OB3 WhatsApp Latest V57 (Feb 2024) Blue Color Download Now!

What is OB3WhatsApp APK?

OB3 WhatsApp is a superb messaging App. Users can find every special feature to elevate their communication experience here. Because of its fingerprint lock features, users can protect their privacy more strongly than before.

Additionally, the main goal of OB3WhatsApp is to improve user experience. That is why, in comparison to the Original App, it enables users to enjoy the most incredible extra features. This App can be beneficial in adding interest and uniqueness to the conversations users have daily.

Furthermore, this App is a prime example of the smart devices and apps that smart people are searching for. Users can now communicate with family and friends in a more engaging, enjoyable, and fluid manner using this App. To learn more about this App in-depth, continue reading.

Additional Table of OB3WhatsApp

App NameOB3 WhatsApp
DeveloperOmar Al-Enabi
Latest VersionVersion 57
RequiresAndroid 5.0
OB3 WhatsApp PriceFree of cost
Download Size86 MB
Mod FeaturesBlue Colors

How we Download OB3 WhatsApp Latest Version?

From this section, users can download the APK file of this outstanding App. They all just have to do is click on the download button and grab the APK of OB3 WhatsApp. If you want to downlaod OB4 WhatsAPK Mod without any cost click on the link.

Mod Features of OB3 WhatsApp V57

For those who are primarily interested in having the most customization options possible in the messaging App, this App has all these features that users want. They can customize everything from themes and messages to privacy and security here. The most awesome features that weren’t included in the Original App will also be available to you.

Additionally, the features of OB WhatsApp are present in this App. But there are some specific features of OB3 WhatsApp are given below. So, take the time to read them carefully.

Hiding Options

Users can keep their online status hidden from certain contacts by using hidden features. Users can also hide the actions of recording and typing messages. If users use a hiding feature, no one else will know about their activities.

Additionally, there are many other hiding options in this App. Users can use those options to protect their privacy and chats.

Fingerprint Lock

Users can utilize this feature to prevent other people from reading their private messages. It has an additional security layer that fully supports using their fingerprint to lock the App successfully.


OB3 WhatsApp offers a ton of awesome themes. Users may give their interface a different, modern appearance by selecting any one of them. It will add fun and enjoyment to users’ conversations. There are a ton of themes and users can choose any theme according to their personality and make the interface of the App more attractive and charming.

Stickers and Emojis

Users can use stickers and emojis during a conversation to add some color and interest. This App has a tone of awesome sticker features and emojis to help users better express their feelings by bringing out their emotions using stickers and emojis.

Hide Access Report

You can hide senders from knowing that other users have read their messages by using this OB3 WhatsApp to hide a bluetick after reading their messages. This hide access feature can be very helpful if users want to ignore particular contacts.

Data Backup

Users can save videos, images, and important messages with the help of the data backup feature. Users can simply store and retrieve their priceless messages and pictures by utilizing this feature. This guarantees the lifetime security of their personal information.

Disable Forward Tag

Occasionally, users might receive forwarded messages that contain interesting content or messages that users would like to use directly in their official App. However, users can quickly remove the forward label and use those messages as their original ones without letting anyone know by using this App’s disable forward feature.

Dark Mode

Use of the Dark Mode for extended periods can be harmful to users’ eyes. To avoid this problem, the OB3WhatsApp adds a dark mode feature. It will lessen eye strain and, more importantly, extend the life of your phone’s battery. Using dark mode will be beneficial for users.

Font Style

Users can modify the font style of this mod application. Users can choose from a wide variety of font styles to suit their tastes.

Anti-delete Message

This feature lets users view messages that have been erased by the sender. Furthermore, users can immediately retrieve any messages that you inadvertently erase.

Long Status

Users can now more creatively express their happy and sad moments in words by using this App. This App allows users to write up to 250 words on their status. So stop thinking in terms of the word limit.

My Personal Experience

OB3 WhatsApp offers a ton of special extra mod features to provide users with an unmatched experience. Users can now connect with people worldwide by using this App. Therefore, users should immediately download this App if they want a seamless conversation experience with incredible features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, OB3WhatsApp is safe and secure to use. Because this App is an anti-ban App.

Yes, this App supports DND mode.

Yes, this App supports end-to-end encryption mode.  

Yes, OB3WhatsApp makes it possible to communicate with users on the Official App.

Users cannot use OB3WhatsApp on their Android devices without entering a phone number. All of the mod Apps are connected to phone numbers.

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