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What is OG WhatsApp?

OG WhatsApp is a modified version of the Official App. Third-party developers developed this App. The latest version of this App offers a wide range of additional features like hiding status, disabling Red receipt, and control of your Privacy. These features are not available in the Official WhatsApp App. Multiple accounts are useable on one device. The layout of this app is user-friendly. Users can customize any element using this App. 

OG WhatsApp v17.60

In this update, they enhance the messaging and communication experience. This update of the App adds new features and enhances the layout of the App. In this version, they update the App performance and stability. They also fix the bugs and errors which tackled by users while using OG WhatsApp Latest Version. The new version of this App includes existing features in it. This update includes security enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Simply go to this blog, click the download button, and install the most recent version of the app, version 17.60.

Download OG WhatsApp latest Version v17.60

You do not need to, go to any other website, and do not need to worry. Just click on the Download Button below and get your safe and secure APK file.

Key Features of OG WhatsApp v17.60



This feature enables users to take your profile picture to the upper level just by creating your profile’s Avatars. So, create a custom avatar that reflects your personality. Making an avatar is very simple and easy. This feature enables users to choose hairstyles, clothing, and many more. So, go to the Avatar option and make your avatar that reflects you and your personality.

Disappearing Messages

Hide OG Messages

This feature allows users to erase their messages after a while. This function allows users to set the time to disappear message after that time. The message will delete itself when the time is reached. So, users can send sensitive messages to any other users, just enable this feature before sending the message.

Group Message Permission

This feature allows users to control who can send messages in the group. Users can set permission to other admins or only one that they can have permission to handle the group. With this feature, users can stop unwanted spam messages in group chat, just permitting the members of the group who send the messages. 

OG Unlimited Groups

In addition, this feature is useable for long groups where it could be challenging to manage a lot of conversations at once. 

Create a Poll

Polls of WhatsApp OG

Users can make polls using the poll feature and share them with groups or contacts. This feature is excellent to get quick feedback. Generating a Poll is too easy, just go to the group or chat where you want to share the Poll. Click on the “Create a Poll” option, and add whatever question you want to ask and share the Poll after adding a question or any query. 

Themes Store

Mod Themes OG

OG WhatsApp introduced a theme store option, they provide a huge variety of themes. Select the theme that reflects your personality and get a feel of the App. This feature has many themes like Dark, light, colorful, and many more. You can give the App your distinctive style through the theme store, giving it a more personalized and entertaining experience.

Final Words

A lot of special features that are not found in the Original WhatsApp App are provided by OG WhatsApp. You can alter your experience by choosing from a variety of themes, typefaces, and privacy settings. OG WhatsApp could be against WhatsApp’s terms of service and present security risks. Because WhatsApp did not develop the app and it is not available on the Google Play Store, it is more open to malware and malicious attacks. In conclusion, even though OG WhatsApp has a few cool features, users can download this amazing App from this Blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this App is developed in a safe and secure. This App is safe and secure to use. 

This App is developed by AlexMODs. 

Yes, this App is legal to use. Only Android users can use this App. Sorry for the IOS this time.

No, this App is clean, safe, and secure to use. It does not contain any malware items or virus in it. So, do not worry about this, just get the App and Enjoy.

It is possible to install OG WhatsApp alongside the official WhatsApp App on a device. Installing OG WhatsApp does not require uninstalling the original WhatsApp. This enables users to use one device to manage two separate WhatsApp accounts at the same time.

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