SMWhatsApp APK V4.1.0 Download Now (2024) Latest for Android

Another popular WhatsApp mod App is SMWhatsApp, which is similar to WhatsApp IOS. If users want a significantly changed version of WhatsApp to replace the existing version, they should try SM WhatsApp immediately.

Officially, WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps, with more than 2 billion active users in 2023 and 2024. However, it still needs many great features that users want daily. Users wish to have great features like unlimited data transfer, privacy locks on specific chats, hide blue tick, status downloader, and more. These aren’t available in regular WhatsApp, which is pretty upsetting.

These are why developers are constantly working on putting out some amazing. Every year, WhatsApp releases new versions with many cool new features. This App is one of a million made apps because people asked for them. SM WhatsApp is one of them. Let me pull back the curtain and explain what this application is. We’ll also give users a quick rundown of the App’s most remarkable features to help them decide whether to download SM WhatsApp.  

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Additional Table of SMWhatsApp

App NameSM WhatsApp
File Size30MB
Developers TeamCrisMods
File TypeMod APK
Mod FeaturesMany Features

What is SM WhatsApp APK?

It’s a free version of the original WhatsApp that has been updated to work better without ads. Users can zoom in on a contact’s picture, change the theme (iOS), set up auto-replies, get more privacy and security settings, hide their last seen, and lock each chat individually.

Additionally, SMWhatsApp, sometimes known as SM WhatsApp APK, is an app that aims to offer users more fun features that aren’t available in the standard WhatsApp. It was made by Brian Acton, Jan Koum, and Brian Omelian, and it works great on Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad. Simply put, it’s free to use; there are no fees or ads, and it improves the texting experience by adding more features.

Moreover, users can use this App’s features to personalize their messaging experience. It allows users to customize the look and preference of the App according to their taste. To add another degree of communication, users should use SM WhatsApp.

Reason to use SMWhatsApp

The SM WhatsApp mod APK is one of the best apps because it has new features and a beautiful look. It works like the official WhatsApp but gives users more privacy controls and customization choices. Users can add friends through a third-party graph API and share pictures, files, and videos with anyone with just one click.

Moreover, this application is not exclusive to Android; iOS users can also benefit from it, provided they download the APK file to their mobile device and adhere to the installation guide written in this blog. However, this application is also available on the App Store for iPhones and Google Play Stores; therefore, to access it, users must visit the reputable website link

Key Features of SMWhatsApp

Users may wonder why this App should be on Android, PC, or iOS devices. Here are the most fantastic and valuable features that make people worldwide choose this App over regular WhatsApp. Let’s talk about them one by one. We also have AG4 WhatsApp in Waapk’s called AG4 WhatsApp APK.

Status Downloader

Users don’t have to ask their contact for permission to send the touching status. Because users are only one click away after downloading this great App. All they have to do to get the status on their phone is click on the small download icon that usually shows up at the bottom and save it. Also, now that users have SM Whatsapp APK, they don’t have to waste time and space downloading a status updater or useless App for this simple job.

Zoom in Profile

One of the best things about this App that sets it apart from other modified versions of WhatsApp is this function. Users can better look at any contact’s profile picture with this funny feature, even if they’ve changed it with the popular App Alight motion mod APK without a watermark download or another one. Many people set their privacy settings so that tapping on their pictures doesn’t make them bigger. However, the SM WhatsApp APK lets users zoom in on any contact’s picture and remember it for a long time!

Dark Mode

People who use their phones in the dark and have the light turned up too high can go blind. So, eye health is the most important thing. Also, dark mode is a great function that I love. It’s better for people like me who work best late at night. A design that is easy on the eyes improves the visual experience for users.  

Custom Notifications

With the help of SMWhatsApp, users can also give their favorite friends their unique ringtone and stop getting alerts for someone they don’t want to talk to. This App offers users more freedom to change everything about the App, from the look to the icons to the notifications. It’s an all-in-one App with many excellent tools that users can only get on this App.  

DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode

That annoying WhatsApp message is often a pain when playing your best games, right? But now, users don’t have to worry because SM WhatsApp has a “Do Not Disturb” mode that they can use to play their favorite game, like PUBG, Geometry Dash APK, or Ludo, without any problems!

Freeze Last Seen

Would you like to use WhatsApp in “ghost mode,” which means no one will know you’re on it? Users can do this after downloading SM WhatsApp and turning on the “Freeze last seen” option. This feature freezes your users’ last seen, making them think users last came to the App for hours or even days! That’s another great feature users can get for free with SM WhatsApp.


This App offers an anti-ban feature, which protects users from being banned by the original messaging App. Using the mods of the official app may risk banning, so all the WA mods added this feature. This feature allows users to chat with anyone without any risk or plenty.

Chat Lock

Users frequently wish to keep their conversations private and secure with business associates. In addition, there are moments when users feel pretty protective of their privacy and don’t want to discuss their private lives with others. Regretfully, users can only lock the entire app in regular WhatsApp—not just a particular contact. On the other hand, SMWhatsApp gives users greater privacy control and lets them secure a single chat with a specific contact. Furthermore, users can quickly set an invisible contact in WhatsApp for a particular discussion using a PIN, password, or fingerprint.


Themes are a big part of making chat apps like SM WhatsApp look better and giving users more ways to customize them. Different themes that change the app’s general look and feel let users make their messaging experience more unique. People using SM WhatsApp can pick themes like Material Design and iOS. This app lets them make their messaging system look how they want it to. By allowing users to change the themes, SMWhatsApp lets them show off their individuality and style through different color schemes, layouts, and design elements in the messaging app.

Stickers and Emojis

Emojis and stickers improve conversation and expression in messaging apps like SM WhatsApp. Users can use a lot of different emojis and stickers to show their feelings, responses, and messages more interestingly and visually. People who use SM WhatsApp can access a wide range of emojis and stickers, such as animated, love-themed, and funny emojis. This feature lets them make their talks more personal and creative. SM WhatsApp improves messaging by adding emojis and stickers, which allow users to add fun, emotion, and personality to their negotiations with family and friends.


The appearance of SM WhatsApp is designed to improve users’ visual experience by having an attractive and easy-to-use layout. This app’s layout is nice but simple and easy to use. SM WhatsApp wants to make chatting more fun and exciting for its users by adding customizable themes, personalized chat settings, and better visual elements. The interface of this app is designed to make communication easy and pleasant, which differs from the regular WhatsApp layout.

Payments via SM WhatsApp

If users download this mod version of WhatsApp, they can easily send money and receive payouts through direct messaging. This extra feature makes the application better than others.

Hide conversations and post longer status updates.

This app is similar to JT WhatsApp. In that users can hide specific conversations on their phone and post longer status updates, which used to be limited to 30 seconds. Users can also hide someone’s name and profile picture while talking with them.

Other Additional Features

Because SMWA has so many unique features that it would be impossible to explain them all, let me quickly mention a few more so users can learn about them, too.

  • It has many different styles, color schemes, and looks that users can use however they like.
  • Users can change how chats are laid out with the background wallpapers and even a 3D plan.
  • Users can also add text and stickers to their display picture to make it their own.
  • Users can also give the chat bubbles user names, which looks incredible.
  • This app also has an auto-reply function that users can use.
  • Users can hide the text chat button that lets them call someone.
  • With this app, users can write 250 words about their feelings on their WhatsApp status, which makes it look more attractive
  • Users can also hide the view state so no one knows how often they’ve seen it.
  • With this app, Users can make cute and stylish app icons.

Pros and Cons of SM WhatsApp


  • It also offers extra privacy.
  • This app’s UI/UX and layout resemble the original WhatsApp.
  • This app is better than other mods because it has many excellent features and choices that can be changed to fit their needs.
  • Users can change the look of their WhatsApp by using fonts, colors, and background pictures, which is impossible with the official WhatsApp.


  • The other downside of this app is that it doesn’t have an auto-update function like the original WhatsApp.
  • Users usually have to download this app from Waapks because it is unavailable on Google Play or the App Store.
  • This is a Third Party App that’s why this app has additional features.

What People Liked About SM WhatsApp

Without a doubt, a vast number of custom versions of WhatsApp have been changed. The question now is: Why is it the most popular app in the world? So, here are some of the things that people love most about this app that make it their favorite:

  • First, it works smoothly and can’t get banned.
  • Second, this version of WhatsApp has tighter privacy and security rules than other modified apps.
  • Third, it lets people quickly download high-quality pictures and movies.
  • Personalization Options: Users can change their app’s appearance with SM WhatsApp, which has many features.
  • This app has stylish styles, fonts, emojis, and cool stickers, so users don’t need to download extra apps

Guide to download SMWhatsApp

Getting this app is easy, even though it’s not in the Google Play Store. Follow the instructions below, and it will be ready for the phone.

  1. Go to, a reliable site, and click on the download link to get this new version of SMWhatsApp for Android, iPhone, or iPad.
  2. Now, wait a moment for this file to download.
  3. Once it’s done, go to the folder in the file manager to find it.
  4. Click on the Downloaded APK file.
  5. Press the “Install” button now.
  6. Enter a phone number to get a verification code after downloading.
  7. After that, users can choose their SM WhatsApp background picture and get ready to have fun!

Updating Guide

This App doesn’t support auto updates. But users can manually update SMWhatsApp. Let’s See how they can update it manually.

  • Go to the App’s Settings.
  • Check for updates in the Settings.
  • If the update arrives, users must get the Latest Version of this App from a reliable source.
  • After that, repeat the installation steps.
  • Once it is done, This App will appear in the updated form.

Personal Experience

Last week, I found the WhatsApp mod app. It’s one of many mod apps that I keep finding that make my life better. I found a lot of excellent tools that I didn’t see in my regular WhatsApp by Meta.

Why are these toolsn’t available in a version of WhatsApp that many people use? In any case, this version of WhatsApp is excellent. This tool can help you be different from the people around you if you want to.

Final Words

In conclusion, SMWhatsApp gives users a messaging experience that is more feature-rich and adjustable than WhatsApp offers. With its many themes, better privacy settings, unique emojis and stickers, and easy-to-use design, This App lets users express themselves creatively and talk to each other more uniquely and excitingly. It is a great option to check out to make the texting experience more personalized and fun. Users can change their privacy settings, add fun to their chats, or do anything.

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