WhatsApp GO Latest APK (Free Download) V0.23 For Android!

What is WhatsApp GO APK?

There is a modified version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp GO. This App provides a smooth messaging experience and will benefit people with more powerful phones or storage space. If users want to send messages quickly, be sure they’re connected safely, and use less data, GOWhatsApp focuses on the core texting features.
Like all other MODs, WhatsApp Go tries to meet all its users’ needs and wants. This App has many extra features and functions that aren’t in the original version.
Moreover, this App allows users to customize the look and feel of the App according to their taste, which means every component of this App is customizable. Users can hide their profile, Hide Status, Download Status, use Themes, and Customize fonts, among other things. For more, keep reading this article.

Additional Table of GO WhatsApp

App NameWhatsApp GO
Size38.0 MB
Android Required5.0 or Above
Update1 Day Before
File TypeMod APK
Downloads1 Million+

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Old Versions of WhatsApp GO V0.23

Because so many people want it, you can’t deny that WhatsApp GO is an excellent app with many features. People have been using it for a long time, with version 2.22.10L being the first release. If you were an early user, you may know this version.
After that, it improved through versions 2.22.10L Fix 2, 2.22.12L, 2.23.0L, 0.23.2L, 0.23.4L, and 0.23.5L. Now you can get the newest and best version, v0.23.11L, which was made by Soula based on

Features of WhatsApp GO Latest Version

This App contains features, including the original app features. This is the best thing about this App. This means that users of the original App can also use this App without any cost or the threat of being banned. It has a lot of extra features, so let’s discuss all of them in this section.

Lightweight App

Almost every modified App of the Original WA is quite heavy, but this App is lighter than the others. So, people with low-storage phones can easily benefit from this App.

File Sharing

WhatsApp Go has a more advanced file-sharing system that makes it easier to send and receive files within the App. With this feature, users can send and receive files directly through WhatsApp GO, which makes the process easier and faster. Users can share files up to 2GB with this App, making it easy to send big files. The method works by using Bluetooth to send files more quickly. The end-to-end encryption that comes with the App ensures the transfer is safe.

Double Ticks

For WhatsApp Go, the double ticks feature is essential for keeping track of messages and talking to people. One grey tick mark means the message was sent correctly, and two grey tick marks mean the message was delivered to the right person. The double-blue ticks are essential because they show when the receiver has read the message. It lets users know right away what’s going on with their messages. This feature improves the user experience by making conversations clear and open. It lets senders know precisely when the recipient has read and received their messages.

View Deleted Messages

Users of WhatsApp Go can see deleted texts through Notification History, a new feature. Turning on Notification History in the settings lets users see a list of all the messages they’ve received, even ones the sender deleted. It means that users can read deleted messages even after they have been deleted from the chat. This App allows users to access and read essential messages they accidentally wiped. These features improve the user experience by letting users keep track of their contact history and retrieve crucial data they may have accidentally deleted. Getting deleted messages from WhatsApp GO and other chat Apps back with third-party apps like WAMR is also possible.

Lightning-Fast Performance

Users of WhatsApp Go can send messages quickly even when their internet link is slow. It is done by making the best use of data, which lets chats go promptly and without any lags or delays. The design and technology of the App are intentionally made to make messaging smooth, even in places with lousy network service or slow internet speeds. Because of this feature, WhatsApp Go is the best App for people who want to stay in touch with their family and friends without delays or interruptions. It makes texting more fun and valuable.

Minimal Data Consumption

Users of WhatsApp Go can turn on a feature called “Minimal Data Consumption,” which significantly lowers the amount of data used for voice calls and texting. This feature is meant to help people who pay by the gigabyte or have limited data plans so they can speak clearly without worrying about using too much data. By reducing the amount of data used, WhatsApp Go makes messaging faster, even on slow connections. It makes contact smooth and easy. This feature benefits people who live in places with weak network service or slow internet speeds because it lets them stay in touch with their family and friends without any problems.

Enhanced Customization

Better customization in WhatsApp Go gives users many ways to make their chat experience unique. With this feature, users can pick beautiful themes, styles, fonts, and colors, not just the default green theme for WhatsApp. This App offers more customization options; users can make their interface fit their tastes and interests, making the messaging experience more exciting and unique.

Beyond Media Limits

“Beyond Media Limits” in WhatsApp Go means that the App can send large files, like videos, that are bigger than the 16MB limit set by the main WhatsApp app. This feature allows users to share high-quality videos and files with others without considering file size limits. Users can use this App to send files up to 100 MB. It makes it easier for those people who want to share long videos, high-resolution photos, or large files while maintaining quality will find this helpful tool.

Selective Sharing

Some WhatsApp Go users can pick which contacts to share their online status, last seen, and other details. This feature is called “selective sharing.” This feature gives users more control over their privacy settings by letting them change how visible they are and what they can share based on each friend. Users can better control their online presence by selectively sharing information. This way, they can ensure that only specific contacts can see certain details while others can stay private. This function gives users more privacy and control within the app, making the communication experience more tailored and personal.

Customization Options

In this app, users make their messaging App unique. Many beautiful themes, styles, fonts, and colors allow users to change their App theme from the default. With this level of customization, users can make the interface according to their taste, making the messaging experience more personal.

Privacy Enhancements

Privacy Enhancements in this App give users more ways to keep their messages and personal information safe. One of these improvements is the ability to hide your profile picture, last seen status, and information from certain friends or everyone else. This App gives users more control over how visible they are. Users can also limit who can add them to group chats so only specific contacts can include them in talks with other people. Users can also protect their privacy and safety even more with WhatsApp Go, which lets them turn off actual location in chats and stop people from taking screenshots of their profile pictures. There are improvements to privacy meant to improve the user experience and give users more control over their private settings.


Users can make their chat experience more unique with WhatsApp Go’s many themes and skins. Some of these themes are simple, while others have bright, moving backgrounds that let users show who they are. Many people can use the Age of Ultron GBWhatsApp Theme, which has a beautiful Ultron wallpaper and color highlights that match, and the Material Green Theme, which has a bright, high-contrast color tint. Also, users can pick styles like the Black GB WhatsApp Theme, which makes the App look completely black, and the iOS Theme, which makes it look like the WhatsApp app on an iPhone. To use a theme, users can go to GBSettings, find the Download Themes section, and pick the theme they want. By hitting “Load theme” in the GBSettings menu, users can also download and use themes from websites.

Extra features of WhatsApp GO

Here are some extra things that WhatsApp GO can do:

  • Users have 15 minutes to change messages: This feature allows users to change sent messages, such as correcting typos or adding missing information.
  • Chat Lock: This feature protects specific chats with a password, giving sensitive messages an extra layer of safety.
  • Support for multiple devices: Users can easily log in to their WhatsApp account simultaneously on up to four devices.
  • Sharing high-quality pictures and voice status updates lets users show who they are in a more personal way.
  • Community Chats: This tool lets people talk about a broader range of topics, which can bring together people with similar interests or help organizations work together better.
  • Formatting and lists: WhatsApp lets you make lists with bullet points, numbers, and block quotes to draw attention to important text. This App makes sharing plans, recipes, and other lists easier.
  • Inline code format: This feature breaks down commands into steps, which helps discuss technology.

Other Unique Features

  • Flash calls: This security function lets users prove who they are by making a quick voice call.
  • Encrypted backups: This function ensures user data is backed up and kept safe.
  • Users can change the style of their WhatsApp chat by adding different colors, wallpapers, and themes.
  • Create WhatsApp Business Account: This feature lets users create a business account and access useful business features.
  • Make polls on WhatsApp: This feature lets users make polls so the whole group can decide what to do.
  • With stories, WhatsApp users can share the little things that happen daily with their friends.
  • Hide your online status on WhatsApp: This function lets WhatsApp users hide their identity.
  • Use WhatsApp Web on your phone: For a smooth experience, users can browse WhatsApp Web on their phones.
  • Everyone can delete old WhatsApp messages after a certain amount of time. This function helps users keep their chats clear and organized.
  • Invite people to a Zoom meeting on WhatsApp: WhatsApp GO users can invite their friends to a Zoom meeting.

Installation Steps

Here are four easy steps users can take to get this version of WhatsApp on their Android:

  • First, get the Go WhatsApp apk file from a trustworthy website. That APK can also be found at waapks.com.
  • Now, please save the file elsewhere so users can load it again or give it to someone else.
  • Click on the App file to begin the download process.
  • Once they’ve installed it, check their phone number.

Note: We suggest that you use a less critical phone number. WhatsApp will sometimes delete our account if we use a modified version, which causes problems.

Installation steps WhatsApp GO for PC

Users can now use this WhatsApp app on their PCs as well. But users need an emulator first. Users should get the BlueStacks software for that. To get this amazing APK to work on the PC, follow these steps:

  • ⦁ Get the blue stack simulator and put it on your PC.
  • ⦁ Save the GO WhatsApp App file somewhere else after users download it.
  • ⦁ Now, start the Bluestacks simulator. On the emulator screen, find the apk file users downloaded.
  • ⦁ Just right-click on the APK file and set it up.
  • ⦁ After setting up, enter the phone number to confirm.
  • ⦁ Pick up where users left off on WhatsApp.

It will be even better in 2023 with WhatsApp Go.

There is nothing perfect. On the other hand, your desire to get better is what matters. The same goes for the people who made this great version of WhatsApp.

  • The makers listened to users’ most common complaints to determine what was wrong with their version. In the most recent version, released in 2023, they made some changes to improve the user experience.
  • Some devices had app crashes. But they have now been solved.
  • When it was updated, some other bugs were fixed.
  • They fixed some problems with how the language was shown.
  • Some issues were caused by the “Disable proximity sensor” choice, but they have been fixed now.

Pros and Cons of GO WhatsApp


  • Changes you can make and power over the App.
  • Options for short messages.
  • Better experience for users on desktop.
  • Syncing between devices without any problems.
  • Better work output thanks to faster file sharing and communication Strong focus on privacy and safety.
  • Using AirDrop to share files with people nearby.
  • There are many styles and skins to choose from to make it your own.
  • Advanced privacy features to keep the conversation safe.
  • Flash calls, encrypted backups, and community chats are some extra benefits.


  • It is possible to share hate speech and false information.
  • It makes people feel even more alone and lowers their self-esteem, especially young people.
  • Security concerns arise when chats are not recorded or watched, as messages can be deleted and poorly used.
  • It causes health problems like not getting enough sleep and eye strain.
  • Teenagers are especially at risk of sharing inappropriate material, being blackmailed, and being exploited.


Soula, the developer who made WhatsApp Go, created the best App. Its most recent version, released in 2023, has some strange new features. It has all the latest updates for regular WhatsApp and lets you use some advanced mod features that aren’t available in normal WhatsApp.
In other words, WhatsApp isn’t just a WhatsApp. Keep coming back to Waapks.com for more news about WhatsApp apps. Check out other excellent versions of WhatsApp mods, like FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or WhatsApp Aero.

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