OB2 WhatsApp Pink V57 Latest (Feb 2024) Download For Free

What is OB2 WhatsApp APK?

OB2 WhatsApp, also known as WhatsApp Pink, is a version of the popular App developed by Omar Al-Enabi that is focused on girls due to its adorable interface and pink themes. It functions in concert with the Original App but requires a different phone number.

OB2 WhatsApp is an altered version of the Official App. It has many features and customization options. This App is unique even though there are many others available. It also features a female take on pink themes, which is what draws in the majority of girls.

You will find many features on this most recent version of this APK to improve the quality of users’ conversations with friends and family. Users will find every extra feature that enhances the messaging experience, from unique themes to personalized privacy.

Additional Table of OB2 WhatsApp V57

App NameOB2 WhatsApp
DeveloperOmar Al-Enabi
Latest VersionVersion 57
RequiresAndroid 5.0
OB2 WhatsApp PriceFree of Cost
Download Size83 MB
Mod FeaturesMany Colors

How we Download OB2 WhatsApp?

To download this outstanding App users do not have to go anywhere on the internet, Just Click on the Download button given below and get the APK file.

Additional Features of OB2 WhatsApp Latest Version

There are a lot of additional features in this App, which is why this App is on the other hand along with other mods of the Official App. So, the features of this App are as given below and if you want to download OB3 Blue WhatsApp click on the link.

Send Large Files

With the help of this feature of OB2 WhatsApp, users can send large files over 100MB+ size. On the other hand, the Official App does not support this feature.

Edit Message

If users discover a spelling error in a message after it has been sent, users can quickly correct it using this edit message feature. See how helpful this feature is. So, grab the APK file of OB2 WhatsApp and cheer with this feature.


Users can quickly translate between multiple languages with this App. Users can communicate with people anywhere in the world by utilizing this feature to overcome the limitations of language.

Expanded Group Chat Cap

Using the Original App, users can invite up to 256 people to their group chat. Users can raise the number twice, though, using the App. Users can expand their group chat to include 1000 people here.

Switch Account

It’s effortless to use several accounts. Users can now access their messages from a variety of devices thanks to this.

Determine Blocked Suspects

To ensure users can use this feature, there are situations when users might not be able to tell if someone has blocked them. It will help users communicate with their friends more effectively.

Some Other Amazing Features

Locked conversation

All of the user’s private messages can now be secured using this feature. Users can efficiently lock their private messages with it. It stays safe for the remainder of life as a consequence.

Hide Online status

Users can use the hidden online feature to keep their friends in the dark about their online activities. Users will be able to maintain their online activity without alerting their friends using this feature.

Tailor Themes and Fonts

Apply a beautiful, eye-catching theme to your UI design by using OB2 WhatsApp. Additionally, users can choose from the most popular pink themes and options available here to suit their preferences. To make the user’s conversation more engaging and enjoyable, users can also alter the style of their font.

Internet Control

Using this App, users can manage their messaging platform’s internet turn-off feature. For those who wish to use the messaging App for extended periods, it is quite helpful.

Scheduled Messages and Auto Reply

Users can designate a time and date for an auto-reply message to be sent to a particular contact. This auto-reply function helps with automatic response. Users are free to concentrate on other tasks now that they are not concerned about delayed responses.

Control Appearance

Users can adjust how the lower and upper bars look in OB2 WhatsApp, enable the story format on Instagram, and access a lot of other features. Users can manage all of that from Omar Adds.

Enhanced Security and Privacy Features

Users can choose who can see their profile picture, online status, and status updates, giving them more privacy control. They can also control the blue ticks (read receipts), the “last seen” status, and the “typing” indicator.

Enhanced Personalization and User Experience

This App offers customization options for themes, skins, fonts, styles, and chat backgrounds, giving users the chance to create a distinctive and customized messaging experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of OB2 Mod


  • It is accessible to a wide range of users due to its availability on several platforms, such as web browsers, and Android
  • Users may make free voice, video, and text calls (data charges may apply).
  • OB2 WhatsApp ensures privacy by securing calls and messages with robust encryption.
  • Shared with friends and family are real-time location, photos, videos, documents, voice messages, and status updates.
  • Group chats are supported by OB2 WhatsApp, which makes it easy for multiple people to have conversations.
  • Even for international calls, there are options for high-quality voice and video calls.
  • OB2 WhatsApp is simple to use and doesn’t require any knowledge to use it.


  • Due to its non-academic chats and continuous notifications, OB2 WhatsApp can be distracting, which can affect study focus and time management.
  • For students, there are privacy risks when sharing personal contact information on OB2 WhatsApp.
  • For users who wish to remain anonymous, OB2 WhatsApp’s registration requirement for a phone number could be problematic for those people.

My experience about OB2 Mod WhatsApp

WhatsApp Omar also referred to as OB2 WhatsApp, provides a customized messaging experience with more features, customization choices, and privacy controls. Benefits include better customization options, increased security, more extensive messaging capabilities, and richer media sharing. But it’s important to take into account the possible risks connected to using unofficial Apps. Users should balance the advantages and disadvantages carefully, proceed with caution when installing the App, and give security and privacy top priority. Individual preferences and priorities should be carefully considered before deciding to use OB2 WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of OB2 WhatsApp, users can access hidden features and settings and customize their messaging experience with extra features and customization options not found in the official App.

Yes, this App is safe and secure to use as a personal messaging App.

Yes, the data of the users is safe with OB2 WhatsApp.

No, the account of the user can not be banned using this App because it is an anti-ban App.

If a user blocks someone on this App, it doesn’t let anyone else know. However, in the future, they might believe that the user blocked them because the user disabled their profile or that they didn’t see the blue checkmarks.

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