TM WhatsApp APK (Latest Version) v8.65 Official Free Download

In this evolution of technology, WhatsApp is the most useful and user-friendly app through which you can access it 24 hours and communicate with your relatives, friends, and loved ones. Through this app, you can chat with your loved ones, and share media like photos, videos, and much more. However, The original version of WhatsApp does not have so many features for example Customizable Fonts, Chatbot, Spytool, etc. That’s why we introduce you to the modified version of WhatsApp called TM WhatsApp.

TM WhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp. That’s why it’s also known as WhatsApp Mod Apk. Get ready to enjoy impressive and unique features in this modified version. The important thing you need to know is that It is completely secured so you feel free to download and install it on any Android Mobile Phone.

Who Developed this TM Modified Version?

Nowadays, TM WhatsApp is a very famous WhatsApp mod. this app was created by Titus Mukisa from Uganda. It provides some unbelievable features to its users that you have never seen in the original version of WhatsApp. As a third-party app, it cannot be found in the Google Play Store or Apple Store. However, this can be easily downloaded from our website (

The size of this app is (70MB), Which is why this app is acceptable for any Android user. As you know our chatting is getting more advanced. This app is getting more famous day by day and it has become the most downloaded app as compared to other modified versions of WhatsApp.

TM WhatsApp Mod

Additional Table of TM Whatsapp Mod APK

App NameTM WhatsApp
DeveloperTitus Mukisa
Latest VersionV8.65
RequiresAndroid 5.0
GB WhatsApp PriceFree of Cost
Download Size70 MB
Mod FeaturesMany Features

Amazing Features of TM WhatsApp Latest Version

There are some important and amazing features of this modified app that you must know before you download this TM WhatsApp.

Create Your Chatbot

This is the most amazing and unique feature of this app that you will not find in other Mods. With this feature, you can create a chatbot for your account, and give it access to your all friends and family which your family and friends keep in touch with you in your absence. It strengthens your connections with others and is most beneficial when you are busy in your business and can’t respond to your contacts. This feature is specially designed for businessmen and companies which is not available in other mode versions.

Spy Tool

You can see and spy on your children’s messaging activities by using this unique feature, and your children won’t even know about it. With the help of this feature, you can protect your family and relatives from the growing evils of society, like online harassment, live streaming abuses, sexual exploitation, cyberbullying, and many others.

DND Mode

If you are frustrated with receiving continuous messages or want to close your WhatsApp without closing your internet connection. This feature is very beneficial for you because you can make it possible by using the DND/Sleep mode of this modified version. This feature will not show your presence on WhatsApp without closing your internet.

No Limitation to Add Members In Groups

Simple WhatsApp allows you to add only 256 members per group, which some users dislike. These users want a big community and want to organize a big unit. Through this advanced feature, this is possible. Users can add unlimited members to their group in this TM WhatsApp and create a huge Community.

Freeze and Hide Last Seen

This TM WhatsApp APK offers a game-changer feature in which users have full access to control their last seen status. Now users can hide and freeze their last seen status. For example, if you freeze your last seen at 5:00 pm people will see your last seen as you set even if you are online in TM WhatsApp. You can also hide your last seen so that your community doesn’t see your last seen status.

Some Other Features of TM WhatsApp v8.65

TM Mod Version

Multiple Account Creation

If a user wants to activate their WhatsApp accounts on different mobile numbers, then you don’t need to buy another mobile phone for each account. This feature gives you multiple account creation on different mobile numbers in this same communication app, which is an amazing feature.

In-Built VPN

Users don’t need to install any other VPN app to change their location because this app provides you with an in-built VPN. Now you can utilize this app virtually in several areas while hiding your location.

Hide Status View

If you want to see the status of your relatives and family and don’t want them to see this thing, then this amazing feature is very beneficial for you. Through this feature, you can see anyone’s status without letting them know.

Sent Messages to multiple contacts

This Unique Feature allows you to share messages with many people at the same time. Whereas in Original WhatsApp, you can share messages with just five people at one time.

Everything Customizable

With this amazing feature, you can customize your entire WhatsApp according to you. You can change the background, change the fonts, and edit any chat the way you want and You can design your own WhatsApp Layout.

View Deleted Messages

As you know in Original WhatsApp, when a person deletes a message, it is not shown to the next person, but this is not in this TM WhatsApp. In this TM WhatsApp, you can also see the deleted message for example if a person sends a message to you and after that this person deletes this message, so even after deleting it, that message is still displayed, you can see it.

Forward Mark Remove

In original WhatsApp, when you forward a message to a person, the forward mark is shown on the message, but when you forward the message to a person through this TM WhatsApp, the forward sign is not shown on the message.

Ads Free

When you use any other modified versions of WhatsApp for example NA WhatsApp, Gold WhatsApp and others it has ads that users don’t like, but when you use TM WhatsApp, it doesn’t have any kind of ads because this version of WhatsApp is ad-free.

Upload a Lengthy Status Video

In the original WhatsApp, you can post only 30 seconds of video status, but in this TM WhatsApp, you can post more than an hour of video status without any restrictions

Change WhatsApp Icon

In this modified version of TM WhatsApp, you can also change the icon of your app according to your own and put your favorite icon which is a very great feature.

Remove messages up to 3 days

Sometimes it happens that we send a message to someone in the original WhatsApp and after some time we want to delete it from both sides, but in original WhatsApp, there is no option to delete that message, but no need to worry now because if you send a message to anyone in this TM WhatsApp, you can delete the message from both sides for three days.

More Characters in Status

When you post a status in TM WhatsApp, you can write a line of more than 255 characters, while in the original WhatsApp, you can only write a line of below 139 characters.

Anti-delete Status

In original WhatsApp, if a person deletes his status, it gets deleted permanently but in TM WhatsApp when a person deletes his status even then his status is shown for 24 hours.

Blue Ticks Shows After Replay

If someone sends us a message, as soon as we read it, that person gets a blue tick. Sometimes we don’t want to reply to him immediately, or we are busy with our work, so our relationship with him gets damaged. Using this feature, he will only see a blue tick when we reply to their message.

Download Status

You can also download any person’s status in this TM WhatsApp and you don’t need to download any other app for that.

Sent Empty Messages

If you use this amazing feature, you can send a blank message without writing anything, while Original WhatsApp doesn’t have this feature. This amazing feature is a good thing to add fun to your conversation with your friends and loved ones.

Block/Unblock Notification

Original WhatsApp never shows you who blocked you or unblocked you, so you can only guess these things. While using this Latest Version of TM WhatsApp, you can see who has blocked you or unblocked you.


  • You can make your privacy more powerful by using this TM WhatsApp.
  • No restrictions in this Modified Version of WhatsApp.
  • Good performance capabilities by using any of its features.
  • Full responsiveness on mobile, desktop, and even all screens.
  • Get free access to premium features.


  • TM WhatsApp is not available from the Google Play Store because it is a third-party app.
  • TM WhatsApp is a modified version of Original WhatsApp.
  • Install this app from our website ( otherwise, this may cause some errors.

How Do I Download and Install TM WhatsApp Mod APK

1. Go to our website (
2. Click on the download button.
3. Then wait for a few sec.
4.  The TM WhatsApp file is downloaded.
5. Hurrah! Here you go.
6. After downloading the file on your mobile phone.
7. Go to your file manager and check your recent APK file.
8. Click on the downloaded file, Install this app by allowing unknown sources according to these steps:
Setting>Security>Unknown sources
9. Now you are ready to enjoy Latest Version of TM WhatsApp.

Download TM

If you also want to download OB WhatsApp Latest Version Click on the link below.

Final Words About TM Whatsapp

You are looking for the best WhatsApp Mod APK in terms of features, so you don’t need to go to any other modified version. We highly recommend that this modified version is currently a great option. It has revolutionized the way of chatting by combining all WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, AN WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp, and Gold WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is legal and secure. It has advanced security features that enhance your protection.

No, this app is not available for iPhone users right now.

Yes, you can use both apps at the same time, but with different mobile numbers.

Of course, TM WhatsApp is a great option because it is the combined version of all WhatsApp mods.

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