OB WhatsApp APK v56 Latest Updated (Feb 2024) Free Download

What is OB WhatsApp APK?

Ommar Al-Enabi is the developer of OB WhatsApp. Omar has gained a lot of popularity and followers because It has a ton of extra features like themes, Enhanced Privacy, Load Themes, and many more, that enhance the user’s messaging experience. This APK ensures that the data of users are secure and safe within this App. This App has a unique interface that adores users’ eyes.

This App has a lot of themes, icons, and fonts. It enables users to personalize the App according to their personality. The popularity of this App is increasing day by day. Along it this, this App has over 50Million+ downloads.

Additionally, using this App users are allowed to send high-quality images, files, and videos. It ensures that the quality of every File, Image/Video can be sent without losing the quality.  Furthermore, to hide the fact that a message has been forwarded from other users, use the “Hide Forward Tag”.

Additional Table of OB WhatsApp V56

App NameOB WhatsApp
DeveloperOmar Al-Enabi
Latest VersionV56
RequiresAndroid 5.0
OB WhatsApp PriceFree of Cost
Downloads78.02 MB
Mod FeaturesMany Colors
Download Size78.02 MB

Features of OBWhatsApp Latest Version

This App has a lot of unique features which is why this App is different from other mods of messaging Apps. Some of them are given below:

Features of OBWhatsApp Latest Version

Customize Notification Icons

With this feature, users can customize the notification center on their device to look especially nice. The amount of unread messages is shown on the notification icon by default, but users can choose to hide this feature for a more streamlined appearance. The customizable notification icon feature is just one example of how OB WhatsApp ensures that users have a personalized experience in every way.

External Video Player

This feature allows users to enjoy a more customized experience by allowing users to adjust the video playback to their preferences. Better compatibility with different video formats and codecs which the default player might not support is another benefit of this feature. For people who regularly watch videos on the messaging App and would like an improved playback experience, this feature is extremely helpful.

Holy Quran and Islamic Additions

OB WhatsApp offers a range of Islamic features and additions to meet the needs of its Muslim users. Among the Islamic features available on the OB App are morning and evening athkar. In the morning and evening, Muslims recite these potent prayers to ask Allah for protection and direction.

The Holy Quran is also accessible through the App, and users can read and hear the verses in various languages. OB WhatsApp is now a tool for connecting with the Muslim community and fostering spiritual growth in addition to being a messaging service. These features are meant to help users stay rooted in their faith and improve their daily spiritual practice.

Privacy and Security

One of the most important things for any messaging App is Privacy and Security. OB WhatsApp takes too serious about security for users. This App allows users to have complete control over privacy settings, allowing them to select who can see their status, last seen, and profile picture.


On a single device, users can use multiple accounts by utilizing the Multi Accounts feature. If users want to use different numbers for different purposes or if users have separate accounts for work and personal use, this feature is helpful for those. To switch between accounts without constantly logging in and out, just add each account to the App.


Using this feature, users can translate any message to any language. This feature is the most helpful for those who do freelancing and want to contact clients all over the world in their language. Currently, it supports more than 50 languages like Spanish, English, Dutch, and many more languages. With this feature, users can communicate all over the world.

Message a Number UI Design

OBWhatsApp’s Message a Number UI Design is simple to use and easy. Users can send messages to any contact or number with ease to its user-friendly interface. The messaging experience is enhanced by the elegant, minimalistic design. Its customizable features also allow users to tailor their messaging experience to their tastes.

Custom Fonts

Users can alter the font style and size of their WhatsApp text messages with the Custom Fonts feature. With so many font options available, this feature lets users personalize their messaging experience to suit their tastes. Custom fonts allow users to add personality and personalization to their chats.

Mark Seen and Hide Save buttons on the status page

Users can choose to hide OB WhatsApp’s Save and Mark Seen buttons from the status page. Users can do this without their friends realizing and viewing their status updates. If users want to view updates from others but still want to keep their activity private, this feature is great.

Hide Status Cutter FAB

Users can use the App to make the Status Cutter FAB disappear from the home screen. This feature removes the need for users to see or interact with the cutter button, this results in a simpler and cleaner interface. It’s simple for users to turn this feature on or off based on their preferences.

Some Other Amazing Features

Some Other Amazing Features

Theme Store

Users can personalize their App’s interface to their taste with the help of Themes Store. The store offers a wide range of themes. With just a few simple steps, users can select and apply the theme of their choice.

Freeze Last Seen

With OB WhatsApp, users can prevent their contacts from seeing their actual last seen time by freezing their last seen message. More privacy and control over your online status are given to you by this feature. When users freeze their last seen message, users can specify a time or date that will apply to it forever, unless they make another change.


With the OB WhatsApp Auto-Reply feature, users can reply to incoming messages automatically. Users can specify a time frame for the auto-reply message’s activation. This can be a very useful feature for those who want to stay in touch with their contacts but are unable to respond on time.

Anti-View Once

It’s possible to stop recipients from using the view-once feature on messages users send with OB WhatsApp’s Anti-View Once feature. More privacy and control over users’ conversations are provided by the fact that the recipient of their sent messages cannot view them once and then delete them.

Hide Forward Tag

Sharing messages without the “forwarded” tag is possible with the Remove Forwarded Tag. This function keeps users’ messages appearing fresh and original without making it obvious that they were forwarded from someone else. Because it maintains the privacy of the message, this feature is especially helpful when exchanging sensitive or important information.

Anti-Delete Messages

It is possible to view messages that the sender has erased using Anti-Delete Messages. When users delete a message by accident or when someone sends a message and then deletes it later, this feature can come in handy. Users can quickly locate and read those messages without difficulty if they have Anti-Delete Messages.

Media Downloader

OB WhatsApp has an integrated media downloader that makes it simple to download GIFs, videos, and pictures. Because users can save media files without the need for third-party downloaders, this feature saves time and effort. After downloading, the media can be accessed and shared using the App with other users.

Blue Tick Buttons

With OB WhatsApp, users have control over the blue ticks on their messages. To prevent the sender from knowing whether users have read their message or not, users can choose to disable them.  Now users have greater control over their conversations and privacy. Users can also enable them for particular contacts or chats. It’s a helpful feature that gives users independence over their messaging experience.

Home Screen Customization

The theme color and wallpaper can be changed, and widgets can even be added to the home screen. This feature gives users the ability to customize their home screen to fit their tastes and aesthetics. With OB WhatsApp users may express their individuality and make their home screen genuinely distinctive.

Universal Settings

OB WhatsApp offers users the ability to personalize the App according to their tastes with a range of universal settings. Notifications, privacy, security, look, and much more can all have their settings changed. With these settings, users can customize the App to their liking and have total control over it.

DND Mode

Do Not Disturb (DND) mode allows users can temporarily turn off the App’s notifications and alerts. This feature helps when users need some alone time or don’t want calls or messages to interrupt them. From the settings of the App, users can turn on DND mode and adjust its parameters to their activity.

Dark Mode

With Dark Mode users may change the App’s user interface to a dark theme, which is less taxing on the eyes and conserves battery life. The chat screens, settings, and home screens are all accessible in dark mode on the App. It offers a sleek and contemporary appearance and is perfect for using the App at night or in dim light. By going to the App’s settings and choosing the Display option, users can quickly alternate between the light and dark modes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OB WhatsApp Mod APK


  • Users can effortlessly switch between multiple accounts on the same device.
  • Users can customize their App experience with customization options like chat screen and home screen customization.
  • More control over conversations is given to users by improved privacy and security features like anti-delete messages and control over blue ticks.
  • Apps with built-in media downloaders and external video players provide easy ways to access and view media files.
  • Users who wish to personalize their messaging experience can benefit from additional features like DND mode and message scheduling.


  • Omar Al-Enabi, a third-party developer, developed this App.
  • OB WhatsApp users cannot download this App from the Google Play Store.
  • Installing this App via Waapks.com is recommended; using another link could result in various issues.

Installation Process of OBWhatsApp APK

There are very simple steps to install OB WhatsApp and the steps are given below:

Installation Process of OBWhatsApp APK
  1. Firstly, allow “Unknown Resources” from the device settings.
  2. After that, Download the APK file from Waapks.
  3. After the APK is downloaded, Click on the File.
  4. After that, Click on the “Install” Button.
  5. It will start installing on the device.
  6. After the installation is done, Click on the “Open” button.
  7. Register with the number and enjoy OB WhatsApp.

How we Update of OB WhatsApp?

  1. To update this App, search for “Updates” from the settings within the App. If the update is available then back up the data of chats.
  2. Then, go for the latest APK File from Waapks, and download the file.
  3. After that, Repeat the same installation steps.
  4. OB WhatsApp is ready to use.

My Personal Experience

To sum up, the OB WhatsApp is a modified version of the official App that has extra features not present in the official App. The capacity to send huge files, increase privacy, and have multiple accounts are among its well-known customization features, but users should also be aware of the risks involved in using a third-party application. To avoid any possible risks, download this APK from Waapks. If you also want to download WhatsApp Gold APK click on this link. If you also want to download OB2 Pink APK Click on the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, users can download OB WhatsApp for free from Waapks.

Yes, It is possible to use multiple accounts on a single device with OB WhatsApp.

Yes, after downloading and setting up an Android emulator on their computer, users can install OB WhatsApp on it.

Indeed, OB WhatsApp is safe and secure to use because it is an anti-ban application.

Because of its unique features and interface this App is different from other modified Apps of the Original App.

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