YO WhatsApp APK Download (2024) Latest V9.98 For Android

What is YO WhatsApp APK?

YO WhatsApp, sometimes called YOWS, Yo Yo WhatsApp, WhatsApp Yo, YoWhatsApp, YOWA, YO WP, WA YO, or Yo What’s Up, transforms users’ messaging experience with its advanced features and unmatched customizability.

YO WhatsApp is a modified version of the well-known messaging App. It provides more functionality and customization options than the Official WA. This App is developed by Yousaf Al-Basha. Improved privacy settings, changeable themes, higher file-sharing thresholds, and several additional UI and functional improvements are a few features of this App.

Users may customize their chat experience with Yo WhatsApp by adding eye-catching themes, personalized fonts, and exclusive privacy options. This App lets users message like never before. Using this App users may enhance their conversations, open up new avenues, and leave a lasting impression. We also have one more amazing WhatsApp mod called AB5 WhatsApp Mod. Also Try this Mod.

Additional Table of YOWhatsApp V9.98

App NameYo WhatsApp
Latest VersionV9.98
File Size61.02 MB
File TypeMod APK
DeveloperYousaf Al-Basha
Android RequirementAndroid 5.0+
Last UpdatedA few days ago
YO WhatsApp PriceFree of Cost
Mod FeaturesMany Features

Additional Features of YO WhatsApp Latest Version

Additional Features of YO WhatsApp

It does have a long list of features, which we shall discuss in the next part. Some of the primary features that millions of people adore first. And the key factor that makes this App the most popular among users is these features. Only the YO WhatsApp has these features listed below. That being said, we update all of the YoWa-related content on our website, so these features are the most recent. Look at these amazing features:


Third-party applications, which are even riskier since they take data from smartphones, are often used by users to lock their WhatsApp accounts. Users can lock their App with the built-in lock in YO WhatsApp. Navigate this feature through the settings of this APK.

Anti-Delete Message

With the help of YO WhatsApp’s Anti-Delete Messages feature, users can view messages even if the sender deletes them for everyone. Isn’t that fascinating? Yes, that’s the reason why so many people prefer to use this App over the standard App.

Built-In Themes

YO WhatsApp comes with a built-in YO Themes section for themes. Yousef Al-Basha created its themes for the App, so users no longer need to download any other Apps to utilize WA Themes in this mod. It has hundreds of fantastic themes that are very well-liked. Here, users can choose any theme according to their personality.

Freeze Last Seen

Users can keep their last seen private from the public while still having access to other users’ last seen by using the incredible Freeze Last Seen feature. This option is helpful for those who want to see the other users’ last and want to hide their own.


Unlike previous mods, this one is completely anti-ban, therefore using it won’t result in any banning difficulties. These days, practically all WhatsApp moderators block their users, preventing them from using the mod Apps on their phones ever again. However, the YO WhatsApp Antiban Version for Android has been released by Yousef Al-Basha, and it is completely safe to use. See, how primary this App is?

Some Other Amazing Features

Some Other Amazing Features

Send Long Media

Whatsapp allows users to transmit videos up to a certain amount of gigabytes. Longer videos cannot be sent via it. However, users can send lengthy videos up to 700MB with YoWa. This is indeed happening. This implies that with this incredible feature, users can even transfer a complete 780p video via YO WhatsApp. Many photographers and videographers may also benefit from this feature, as can regular individuals.

Built-In Emojis

Emojis are a popular way for both males and girls to communicate on WhatsApp. Do you belong to that group? If so, this App is the most appropriate for you. Because it includes an Emoji Variant, which has unique emojis.


When it comes to privacy features, YO WhatsApp reigns supreme. It offers several privacy options, such as the ability to conceal your last seen from the public and to hide the double and blue ticks. This indicates that there is still a single tick next to the recipient’s message. Fascinating? In this manner, even if users read someone else’s message, they will believe you haven’t seen it. The ability to filter out time wasters is incredibly helpful.

No Root

While installing many mods, root access is required, but now users do not need to download YO WhatsApp. When users root their Android smartphone, they open it up to hackers trying to get root access. Consequently, using programs that require root access is not advised. Yo Wa can be installed just like any other regular APK file and doesn’t require root access.


Yo WhatsApp has a lot of customization options. Users can use those options to alter the look of the App. Every element of this App is customizable and users can change any element according to their taste.

Hide typing indicator

By utilizing the Hide typing feature of YO WhatsApp, users can hide their typing indicator to tweak the other users. When users enable this feature, it seems like the user is not typing. So, feel free to download this Amazing App to tweak your friends.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of chat backdrops, fonts, and themes.
  • Permits sharing of bigger files than what WhatsApp has set as its maximum.
  • Has extra features like chat locking and scheduling messages.
  • Before WhatsApp’s formal release of beta features, users can access them.
  • More control over group conversations, media exposure, and notifications is provided with this improved capability.
  • Advanced privacy features, such as the ability to conceal one’s online status and enable blue ticks, are provided by Enhanced Privacy.


  • Internet Access is compulsory.
  • Users will not find this App on the Google Play Store.
  • Getting the APK from unknown resources may get the user account banned. Download it from Waapks.
  • YO WhatsApp is a Modified Version of Original WhatsApp.

YOWhatsApp Installation Process

Installation of YO WhatsApp
  1. To install this App, allow unknown resources from the settings of the device.
  2. After that click on the downloaded APK file.
  3. Click on “Install” to install YO WhatsApp.
  4. The application will begin to install on the device.
  5. When the installation is done, Click on the “Open” button.
  6. Now, register with the number and enjoy.

How we will Update of YO WhatsApp?

There are very easy steps to update this App. Do follow the steps which are given below:

  • First of all, do a backup of the conversations from the backup section.
  • After that, go to the settings.
  • Search for the updates in the settings.
  • When you find it, click on it.
  • It will automatically start updating if the update is available.

User Experience

To sum up, this blog has examined YO WhatsApp’s environment and offered insights into its features, upgrades, and operations. We unveiled this App, a modified program that improves your chat experience. Highlighting its new features, which include customized emojis, themes, and launcher choices for the App. We highlighted the special benefits that come with the official WhatsApp, such as its many customization choices and improved privacy features. We spoke about how crucial it is to update this App to take advantage of the newest features, enhanced performance, and bug fixes. It has come a long way, satisfying the needs of consumers looking for a more customized chat experience. If you are also interested to know about NA6 WhatsApp then read this Blog: NA6 WhatsApp APK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, indeed this App is safe and secure to use.

No, this App does not compress the quality of the video or photo sent. As a result, you may always use Yo WhatsApp to send HD pictures to your contacts!

Yes, this App is anti-ban and is legal to use.

Yes, users can use the Official WA alongside YO WhatsApp.

YO WhatsApp offers extra features including improved privacy settings, changeable themes, higher file-sharing limits, and other UI and functionality improvements.

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