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What is WhatsApp Gold APK?

WhatsApp Gold is known as the leader of all the modified versions of the Official App, which is growing daily. This App has over 10Million+ downloads. It has a lot of additional features, which need to be present in the Official App. This App allows users to have more customization, Privacy, and many other customization options.

People are considering it as an extraordinary App among all the other messaging Apps. This App enhanced the messaging experience. Users of this App loved to have the App. So, this is the reason why this App is growing rapidly. The most beneficial thing about this App is that this App is free to download from our website.

Additionally, this App is different from all other messaging Apps because the features in it are not present in all other Apps. There are a lot of customization options like themes, Fonts, Privacy Control, and Interface customization. So users can customize this App according to their personality or taste.

Additional Table of Gold WhatsApp

App NameWhatsApp Gold
Latest VersionVersion 35.0
Android RequirementAndroid 5.0 or Up
NA1 WhatsApp PriceFree of cost
Downloads20+ Millions
Download Size56 MB
Mod FeaturesGold Color

Features of Gold WhatsApp V35.0

WhatsApp Gold is the most distinct App along with all other Mods of the official App. In this section of this blog, our followers will have a brief detail of this App’s features. All the features are given below read them carefully.

Custom Themes

We know that users of the Official App get bored seeing the same white or dark interface. Seeing this issue WhatsApp Gold introduced the feature called “Themes”. This feature allows users to select any theme in the App. There are limitless themes in this App, users can select any theme according to their style and enhance their chatting experience.

Message Scheduling

Users can now schedule messages in advance with this App. Users can be confident that their messages will be delivered on time, whether they are birthday wishes or just a simple reminder to pick up some stuff from the store. This feature is a lot helpful in reminding them of anything.

Enhanced Privacy

With more control over privacy settings, WhatsApp Gold gives users more options to customize their chatting experience. Users can use it to turn off read receipts, hide the typing indicator, and hide their online status. With these tools at users’ removal, users can use this App with assurance and never worry about someone else seeing their activities.

Media Sharing

Users can easily overcome the restrictions on media sharing with this App. Larger files, photos/videos, and files in multiple formats can all be sent easily using this App. For people who regularly need to exchange different kinds of media content, like photographers, videographers, and regular media sharers, this feature is most helpful for those.

Auto Reply

This feature is helpful if someone is busy or unable to respond to messages right away. It provides the ability to configure automatic responses, which will be sent out automatically as soon as a message is received. This feature is helpful for professionals or people who receive a lot of messages every day.


With this app, users can add distinctive fonts to their messages to make them stand out. This feature lets users customize and enhance the appearance of their conversations, whether users like their writing to be bold or elegant.

Use Multiple Accounts

Users may be aware of the Official App’s restriction on the number of accounts users can use. Furthermore, there is no way to move between accounts, unlike Facebook and Instagram. This App has included this feature, though, for their users. Using multiple accounts is now simple with WhatsApp Gold. A feature to quickly switch between these accounts has also been added.

Animation and Feel

WhatsApp Gold and the Official App are not the same things. Users will adore using Gold WhatsApp since it has additional animations and feelings added to it. Users will enjoy the new flip animation feel and the customizable nature of these items. You can quickly alter and personalize lots of other features. To explore the available customization settings, simply navigate to the Gold Wa settings panel.

Some Other Amazing Features

Gold Amazing Features

Go offline in One Click

How long do you wait on WhatsApp? If you only turn off your data when you’re offline, this feature is for you. Users can go offline without disconnecting their data by using the unique offline mode. To limit the message, Do Not Distrib features are also available. By utilizing these features, users will be able to concentrate on other personal matters.

Unique Communities & Groups Tabs

With WhatsApp Gold’s new features, managing chats, especially groups and communities is now easier. To provide daily updates on groups and communities without interfering with the chat section, this feature has added two new tabs for these purposes. Users can save time and effort by making use of these unique tabs.

Mass Messaging

If you only send messages to a select group of contacts, you should check out Gold WhatsApp’s mass messaging capabilities. With the help of this feature, users can send messages to their contacts in bulk without having to go through the individual group or chat. Simply type your message to the contacts users have chosen, and it will be delivered right away. Please make responsible use of this feature; abusing it by sending unseen messages could result in the banning of their accounts.

Message a Number

This feature allows users to send a message without saving it. Although users can call on the number without saving it. Simply write a number on the chat board and send it to yourself. After doing that click on that number, and the dropdown box will appear with an option “Message”.

Disable Forward Tag

Are you aware that WhatsApp displays a “Forwarded tag” when you send a message to two or more contacts? Your message now appears fake or spam due to these tags. WhatsApp Gold has included a feature to disable the forwarded tag. By going to the Gold WhatsApp settings panel and searching for privacy and policy settings, users can quickly disable these tags using WA Gold. Users can simply turn on the option to disable the forwarded tag in this.

Anti View Once Message

This feature allows users to send a single message, which will be permanently deleted after it has been viewed. However, after realizing its drawbacks, WhatsApp Gold decided to add an anti-view once feature to safeguard user privacy. Users can easily watch and view messages as many times as they’d like with this feature. Simply launch the Gold WhatsApp right now to begin using it without any limitations.

Customize Color

With thousands of customization options, Gold WhatsApp allows users to quickly change the sections, colors, themes, and fonts. Each section’s color choices can be appropriate. With this APK, users are guaranteed the best possible user experience. Among many other settings, there are conversion screen settings and universal settings. Simply launch the WhatsApp Gold settings panel, then navigate to the color options of your choosing.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Gold Latest Version


  • This app has an entirely customizable interface.
  • WhatsApp Gold surpasses all other options in terms of customizations. There are numerous WhatsApp mods available, but the WhatsApp Gold APK gives you access to all the best features and customizations in one location.
  • WhatsApp Gold boasts features that seem limitless, making it the most feature-rich App you’ve ever used. Users can also take advantage of a lot of special features at no cost.
  • Because Gold WhatsApp is safer and more secure than the regular version, it offers users more features and security options. for example, chat lock, app lock, blue tick settings, and more.


  • Although WhatsApp Gold is not an official version, it is safe to use. However, it resembles a tweaked version of WhatsApp.
  • Because Gold WhatsApp isn’t available on the Play Store, users are downloading it from phony websites. Download the Gold WhatsApp from the official Waapks website to avoid this.
  • Since this is a MOD version, security checks may be delayed by one to two days. The quickest update is readily available on Waapks directly.

Installation of WhatsApp Gold Mod APK

Steps to install this outstanding App are given below:

Download WA Gold
  1. Download the APK file from this blog.
  2. After downloading the APK, enable the “Unknown Resources” from the device settings.
  3. Now Click on the downloaded APK file.
  4. After that, click on the “Install” button.
  5. The App will start installing on the device.
  6. After the installation is done, click on the “Open” Button.
  7. Register with your numbers and cheers with WhatsApp Gold.

How we Update WhatsApp Gold?

It is very simple to update this App. Steps to update WhatsApp Gold are very easy and each step is written below:

  1. On the very first, get back up your chat from the settings of WhatsApp Gold.
  2. After that, Click on the three dots on the right corner.
  3. Click on the “Settings” from the dropdown box.
  4. Now search for the “Updates” in the settings.
  5. Click on the “Update” button.
  6. If an update occurs it will automatically update after clicking on “Update”.
  7. After updation, the App will start automatically.

My Personal Experience

An amazing chance to improve users’ messaging experience is provided by Whatsapp Gold. Custom themes, improved privacy settings, message scheduling, and other features are among the many features it offers. Wide-ranging personalization is possible with these choices. But it’s important to use caution when utilizing altered App versions. While keeping in mind the possible security risks, give priority to downloading it from Waapks. Users can enjoy a messaging experience that is uniquely customized for them and unleash WhatsApp Gold’s full potential by using it responsibly. To explore the world, download for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Waapks is the official website where you can download WhatsApp Gold for free if you’re looking for the official version of the App. This App, complete with safety and security features, and is available for download.

To install and utilize WhatsApp Gold on your Android devices, users must have Android version 5.1 or higher.

It is safe to use the Gold WhatsApp, but please only download it from Waapks. This is the authorized website. It could be dangerous to download it from other websites.

No, It’s not a dangerous App because it never requires root access; WhatsApp Gold works just like other APKs.

The Gold version of the App has additional features like free calling, the capacity to send up to 100 images at once, video calling, and theme switching.

The Gold version of WhatsApp is a free App. Make free phone calls and communicate with people anywhere in the world via text, photo, audio, and video messages.

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