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What is NA4 WhatsApp?

One of the seven WhatsApp variations is NA4, which is a fourth variant of NA WhatsApp. The only distinction in appearance between the various NA WhatsApp versions is their color schemes. Other than that, they all operate pretty much in the same way.

NA4 WhatsApp is pink and offers its users the best features available. Users can customize it, get additional security features, and much more. Common features found in all other Mods include anti-delete messages, anti-delete status, hide blue ticks/double ticks, and hide view status. These are a few of the unique features of this app that justify a try.

As a member of the NA WhatsApp family, This app offers users a new theme and a variety of features to improve their messaging experiences. It also has its own unique identity. With regards to customized themes, font styles, or complex messaging features, Its aims to offer users a more personalized and rich communication experience. If you want to download “NA5 Latest Version” click on the link below.

Additional Table of NA4 WhatsApp APK

App NameNA4 WhatsApp
DeveloperNassar Al-Jaidi
Latest VersionVersion 12.86
Android RequirementAndroid 5.0 or Up
NA4 WhatsApp PriceFree of cost
Download Size79 MB
Mod FeaturesPurple Colors

Get your NA4 APK Latest Version

To get your APK click on the download button given below, and enjoy with NA4 WhatsApp.

Key Features of NA4 WhatsApp V12.86

There are a lot of features in this APK but some of them are as follows:

Privacy Management

Users of the App can also choose their privacy settings. Users can use online contact toast, custom privacy users, call blocking, blue tick and single tick hiding, online contact toast, and call enabling/disabling for specific users. You can watch Status in private as well. With the Anti-Delete Messages and Anti-Delete Status features enabled, the application also lets you view deleted messages and statuses. Moreover, you can stop your messages’ Forward tag from working. Furthermore, you can view one-time media more than once by utilizing the Anti View Once feature.

Instant Translation

Instant translation is now available on this App while sending any text. Multiple languages communication is made easier for users by allowing them to simply long-press the translation icon to switch the translation language.

Display Stared Messages

This feature makes it simple for users to access starred messages that are significant. Users can quickly and easily review specific content within their conversations by clicking on the starred messages bubble within a private chat. This feature is especially helpful for finding addresses, phone numbers, and other important information that has been star-marked in the past quickly.

Messaging Yourself

NA4 WhatsApp enables users to save crucial information or set customized reminders within their private chat by letting them send messages to their phone numbers. This feature offers a practical method for safely storing and accessing important content.

Status Sound

With NA4 WhatsApp, users can add an audio element to their shared content by using the “Status Sound” feature to add a sound to their status updates. With the help of this feature, users can express themselves more freely and give their contacts more interesting and lively status updates.

New Application Icons

Users can customize the look of their WhatsApp with a variety of “New Application Icons” available in this APK. This feature gives users a range of options to alter the appearance of their messaging app, improving its attractiveness and enabling more customization.

Hide Camera Icon

With the “Hide Camera Icon” feature in NA4 WhatsApp, users can personalize their home top bar by hiding the camera icon, creating a more streamlined and elegant interface. This feature offers a more simple design and reduces visual noise, which improves the user experience.

Double Tap Interaction

Users can double-tap on chat bubbles in NA4 WhatsApp to engage with them thanks to the “Double Tap Interaction” feature. This feature makes it easy and quick to take actions within chats, like accessing more options or marking messages as read or unread. Starred messages can also be accessed by double-tapping on a chat bubble, which makes important messages readily visible.

Text with Photo/Video

The “Text with Photo/Video” feature in NA4 WhatsApp enables users to send text with images or videos, adding extra context or media file captions. By adding more information to shared media, users can improve the user experience and make it more Reasonable and interesting for their contacts.

New Camera Look

When opening the camera in NA4 WhatsApp, the “New Camera Look” feature presents an improved and aesthetically pleasing user interface. By offering users a more appealing and captivating camera experience, this feature enhances the overall experience.

Enhanced Ban Protection

The “Enhanced Ban Protection” feature in NA4 WhatsApp greatly enhances protection against bans, giving users a more dependable and secure messaging experience. By lowering the possibility of either a temporary or permanent ban, this improvement gives users access to a more secure communication platform.

Disable Continuous Voice Note Playback

Users can manage voice note playback with the “Disable Continuous Voice Note Playback” feature, giving them greater flexibility and convenience when messaging. Users can choose to listen to voice notes one at a time by turning off continuous playback, which gives them more control over how they interact with others and makes possible conversation management.

New Styles for Contact Information

The “New Styles for Contact Information” feature in NA4 WhatsApp adds additional variation in appearance and customization options to the way contact information is displayed. By giving users more options to customize the look of their contact information, this feature improves the user experience by making it more aesthetically beautiful and easier to navigate.

Conclusion of this Blog

With many new features and enhancements, NA4 WhatsApp created by Nasser Al-Jaidi and accessible for download from the official website offers a better messaging experience. NA4 APK gives users a dependable and feature-rich communication platform with enhanced playback controls, instant translation, customizable options, and numerous bug fixes. Maintain contact with your contacts while taking advantage of NA4 WhatsApp’s enhanced customization features and convenience. Improve your messaging experience by downloading it right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, at this time, NA4 WhatsApp is only compatible with Android devices.

When used properly, NA4 WhatsApp’s Enhanced Ban Protection lowers the possibility of receiving a temporary or permanent ban. To prevent any potential problems, users should always abide by the terms of service of the platform.

NA4 WhatsApp comes with many color modifications that each offer a different interface design, such as Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Golden, and Black.

NA4 WhatsApp as long as users follow the terms of service on the platform and don’t engage in any questionable activity, This App is generally regarded as safe to use. By lowering the possibility of either a temporary or permanent ban, the App’s enhanced ban protection feature

NA4 WhatsApp is available to download on waapks.

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