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What is NA5 WhatsApp APK?

NA5 WhatsApp is an excellent application that makes communication the simplest. The features of this App are outstanding. With the help of the options that are available in the App, users can have fantastic communication experiences. There are no advertisements in the application. This App is quite user-friendly and basic. It is possible to send multiple messages at once with this program. On the other hand, the App provides many customization options for users to personalise their App. For every user, it offers an array of additional features. In the Google Play Store, the app has the highest rating.

One of the greatest Apps for customising the sidebar, home screen, and other areas is this one. It is completely customizable. Users may also make groups and other stuff. Status updates can be hidden using this App. 

Users can check the status of downloads using the App. Users can get their friend’s status using this App feature by going to the status server area. Additionally, the disappearing time can be adjusted. As a result, the App lets you configure privacy, which protects both data and the App itself. The greatest App for interacting with people is this one. If you want to download “NA6 WhatsApp Latest Version” click on the link.

Additional Table of NA5 WhatsApp V13.15

App NameNA5 WhatsApp
DeveloperNassar Al-Jaidi
Latest VersionVersion V13.15
Android RequirementAndroid 5.0 or Up
NA5 WhatsApp PriceFree of cost
Download Size68 MB
Mod FeaturesGolden Colors

Download NA5 WhatsApp

Users do not have to go anywhere to get this amazing App, Just see the download button, click on it and get your APK.

Key Features of NA5 WhatsApp Latest Version

There are a lot of features in this App, but some them are as follows:

Repost Stories/Status

NA5 WhatsApp introduced the function “Reposting Stories or status updates” from other users is now possible on this App, which makes it simpler to share Interacting material with their friends. By enabling users to distribute content from other users’ stories or status updates among their own contacts, this feature improves user experience in general and makes it easier for people to share fascinating content.

Previewing photos/videos

Using this App,users can quickly see media within chats by previewing photos and videos without downloading them to their device. By giving users the option to sample media content before choosing to store it, this feature improves user experience and makes managing and viewing shared multimedia within the App easier.

Crash Fixes

In order to provide all users with a stable and smooth chatting experience, NA5 WhatsApp fixes crashes on specific devices. With this update, the App will no longer crash on some devices and offer a more dependable and smooth messaging experience. Other features that this app provides are customization, anti-ban, fixed view of all user messages in group chat, previewing photos and videos, self-messaging, and more.

Message Yourself

With NA5 WhatsApp, users are able to message themselves and store important documents, links, or media in a private chat. This feature offers a smooth way to save and retrieve important information within the messaging App by creating a private chat area for private notes, reminders, or media storage.

Translation Enhancement

With the introduction of translation enhancements in NA5 WhatsApp offers a more accurate and smooth multilingual conversation experience. By providing users with improved translations, this feature improves the App’s functionality and facilitates communication with those who speak other languages.

Save after Review

NA5 WhatsApp gives users an easy way to store photos or videos to their gallery by enabling them to download media assets after previewing them. It is possible to save media content without first downloading it, which is accessible through a straightforward option in the three-dot menu.

Translate default Language

NA5 WhatsApp simplifies the translation process within the App by enabling users to choose the default language to “translate to” during discussions. With the help of this function, users can communicate in multiple languages more easily and quickly by translating messages into their language of choice. 

Know Hidden Status

With the introduction of the “Know Hidden Status” feature, users can now effortlessly view hidden status updates. Users can access status updates that the user who wrote them has chosen to hide or set to private. Even though their friends’ status updates are private and not available to everyone in their contacts list, users can still see their friends’ statuses and activities by using this feature. 

Group Polls

With NA5 WhatsApp’s “Group Polls” function, users can create and participate in polls inside

groups. Members of the group may have more dynamic and interesting conversations, which facilitates the collecting of ideas and decision-making. Group polls are a handy tool for conducting surveys, getting input, and reaching decisions as a group. They may be made and shared inside group chats.


This APK improved its anti-ban functionality to provide a more secure and safe messaging experience. By avoiding users from being banned while using the App, this function adds security and comfort to users’ lives.

Final Words

NA5 WhatsApp is a modified version of the well-known messaging App that provides an improved chat experience while addressing a number of issues, including crashes, privacy, backups, and customization choices. This App, which was created by Nasser Al-Jaidi, gives users access to online privacy controls, a customizable chat interface, and a more seamless multilingual communication experience. It also makes messaging more safe and personalised for users. Along with these new capabilities, It can also add group polls, improved anti-ban functionality, and the option to save media files after previewing them. This App is available to download free from Waapks, and users can take advantage of improved backups, crash fixes, privacy enhancements, translation choices, and other features for a better messaging experience.


Yes, this App is totally safe and secure to use. 

Yes, users can use the NA5 WhatsApp along the official App. 

Comparing NA5 WhatsApp to the official WhatsApp, NA5 offers more functionality, customization choices, and problem fixes.

Yes, It is possible to move your conversations from the official WhatsApp app to NA5 WhatsApp.

Because NA5 WhatsApp was only created for Android smartphones, iOS devices might not be able to use it.

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