WhatsApp Aero Pro APK v9.98 (Latest) Official Version for Free

WhatsApp Aero is a combination of other modified versions like OG WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp and Others and also it is a modified version of WhatsApp. This App lets users use many features that do not exist in the Official WhatsApp. The interface of this App is aesthetically pleasing and much easier to use. It is a lightweight App. This App has a lot of customization options. This App allows users to customize the interface according to their style. In addition, this app is used to communicate with your family members, friends, or loved ones. This App has a lot of themes, fonts, icons, colors, and many more things. Users can customize all the things that we discuss in this blog. This App has amazing features like status download, and media file saving which help users save the file while sharing the file.

This App is end-to-end encryption, and two-factor authentication is also safe because it is an anti-ban App. It means this App is not going to be banned in any way. From all sides, this App is the best alternative to the Official App. Using this App, users will feel smoothness and satisfying experience. 

Additional Table of WhatsApp Aero APK

App NameWhatsApp Aero
DeveloperHazar Bozkurt
Latest VersionV9.98
RequiresAndroid 5.0
WhatsApp Aero PriceFree of Cost
Download Size77.9 MB
Mod FeaturesMany Features
Last updatedToday
WhatsAPP Aero v9.98

Features of WhatsApp Aero Mod

It is clear from talking about WhatsApp Aero’s features that it is comparable to all of the messaging App’s updates. On the other hand, it has a few special extra features that are exclusive to this version. Let’s look at the features of Aero WhatsApp that are mentioned below:

Convert Text Messages to Emoji Format

This App allows users can convert messages into emojis format. This is a unique feature of this App. By this feature, this App is popular in the whole World. In addition, by typing the message and selecting the emoji icon, users can turn text messages into emojis. It looks like such a fun feature to use.

Sending All Messages With Just One Tap

You read correctly with just one click, users can send thousands of messages. This feature is available on WhatsApp Aero, and you should use it if you want to annoy friends or family.

All users have to do is type your message and enter the desired amount. Once you tap on the target icon, the amount you entered in the value field will be sent. See, how amazing this feature is. This feature is helpful for lazy people.

Special Button To Share A Specific Emoji

Aero WhatsApp provides a button just for that specific emoji. With this, users can quickly and easily share their preferred emoji without having to put in much effort. To access the list of emojis and choose the one you wish to use, simply click that button in the chat field. So, just tap on the desired button and check the magic. 

Freeze Last Seen

Users can prevent people they don’t want to talk to from seeing your last seen by using this feature. You can conceal your last seen from other people with the help of this feature.

Open the Aero Privileges >> Privacy App and select the Freeze Last Seen option to activate this feature. No one will be able to see your most recent online status once they have enabled it. This feature is helpful for those who are curious about their privacy.

Encrypt Chat with a Password

Yes, this App allows users to protect chats using passwords. Users can keep unsolicited users out of your chat by utilizing this feature. This feature is intended to be visible only to those with permission.

You must tap the three dots and select the Lock Conversation option to activate this feature. After you click on it, a password-setting option will appear. Set the Password and lock the chat.

Theme Customization

Users can alter themes to fit their personalities with this feature. This feature is intended for users of the same WhatsApp theme who fell ill. Users of this App can personalize the themes and fonts available in a vast range of themes, including dark, light, anime, and many more. 

Furthermore, this feature lets users modify any element. The layout of WhatsApp Aero can be completely customized by users when this feature is enabled. This feature is available in this App. Use this App to upgrade yourself, then have fun.

Some Other Features of Aero Mod APK

Aero APK

Hidden Forward Tag

I have never seen a better feature in any version of the modified Apps than this one. If an important message is forwarded to you by a friend and you forward it to another friend, this feature will hide the words “forwarded message” at the top of the message. It appears that you are also posing the query to your other friend. Look, how fantastic this feature is!

Users can forward any message using this feature without knowing who they are forwarding it to on the other end.

Remove the View Status

One of the greatest features offered by the Aero WhatsApp App is this. For people who do not want others to know that they have viewed their status. Through the privacy settings, you can enable or disable this feature. This feature is beneficial for those attitude people. 

Anti-Delete Messages

The user will be able to view the deleted message if they activate this fantastic feature. Assume that even though the user chose to have a message erased for everyone, the message is still visible to them. Users do not need to enable any settings to use this feature. This feature is available by default in this App. This app is not official because of this.

Message a maximum of 250 chats

Regarding message forwarding limitations, users will discover that they can forward up to 5 chats using standard WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business. On the other hand, Aero WhatsApp allows you to forward messages up to 250 chats. Thus, if you use this App, remember to utilize the feature that increases the forward limit. 

Transmit an infinite number of image files at once

This App lets users share an infinite number of image files at once. It is noticeable from a comparison with the original WhatsApp that users can only send ten picture files at once. Thus, you need to activate this feature if users wish to send more than ten image files at once.

Auto Reply

Let’s discuss this amazing feature, Auto Reply. For busy people, this feature is the most helpful. Without knowing when another user sent the message, users can automatically respond to any message.  Those in business or those with hectic daily schedules will find this feature beneficial. When the user is offline, this feature is still functional.

Send Big Files

The file size limit is exceeded by this feature. It indicates that the size of the file, video, and image are all unlimited. Because large files can be sent between users, this modified App is not official. Users won’t experience any problems with many images or large-sized documents or files. This is your chance to bid on the official WhatsApp, join the WhatsApp Aero’s space, and take advantage of the limitless video-sending options.

Custom Call Blocking

A friend will always call out of the blue, but is there any way to prevent it? The most recent version of this App allows for custom blocking through the use of the Aero WhatsApp APK. This blocking works similarly to how we normally block people, but the twist is that you will be blocking them exclusively from receiving calls. The best part about this is that neither the blocked user nor anyone else will know that you have blocked him while you are doing this. When they call, a message stating that the phone is ringing, that the user is unable to take calls, and other things will appear.

Aero Widgets

Aero WhatsApp widgets are another great feature of this app; users can explore a ton of interesting collections of widgets. We have made this widget available to users without charge. The Aero widgets option is exclusive to the official version, which means that it serves as an additional means of App authentication. Simply click the three dots in the upper left corner to access Aero privileges. Next, look for Aero widgets and peruse the incredible assortment found in its store.


  • This App is an anti-ban App.
  • Users can customize any element in it.
  • This App has a huge variety of Themes.
  • This App extends file-sharing capabilities.
  • Build-in Lock for better security.
  • This App is safe and secure to use.
  • The interface of this App is user-friendly.


  • This App is developed by third-party developer Hazar Bozkurt.
  • WhatsApp Aero is not available on the Google Play Store.
  • Install this app from our website (Waapks.com) otherwise, this may cause some errors.

Installation of WhatsApp Aero

First of all, if users want to get benefits and try to enjoy this App. So, Click on the download button which is available on this blog. After clicking on it user’s APK. The latest Version will start to download on the user’s device. When it is to be done just follow these steps which are given below:

  • Click on the downloaded APK file. 
  • Click on the install button. After that, the APK file will start installing on the device.
  • After it is to be done, click on the Open Button.
  • Register with your number and cheers with WhatsApp Aero.
Download Steps

Conclusion of this Blog

We have provided users with the Aero WhatsApp APK in this Blog. One of the most well-liked App offers thousands of free customization options and extra features. Given its features and our in-depth review of Aero WhatsApp, why should you use it? Read through all of the incredible information provided in this article. Aero WhatsApp is simple to download for free on the device. All users have to do is click the download button and if you want to download other modified version of WhatsApp. Read our TM WhatsApp APK Blog.

FAQs of WhatsApp Aero Modified APK

Some essential features of Aero WhatsApp include enhanced security, more privacy options, complete customization, and many more. Everyone will want to move to the Aero WhatsApp APK as a result of everything.

For Aero WhatsApp to work and be installed on your Android device, users must have Android 4.1 or higher.

Third-party developers have created a modified version of WhatsApp called Aero. It gives users access to a ton of features that are not included in the official ones, like thousands of themes, private settings, fashionable fonts, and much more.

The original WhatsApp company did not create Aero WhatsApp. Hazar Bozkurt, a third-party app developer, created a modified version of WhatsApp.

Although Aero WhatsApp is available on a lot of websites, you should only download it from waapks.com, the official website. Users can download free, authentic mods for all the most recent iterations of Aero WhatsApp here.

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