OB4 WhatsApp APK v57 (Feb 2024) Latest Update Download Now!

What is OB4 WhatsApp APK?

OB4 WhatsApp is a modified version of the Original App that includes features unimaginable in the official version. To make users’ chat experience smooth and enjoyable, it offers many interesting, one-of-a-kind features and customization options.

In this App, users will have access to a ton of features, and have access to a lot of extra customization options. This App has a lot of themes. Users can select any theme from a wide range of themes according to their personality.

It would be a great choice to choose the OB4 WhatsApp app to enhance the fun and excitement of virtual conversations with friends. Reading about the features of the App will help users understand why users should use it, as it offers many features to improve their communication experience.

Additional Table of OB4WhatsApp V57

App NameOB4 WhatsApp
Latest VersionVersion 57
Android RequirementAndroid 5.0 or Up
OB4 WhatsApp PriceFree of cost
Download Size83 MB
Mod FeaturesGreen Colors

How we can Download OB4WhatsApp Mod APK

To cheer with this App, download the APK file of OB4 WhatsApp from the download button which is given below. If you also want to download OB5 WhatsApp Mod APK for free click on link.

Key Features of OB4 WhatsApp Latest Version

It’s an amazing App available for Android users. Here, users can hide the blue ticks and alter the theme to their preference. Additionally, it has an anti-ban and ad-free option. All things considered, this updated App offers various other features, and those features are given below:

Status Download Button

OB4 WhatsApp allows users to download the status of other users. This feature is helpful for those who are curious and get jealous of their friend’s status. So, this App is the best choice for those users who want to download the status of their friends or relatives.

Manage Notifications

Users can now stop notifications for various contacts using the Manage Notifications feature if they’re annoyed by a contact’s pointless notifications. Users will be able to use the App in peace as a result.

Change Theme

Users can customize the look of their App to suit their tastes. OB4 WhatsApp is available in a variety of fun color options. This is where users can add a beautiful look to their messaging interface and enhance the messaging experience.

Control Privacy

Users can take total control of privacy with this App. Users can quickly set permissions for who can call them, hide their online status, and see who last saw them on this mod app, so they don’t have to worry about privacy issues anymore.

Quick Reaction

Users can now respond to your contacts’ status updates instantly with this App. It provides a wide range of emojis, which adds interest to the response.


This App adds the capability of auto-replay. It may be very important, particularly if users lead a hectic schedule. For their particular contact, users can configure automated messages to ensure they receive a response as soon as possible. With this feature, users can easily and automatically respond to their contacts, eliminating the need for users to do it by hand.

Hide Call Log

Call history may be checked by someone when they are not using their phone, so it’s a good idea to hide the call log. Users can use the App feature to prevent this insecure moment because it lets users hide all call details.

Arabic Translation

Users can translate any language that they don’t understand using the OB4 WhatsApp Arabic translation feature. Any language can be detected by this communication App feature, which can then be translated into a language users can understand. Therefore, when they are going to chat with any foreigner, translation features will come in very handy.

View Deleted Messages

This App has a ton of awesome features, but the one users will use the most is the ability to view deleted messages. Users can now recover their deleted messages thanks to this. Users can now comfortably view a message that has been deleted by the sender during a chat without alerting them.

Long Status

Users may not be able to write as many characters in their status on the official App. However, users can express their feelings through a lengthy status update in this App.

Arabic font styles

OB4 WhatsApp has a feature that allows users to choose a distinct Arabic font style. Furthermore, this app features a wide variety of Arabic fonts because it was created specifically for Middle Eastern Arabs. There are other fonts available as well, despite the Arabic fonts.

Quit Saving Pictures and Videos in Your Phone’s Memory

If users have used the official App, users will notice that pictures and videos are automatically saved while they use it. It uses a lot of memory as a result, but with this App, users won’t experience these kinds of issues. Turning on the feature in this App will assist users in avoiding problems of this nature.

Secure Backup

Users can now easily store their important messages with this App. Users can safeguard and preserve their data with the help of the Secure Backup feature. Therefore, there is no possibility that a technical problem will cause users to lose their important messages.

My Experience About this APK

Because of its robust features, OB WhatsApp Omar is one of the most popular WhatsApp downloads these days. Because of its Arabic language features, this App is very popular in the Middle East. Compared to other modified versions of  WhatsApp, it provides a more accurate translation of Arabic. When it comes to customization options and exciting features, the OB4 WhatsApp is superior to other messaging Apps. Users will fall in love with it because of its intelligent features, attractive font, and safe privacy. Downloading one of these Apps right away is highly recommended if users want to take advantage of all of its incredible features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on whether or not the other person has your phone number. On this App, anyone with your number can call you.

Yes, because OB4 WhatsApp calls have end-to-end encrypted security features, they are private. This indicates that no one else on the call can see or hear what is being said.

No, it is limited to Android devices. Additionally, the Play Store does not have it.

Installing the most recent version of the App will update OB4 WhatsApp for you.

Yes, the APK file of this App is safe and secure.

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