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What is NA6 WhatsApp APK?

NA6 WhatsApp is also known as Queen WhatsApp. NA6 WhatsApp offers an abundance of unique features and improvements. Nasser Al-Jaidi’s aims to offer users a more customized and pleasurable messaging experience.

Users can use it to send messages to a large group of people or in bulk to contacts. Users can even trick their friends by hiding second and blue ticks. To make chatting more enjoyable, there are some additional features in this App like Auto Reply, Quick Reply, Voice changer, etc.

The App has many features in addition to all these entertaining ones. With additional security and customization options, users also get more privacy features. The best feature is that users can customize any element of NA6 WhatsApp, including the fonts, themes, and colors. There won’t be any suspense when a message is deleted with this App because users can still see the deleted message.

Additional Table of NA6 WhatsApp Latest Version

App NameNA6 WhatsApp
DeveloperNassar Al-Jaidi
Latest VersionVersion V13.15
Android RequirementAndroid 5.0 or Up
NA6 WhatsApp PriceFree of cost
Download Size65 MB
Mod FeaturesGreen Colors

Download NA6 Queen WhatsApp Now

If you want to download this amazing App just click the download button which is given below. If you want to download NA7 WhatsApp Latest Version click on link.

Key Features of NA6 WhatsApp v13.15

This App contains many additional features but some of them are as follows:

Flash Calls

With the help of NA6WhatsApp’s Flash Calls feature, users can access their WhatsApp accounts without manually entering the six-digit verification code.

Hide Camera Icon

This App offers the ability to remove the camera icon from the home screen’s top bar. With the help of this feature, users can make their interface look cleaner by deleting the camera icon.

Edit Message

This APK provides the ability to edit delivered messages, allowing users to change their messages even after they have been sent. This feature allows users to edit the message to correct mistakes or add more details.

High Protection from Banning

This App provides increased security to prevent user accounts from being banned, guaranteeing a safe and uninterrupted messaging experience. This feature guards against bans both temporary and permanent, that users of the original WhatsApp app might experience.

Home Screen

Na6 WhatsApp’s vivid pink main home screen has a simple, modern layout with quick access to all of the features that are most important. A bright pink hue decorates the interface, giving it a standout and visually appealing appearance. Users may easily navigate through chats, contacts, and settings. Na6 WhatsApp is a well-liked option for individuals who value both style and functionality because of its attractive and user-friendly design, which enhances the user experience and makes it enjoyable.

Dark Mode and Internet

NA6 WhatsApp has a feature called “dark mode” . That, like the iPhone’s dark mode, lowers brightness and activates a bluish-black UI to create a visually comfortable interface. Furthermore, this App gives users easy access to this vital feature by letting them manage their internet connection right from within it. With more control over the App’s appearance and connectivity, these features help to create a more customized and user-friendly experience.

Additional Icons

Additional icons are available in NA6 WhatsApp, enabling users to personalize their chat and home screens. The plus icon can be hidden from the home screen, thousands of themes are available, and users can customize the default recording and message icons. The application allows for complete customization of the home screen and comes with cool animation effects, fashionable fonts, notification icons, and launcher icons. Additionally, users can alter the typing bar, the voice recorder’s background image, and the chat screen. Because of these characteristics, users can enjoy a more customized and enjoyable experience, which makes a popular option for those who value customization options.

Tick Styles

NA6 WhatsApp gives users the ability to personalize the look of ticks in their conversations by providing a variety of tick styles. This feature lets users choose the tick style that best fits their preferences, adding a distinctive and personalized touch to the messaging experience. Users can pick from the available options by navigating to NA Settings > Conversation Screen > Bubble and Ticks > Ticks Style in order to activate this feature. The ability to customize the App’s appearance improves its visual appeal and lets users show off their unique personalities by selecting a tick style.

Instagram Stories

NA6 WhatsApp has a feature that lets users create stories that resemble Instagram status updates. Through the platform of this App, users can have a storyline experience similar to Instagram by turning on this feature in the App’s settings. With this feature, users can express themselves and share moments with their contacts in an eye-catching format, giving the App a creative and engaging touch.

iOS Emojis

Users of NA6 WhatsApp, more especially the NA6WhatsApp Queen version, have the choice to enjoy the delights of using emojis similar to those on iOS. Through the interface, users can appreciate the aesthetic appeal of iOS-style emojis by going to NA Settings and choosing “Change Emojis Variant.” This feature allows users who prefer the look of iOS emojis, making messaging more engaging and personalized.

Save View Once Media

Users can store media to their mobile device that is scheduled to be viewed only once. Users can decide whether to share their viewing of the media with others or not. This App improves the user experience by enabling more control and flexibility in handling shared media content by offering the option to save view once.

Theme Store

With NA6 WhatsApp, users can personalize the way their App looks with a vast selection of themes available in the Theme Store. There are 50 default themes in this App and this App lets users to choose any theme that reflects their personality.

Mass messages

NA6 WhatsApp users can message a large group of people or a contact in bulk. With the help of this feature, users can send messages to several contacts at once, which facilitates group communication. Users of the App can simultaneously share multiple media files and external sources. In addition, this App has a feature called Message Bomber that lets users send a lot of messages to a contact or group of people. These features help users who need to communicate with many people at once to have a more effective and smooth messaging experience.

Privacy Control

NA6 WhatsApp offers a wide range of privacy control options, letting users customize their privacy settings to suit their tastes. With a great degree of control over their visibility within the App, users can choose to hide their typing indicators, blue ticks, and online status. Lets users send messages without forwarding tags, which improves privacy and gives them more control over how their messages are shared. These features meet the needs of users who value privacy and control over their online presence by making messaging more secure and personalized.

My Experience About NA6

A number of features and customization choices are available in NA6 WhatsApp, a modified version of the messaging App that aims to improve user experience. NA Brown more efficient and customized messaging experience can be had by users thanks to features like mass messaging, privacy control, and a theme store. The App also has unique features like the ability to save media for later viewing, emojis reminiscent of iOS, and stories similar to Instagram. NA6 Users can tailor their privacy settings to suit their preferences with WhatsApp’s extensive privacy control features. NA6 WhatsApp keeps giving its users a safe and reliable messaging experience with frequent updates and bug fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

NA6 WhatsApp provides features like message scheduling, anti-delete messages, theme customization, privacy control, mass messaging, and extended privacy options.

NA6 Millions of users have been using NA6 WhatsApp without experiencing any problems, and the messaging App is designed to offer a safe and reliable communication experience.

By modifying the built-in recording and message icons, removing the plus symbol from the home screen, and selecting from more than 50 different themes in the Theme Store, users can personalize NA6 WhatsApp.

The most recent iteration of NA6 WhatsApp is available at waapks official site of many modified versions including, OG WhatsApp, NA WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, and many more.

By allowing installations from unknown sources and downloading the APK from waapks, users of Android devices can download NA6 WhatsApp.

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