. With its incredibly fun features, NA6 WhatsApp lets users enjoy themselves. Users can use it to send messages to a large group of people or in bulk to a contact. You can even trick your friends by hiding second and blue ticks. To make chatting more enjoyable, there are additional features like Auto Reply, Quick Reply, Voice changer, etc.

The app has a ton of useful features in addition to all these entertaining ones. Together with additional security and customization options, you also get more privacy features. The ability to customize this App’s entire appearance is its best feature.

NA7 WhatsApp

The interface of this App comes in Black. This variant called NA7 WhatsApp improves your chat experience and provides WhatsApp mod features. It is one of the eight NA WhatsApp copies. Each copy is nearly identical. Similar to other well-known WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp, this version of the messaging app boasts incredible features. It has privacy features for calls, status updates, and chat. Additionally, it uses WhatsApp’s lock feature to secure your chats.

NA8 WhatsApp

The eighth iteration of the dynamic NA WhatsApp Mod Series is available as the NA8 WhatsApp APK. NA8 WhatsApp is here to fulfill your desire for a WhatsApp experience that goes above and beyond the norm. With its distinct features, themes, and customization options, this new version promises an unparalleled messaging experience.

NA8 WhatsApp is particularly well-liked by users in North America and the Middle East, and it has become well-known throughout the world for its creative strategy. It provides a novel and fascinating replacement for the standard WhatsApp. NA8 WhatsApp is prepared to offer a distinctive and improved messaging experience if you’re ready to explore a new realm.

Installation of NA WhatsApp Gold

Make sure that the Android version is 4.1 or higher before installing this APK on your device. If the Android version is less than that, Users are unable to install this App. To install NA WhatsApp on your Android device, follow these steps:

Download NA
  1. First, download the NA WhatsApp APK file to a different location on your internal storage after downloading it.
  2. Next, select the “Security” button by navigating to the settings on your device.
  3. From the Security settings, enable the unknown resources.
  4. After completing that, go back to the APK file you downloaded, click on it, and choose the “Install” option.
  5. After the installation is done, choose the “Open” option.
  6. Best wishes! Now is the time to put this clever tool to use.


  • The interface of this App is user-friendly.
  • NA There are no adverts on WhatsApp.
  • A small amount of your device’s storage is consumed by this application.
  • Users can download the application for free on their device.
  • The latest version of NA WhatsApp, version 13, has all bugs fixed.
  • It offers a great deal of customization possibilities.
  • If an issue arises with your NA WhatsApp, you can get in touch with the NA WhatsApp help center.


  • Media files can quickly fill up a device’s storage.
  • Not every user may find the integration of business features appealing.
  • There was no way to find this app in the Google Play store.

Final Words

NA WhatsApp provides a plethora of features and customization options to enhance and personalize your WhatsApp experience. With features like the ability to respond to messages, manage privacy settings, activate dark mode, and more, NA WhatsApp gives users more personalization and flexibility. It’s crucial to remember that utilizing altered versions of WhatsApp may carry some risks, so it’s best to use caution and make wise choices when utilizing these apps. With NA WhatsApp, you can enhance your messaging experience and gain access to even more privacy and convenience.

Additionally, NA WhatsApp provides improved privacy controls along with extra features for users who want a personalized WhatsApp experience. With features like internet usage control, privacy management, and media view preservation, NA WhatsApp gives users greater freedom and control over their calling and messaging habits. Users should be aware of the lack of official support, compatibility problems, and possible security risks, though. It’s important to use caution and make educated decisions when using modified versions of apps such as NA WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, it is a lightweight app that doesn’t strain your hardware. Your Android device won’t have any possibility of becoming overly burdened. Thus, the device and app function swiftly and seamlessly.

For Android devices, it is indeed secure and safe. It won’t damage your device if you install and maintain it there. This is because regular updates and upgrades eliminate all bugs, threats, malware, and viruses. You receive the most recent APK version, which is free of any harmful components.

The unique update mechanism this APK boasts is what makes it exciting. It doesn’t cause users any more difficulty than other mod applications to find and install the most recent update on their device. If NA WhatsApp detects a new version, it will update automatically.

Indeed, NA WhatsApp can be used in addition to the official WhatsApp. You can use multiple numbers at once by installing any one of the seven versions of NA WhatsApp on the same device.

NA WhatsApp does indeed support dark mode. Users can save battery life and lessen eye strain by switching to dark mode, which is akin to the iPhone interface. You can enable dark mode in NA WhatsApp’s settings.

Users can save view-once media to their mobile device using this App. By clicking on the eye icon, users can decide whether or not to notify others that they have viewed the media.

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