WhatsApp Delta Latest APK (2024) Updated Download For Android

What is WhatsApp Delta APK?

WhatsApp Delta is a customized App that is not available in Official stores. It is a free App for Android phones that can only be accessed through websites such as Waapks.com.

This App takes some features from the popular Fouad WhatsApp.The main feature of WhatsApp Delta is its visually appealing aspect. The primary distinguishing feature of this App is its stylish visual part. It also prioritizes interface customization without sacrificing feature enhancements.

WhatsApp Delta has also been investigated in its GBWhatsApp Delta version. GBWhatsApp Delta is a different name for WhatsApp Delta; essentially, a different version of WhatsApp Delta is sent in “GB” portions. The popular GBWhatsApp developed GDWhatsApp DELTA MOD, so both applications are related to the former’s previous and developed versions.

Additional Table of Delta WhatsApp

App NameWhatsApp Delta
Size52 MB
VersionWhatsApp Delta v5.3.0 (Latest Version)
Total Downloads100,000,000+
LanguageMulti-Language Support
DeveloperDelta Labs Studio
Last UpdatedOne day ago

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WhatsApp Delta features and functions

WhatsApp Delta features and functions

The following are a couple of WhatsApp Delta’s features. It allows users to modify the interface’s colors, style, shapes, menu, and other elements. It provides a variety of graphical options to change the text’s style.

Hiding Options

This App has several appealing characteristics, like the capacity to stay online constantly, hide view status, and blue tick.

Emoji Variant

This App offers an extensive selection of Emojis from multiple platforms, including Facebook, Android O, WhatsApp, iOS, and more, conveniently gathered in one location.

Anti Delete Message

When users use this feature, they’ll be shocked to learn that others cannot remove messages on their behalf.

Freeze Last Seen

By turning this functionality on for their contacts, users can make their last seen and online status invisible to others.

Font Styles

Users can choose from many font styles, which will be used throughout the WhatsApp interface.

Much Safer

As no known vulnerabilities are connected to the WhatsApp Delta app, using it on Android devices is considered safe.


WhatsApp Delta’s UI is made to provide users with a more exciting and customized chatting experience. Its simple layout and basic style cut down on clutter and increased use. Users can add themes and colors to their chat backdrops to make the conversational atmosphere more unique. The chat bubbles have undergone a facelift to facilitate distinguishing between various message formats, including text, photos, videos, and links. The App’s navigation has been streamlined to simplify locating particular chats, contacts, or settings. To improve the user experience, WhatsApp Delta’s interface primarily emphasizes personalization, simplicity, and ease of use.

Customizing Colors

With WhatsApp Delta, users can add unique touches to their chat experience by changing several aspects of the software, including application themes, accent colors, primary colors, and custom font styles. By selecting various color selections, users can design a customized and eye-catching interface based on their tastes. WhatsApp Delta gives users a plethora of color customization options to express their unique style and improve the visual attractiveness of their messaging platform, whether they’re tweaking the overall theme or particular pieces like chat bubbles and UI components.

Use Multiple accounts

With WhatsApp Delta, users can take advantage of the convenience and increased flexibility of managing numerous accounts on a single device—personal and professional—all at once. This feature streamlines communication by allowing users to switch between many accounts without constantly logging in and out. WhatsApp Delta will enable users to easily add and manage numerous accounts, giving them unique privacy settings, notification preferences, and block lists for each profile. This feature makes managing accounts easier and improves user experience by meeting the different demands of people who need different accounts for other things.

Edit sent messages

Users of WhatsApp Delta have access to a unique feature not available in the standard App: the ability to edit messages that have been sent. After a message has been delivered, users can use this tool to fix mistakes, amend information, or clarify their communications. WhatsApp Delta improves communication by allowing users to edit texts they’ve sent. This App will enable users to make their chats more precise and accurate. This feature makes communications more convenient and customizable, which makes the messaging platform more smooth and user-friendly.

Send large files

With WhatsApp Delta, users can share considerable files in many ways, improving communication and teamwork by making it easy to share documents, films, and high-quality photographs. This is a massive increase from the previous 100MB restriction: Users may now email files up to 2GB in a single transfer, making it perfect for both personal and business use. The platform guarantees file security and creates a safe environment for exchanging extensive data using end-to-end encryption during transmission.


WhatsApp Delta themes are essential for improving the messaging app’s aesthetic appeal and customization. By implementing a desired theme, users can change the look and feel of the App interface. This App allows users to change the color palette, background picture, and other design features to suit their tastes. Users can use this App to enhance their messaging experience and add a personal touch by creating a distinctive and eye-catching interface.

Enable and Disable read receipts.

Users of WhatsApp Delta can choose whether to allow or prohibit read receipts, giving them discretion over whether senders can see when their messages are viewed. Senders can see two blue checkmarks if read receipts are enabled; however, if read receipts are disabled, two gray ticks will appear instead of the blue checkmarks, proving that the communication was received but not read.

Download status updates

Users may quickly download status updates from their contacts in WhatsApp Delta, which offers a practical solution to store and remember special moments, motivational articles, or insightful business advice. WhatsApp Delta improves the user experience by letting users download these status updates, which let them relive memorable events shared by friends and family whenever they want. This function allows users to save and share motivating or educational content for later use, which meets professional needs and fosters personal ties. Furthermore, by enabling users to download status updates using WhatsApp Delta, users may access and enjoy a wide variety of information shared by their friends, which enhances the messaging platform’s convenience and adaptability.

Customization of chat backgrounds

By changing the chat backdrop on WhatsApp Delta, users may add a unique touch to their messaging experience and make the UI more visually appealing and exciting. To set their images as chat backdrops, users can upload them or select from various pre-installed backgrounds. Users can customize the wallpaper for individual or group chats, giving each discussion a unique feel. Users may personalize their chat backdrops to fit their preferences and style by going to ‘Chats’> ‘Chat Wallpaper’ in the ‘Delta Settings’ menu. This App improves the overall visual appeal of the messaging platform.

Chat bubble styles

This App allows users to change chat bubble styles, making their chat experience more personal. From within the App’s chat settings, users can change how their message bubbles look by choosing from a number of different bubble types. This feature allows users to change the colors, shapes, and styles of their chat bubbles, making their conversations look unique. This feature adds to the messaging platform’s visual attractiveness and overall aesthetic.

Various sticker packs

This App allows users to express themselves creatively and visually in discussions. Users can download and use these sticker packs, which contain a variety of adorable themed stickers. Within the messaging platform, users can express emotions, sentiments, and messages in a more visually appealing and dynamic way by selecting from various styles and themes that suit their interests.

Transparent themes

Transparent themes in WhatsApp Delta give users a distinctive and eye-catching method to personalize their messaging interface. With the help of these themes, users can add a transparent or translucent effect to the App’s menus, chat backdrops, and chat bubbles, giving the interface a clean, contemporary appearance. Using translucent themes, users may improve the WhatsApp Delta experience’s overall design and give their discussions a more upscale, customized look. This feature allows users to customize their messaging platform to suit their tastes, making their interactions more elegant and engaging.

iOS emojis and icon packs

By adding iOS emojis and icon packs to their chats and customizing the UI, users can improve their messaging experience with WhatsApp Delta. Users who integrate iOS emojis can access many expressive and eye-catching emoticons that infuse their communications with personality and emotion. Furthermore, users can create a distinctive and customized look for their messaging platform by customizing the visual elements, such as app icons and other design components, thanks to the availability of icon packs. These features give users the ability to customize their chat experience to fit their preferences and style, in addition to improving WhatsApp Delta’s visual attractiveness.

Other features of Delta WhatsApp

Other features of Delta WhatsApp
  1. Change the status bar and search bar.
  2. Answering machine.
  3. Bubbles for conversation.
  4. Users can send up to ninety-nine pictures at once.
  5. It supports multiple file formats.
  6. Redesigned main screen.
  7. Call and leave messages to unregistered numbers.
  8. When copying a message, keep the date and name hidden.
  9. Do not disturb” mode to disable notifications.
  10. Message and status anti-deletion features.
  11. View deleted messages and status updates.
  12. This App shows the read confirmation following a message reply.
  13. Message programming.
  14. Messages with the “forwarded” tag hidden.
  15. Only display read confirmations for messages that have been viewed.
  16. Special characters and emoticons in ASCII code.
  17. Transmit audio files up to 100 MB and movies up to 50 MB.
  18. Anti-banking function.
  19. Use a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint to lock the App or chats.
  20. It permits the usage of third-party video players.
  21. Before downloading, preview images and videos.
  22. Increased contact limit for broadcast messages.
  23. It lets users customize the language of the UI.
  24. Reacting to messages.
  25. Up to seven minutes worth of videos may be uploaded to the states.
  26. Offers fresh alternatives for customizing the launch UI.
  27. An integrated translator is present.
  28. It is up to users to find out if someone has blocked them.
  29. It helps users freeze read confirmations and conceal the statuses “Writing,” “recording audio,” and “Online”.

Note: To install this program, users must have Android OS 4.0 or later.

How to download and install WhatsApp Delta?

It is necessary to download the WhatsApp Delta file using the download button above before going over how to install the program. After that, take the subsequent actions.

How to download and install WhatsApp Delta?
  • Once the backup has been established, log into WhatsApp, click the three dots symbol, select “Settings > Chats > Backup > SAVE,” and then remove the official App from the smartphone.
  • After clicking on the profile symbol on Google Play, select “Play Protect > Settings > Scan apps with Play Protect” to turn off this feature.
  • To allow installation rights, navigate to the settings on their phone and select “Security > Device Management > Unknown sources.” Note: The names of some parts and the access path may change based on the Operating System version of their mobile device.
  • Locate the WhatsApp Delta APK file in the downloads folder, then click it to begin the installation.
  • Log into the App and enter the phone number to verify your account.
  • After completion, users can enjoy all the benefits of WhatsApp Delta.

How do you update WhatsApp Delta?

To obtain the most recent WhatsApp Delta version, click the download button above to get the relevant APK file.

Users must then remove the Application from their smartphone and reinstall it using the updated file.

Note: Before updating the App, it is recommended that a backup copy of the discussions be made.

Aspects to Consider

Google services are unavailable in WhatsApp Delta, an App created from WhatsApp. It also does not have the option to store backups in the cloud. However, this App allows users to create a backup of their conversations, which they can save in their mobile storage. For this reason, it is suitable to have enough space in the device’s storage.

Advantages and Disadvantages


The following are some advantages of WhatsApp Delta:

  • It is constantly updated.
  • This App provides more control over the App.
  • Its functions help the process of sending and receiving communications.
  • It offers different options to customize the display and configure the account’s privacy


The following are some of this MOD’s disadvantages:

  • It doesn’t have Google’s security contract.
  • Outsiders can listen in on conversations.
  • Updates may cause crashes after installation.
  • If the App affects the device, submitting claims is impossible.

WhatsApp Delta risks

Although the APK file we provide on our website is 100% pure and virus-free, using this Application carries specific risks. Some of the most common dangers overlooked by users of WhatsApp Delta and others of WhatsApp are as follows:

  • The account may get banned.
  • If a secure website does not reach the App, malware may infect the gadget.


In conclusion, the most recent version of WhatsApp Delta includes several intriguing changes and enhancements that will undoubtedly improve users’ messaging experiences. WhatsApp Delta is a distinctive and potent messaging service with a customized layout, privacy-focused settings, and a wide range of customization options.

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