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You may need more options to choose the best WhatsApp mod. The popular WhatsApp chat mod, OG WhatsApp APK, is available here. You can chat with people using this app, but it also offers many other exclusive features to the unofficial WhatsApp app. You must read this post to the end to gain more knowledge about OG WhatsApp.

Introduction to OG WhatsApp APK

OG WhatsApp is a newly made application. This app is the modified version of Original WhatsApp. It contains a lot of new features which are not available in the original app. Additionally, third-party developers developed this app. This app is safe and secure to use. When it comes to features, you’ll be shocked to learn that it has a ton of extra features that, for whatever reason, the original app did not have. Additionally, it features the same appearance and UI as the original WhatsApp, making it simple for users to use.

This modified app will never disrupt your privacy; you can download or install it and use it without hesitation. Moreover, the look and interface are much easier to understand for users. 

Additional Table of OG WhatsApp

App NameOG WhatsApp
DeveloperAlex Mods
Latest VersionVersion 17.60
RequiresAndroid 5.0
OG WhatsApp PriceFree of Cost
Downloads10+ Millions
Download Size70 MB
File TypeMod APK

OG Mod APK Developers

There are many developers of OG WhatsApp. In this article, we discuss two developers. These are as follows:

OG WhatsApp By AlexMods

AlexMods attempted to develop their version of WhatsApp with many additional features after observing the features that users were requesting. Because of this, their efforts were fruitful, and the rendition was well-liked.

OG WhatsApp By HeyMod (Ceased)

HeyMods also attempted to develop their version of WhatsApp following the triumphant release of the original WhatsApp. This app contains more features than the original WhatsApp, which is why this app became more attractive and has remained in use ever since.

Privacy of OG Mod

Features of OG WhatsApp Modified Version

OG WhatsApp contains a lot of features, which are as follows:

OG Themes

In this App, you will find many themes that help you to change the app’s look according to your style. Users can choose different font styles according to the theme.  This app contains themes like Dark, light, Age of Ultron, and many more. So, the user can select the theme according to their personality.

Send Stickers

The stickers of this app are much better. Users can also choose distinct stickers to make the conversations more lively in this app. You can download stickers in your mobiles from fields and genres.

Lock Conversation

OG WhatsApp gives you an extra feature In-Built Lock. This feature helps you lock your conversations. It means it will not let others see your chat.

Dual Account Access On One Device

This App enables users to handle their business and personal accounts using a single tool.

Sending Multiple Images

This App enables users to send many images all at once without any limit on the number of pictures. Sharing multiple images with this feature is effortless. 

Message a number

This App enables users to send messages without saving the number. This feature enables simplified communication and reaches out to new contacts or users.

Online Visibility

With OG WhatsApp’s online visibility feature, users can see in real-time when their contacts are online. Connecting users with friends and family via instant messaging when they are online, improves communication.

Strong Privacy Features

OG WhatsApp introduced robust privacy options like blue ticks, hiding last seen, typing indicators, and many more. It enables users to customize their privacy settings. It ensures that user can do their visibility actions.

Some Other Features Of OG WhatsApp Mod

OG Latest Version

Application language

This modified app supports multiple languages. It enables users to choose their preferred language for the flexibility of the app’s interface. This feature bonds a more user-friendly and personalized experience. 

Full Resolution

OG WhatsApp enables users to share images and videos in their original resolution. There is no limit on the resolution. It means the images that are going to be sent will remain in their original form. They are not re not compressed.

Photos and Videos Hidden from Gallery

OG WhatsApp enables users to hide their useless files, images, and videos from the gallery. Just by selecting one option, files or images received through this app would not appear in the device gallery. Ensuring that private media remains hidden in this app.

Block a Specific Person’s Call

OG WhatsApp introduced the ability to block specific contact’s calls. This function prevents annoying calls from other users. This function enables great control over communication by ensuring a calm experience. It enables users to do their work without any disturbance.

Dial a Non-Added Number

This feature allows users to dial or call an unknown number directly without adding the number to their contacts which are not available in WhatsApp Blue. Using this amazing feature means connecting to a new user is easy and time-saving.

Do not Disturb Mode (DND)

This feature allows users to mute unknown messages or notifications. By enabling this, you can do your work more consistently and focus. Contact messages won’t interrupt you while you are relaxing.

Status Feature

OG WhatsApp allows users to update their status such as putting their voice, music, or any video on the status. 

Chat’s Settings

OG WhatsApp enables users to customize their chats and gives them more influence over the conversations.


This App introduced a wide range of fonts. Users can use them as they want. Just select the font that reflects your personality and enjoy this feature.

Regular Updates

The team of this application is working on regular updates to avoid any hurdles for the users. If you face any problems just go to our site and contact our team so we can help you.

OG WhatsApp Pros and Cons


  • OG WhatsApp has a lot of new features.
  • This App has a wide variety of themes.
  • OG WhatsApp is more user-friendly.
  • This App enables a message scheduler option.
  • In this App, users can send many images at one time.


  • This App is not an Official App.
  • This modified App is developed by a third-party developer.
  • Install this app from our website (waapks.com) otherwise, may occur some errors.

Installation of OG WhatsApp V17.60

There are simple steps to download this app on your device. 

Download Mod
  1. Open the APK file on your device.
  2. Enable the Unknown resources.
  3. Click on Install, App will start installing on your mobile.
  4. Click on Open.
  5. After that, add your number and Enjoy with OG WhatsApp.

How We Can Update this WhatsApp Mod?

For the update on this App, you have to visit (Waapks.com) for the new update. After seeing the latest version, you can download the APK file on your device. Now, you can download or install the latest version of OG WhatsApp by following the above steps discussed in the installation process

Final Words

In conclusion, it is accurate to say that the original WhatsApp has unique qualities from every angle. You can download it and use it. This application is built to provide users with a few extra features. If users are searching for more customization options and enhanced privacy, OG WhatsApp is a great substitute for WhatsApp. Together with regular updates, it provides a secure messaging platform and a dedicated community of programmers. Relying only on reputable sources to use OG WhatsApp is crucial to reducing security concerns. Take full advantage of its advantages, but in the digital world, exercise caution and common sense. Cheers to happy messaging!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this App is safe and secure for your devices because this App is built on the safe side for the users.

You can download this App from our website (Waapks.com). The APK file of this app is secure and safe on our website.

Yes, this App is completely safe and secure to use.

Yes, You can uninstall or remove this app at any time without any hesitation.

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