OB5 WhatsApp V57 APK (Feb 2024) Download Free For Android

What is OB5 WhatsApp Mod APK?

OB5 WhatsApp is the fifth variant of OB WhatsApp.This App is efficient and has a lot of extraordinary features. Using this App will enhance the user’s chat and messaging experience. Having this kind of App is like a great tool in users’ hands.

The pattern and interface of this App is beyond any other modified version of the Official App. OB5 WhatsApp is the most compatible and unique pattern Application I have ever used. The Official App users are restricted to use limited things, but using this App users are allowed to use every component. Each component of this App is customizable.

Additionally, it has a wide range of themes, fonts, and many customizable options. Users can change any element within the App. Users can select any theme and customize it according to their tastes. So, grab this amazing tool to cheer.

Additional Table of OB5 WhatsApp V57

App NameOB5 WhatsApp
DeveloperOmar Al-Enabi
Latest VersionVersion 57
RequiresAndroid 5.0
OB5 WhatsApp PriceFree of Cost
Download Size82 MB
Mod FeaturesMany Colors

Download OB5 WhatsApp APK

Waapks allows users to download this extraordinary App by clicking on the download button which is given below and if you also want to download OB6 WhatsApp APK for free then click on the link before.

Key Features of OB5 WhatsApp Latest Version

OB5 WhatsApp has a lot of extra features. The functionality of this App features are quite easy to use and operate. So, the detail on the features of this App is given below:

Freeze last message

This App will be very helpful if users don’t want their contacts to know when they were last online. The last message can be frozen using the Freeze last seen feature, users can also customize the date and time of last seen. It will make users feel extremely comfortable. Consequently, it’s now easier than ever to hide the last seen time from a particular contact.

Customizable notification icon

OB5 WhatsApp gives users the option to choose from a range of different notification icons. In addition, users can clean up the appearance of their notification icon by using the hide option. Also, users can customize the notification icons.

Hide Forward Text

One of the most awesome features of this App is the Hide Forward Label or text. Users can now use the interesting messages that their friends forwarded to them as their original messages.

User can now use other forwarded messages to share important or confidential messages as their original messages because this feature lets users remove the forwarded text from messages. Users can take as long as they like to remove the forwarded text without putting in danger their privacy.

Anti-View Once

These features give users privacy and control over messages that they have sent. This feature allows users to access any message at any time, even if the sender granted only one-time access to those messages.

Write Long Status

OB5 WhatsApp Write long status feature allows users to write up to 255 characters long status. In the Official App, users are allowed to write only 25 to 30 characters to write on their status. See, this App is more beneficial rather than the Original App.

Anti Delete Messages

The Anti-Delete Message feature of OB5 WhatsApp allows users to access all the deleted messages at any time within the App. Also, users can retrieve the deleted messages. Because of this feature, users can easily read those messages at any time by utilizing the anti-delete message feature, even if the sender accidentally or purposely deletes them.

Hide Watch Status

With the help of this feature, users can view their friends and family members’ statuses without alerting them. Users can enjoy suspicious activity and protect their privacy by utilizing this amazing feature.

Language Translation

OB5 WhatsApp allows users to translate any message in up to 20 different languages. Using this feature, users can communicate any people all around the world. This feature is helpful for those people who do freelancing or communicate with clients in their specific languages.

Islamic Collection

This App was created with the majority Muslim population in mind. where spiritual activities are also available. Verse collections from the holy Quran are available for users to read and hear in multiple languages. Thus, users can use this feature to reinforce their spiritual development.

Manage Blue Ticks

Users can now read other users’ messages without alerting them using this feature. This feature allows users to efficiently manage their privacy and conversations. After reading the sender’s message, it gives the user control over the blue tick. As a result, the sender will not be aware that the user has already read their message. Users will also be able to select which particular contact can see the blue tick.

Auto-Replay Template

To help users finish their work efficiently, this App offers users an auto-replay template where users can set a daily auto-replay-template message option for their contacts. Users can navigate more easily and establish stronger connections with their contacts by utilizing this feature.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode theme allows users to change the interface of the App into dark or black. This feature brings an outstanding look to the App. The eyes of the users’ are kept at ease by this theme, especially at night.

My Personal Experience

OB5 WhatsApp will improve users’ spiritual morality while also providing them with a smooth chat experience. The ability to read and hear the holy Quran on the App makes it possible to practice Muslim religious practices more successfully.

That concludes our explanation of all there is to know about OB5 WhatsApp. This well-known messaging App is a fun and convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family. It has a tonne of features that make it even better. Try OB5 WhatsApp if you’re looking for a substitute for WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It is safe to use. The App encrypts users’ chats end-to-end, so the only people who can see their messages are the ones users are sending them to. To further secure chats, users can also set up a PIN or fingerprint lock.

The OB5 WhatsApp hide online feature usually prevents you from knowing who has viewed your profile. However, all it takes to do the same to others is to adjust those settings on your Android device.

OB5 WhatsApp may be a customized version of the official App with extra features and settings.

Root access is required for certain modified applications, but not for others. Before installing, confirm the installation requirements.

No, users do not need to pay for OB5 WhatsApp. Users can download this App free from Waapk’s.

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