AG4 WhatsApp APK V36.5 (March 2024) Download for Android!

What is AG4 WhatsApp APK?

AG4 WhatsApp is the fourth variant of AG WhatsApp. The color of this App is yellow and black. This App is based on the theme of a great Muslim warrior in the Turkish drama series Ertugural Ghazi. Everyone who likes old Turkish things is using it right now.

This App offers various customization options and features like Anti-Revoke Messages, Anti-View Once, Hide Profile, Freeze Last Seen, and many more. Users can use these features to enhance their messaging experience.

AG4 WhatsApp is used by people all over the world. It now has billions of busy users because it encrypts everything from end to end. People use this social media app to talk about personal and work things. It’s simple to use on both phones and computers. However, many people still need to get more interested in WhatsApp MOD versions. These unofficial versions claim to have several great features that the official version still needs. One good example is AG4, which is WhatsApp. It is the last App in the AG line.

Additional Table of AG4 WhatsApp

Application NameAG4 WhatsApp
DeveloperAsim Mahjoub
 Last UpdateA few days ago
 Size78 MB
File TypeMod APK
Mod FeaturesMany Features

Download AG4 WhatsApp

To get the APK file of this App, users do not have to rely on any resource. Waapks allows users to get the APK of AG4 WhatsApp. Click on the download button below to download the APK file. We also have a AG3 WhatsApp APK.

Features of AG4 WhatsApp

The AG4 WhatsApp App is a messenger that works like the original WhatsApp. However, some changes, like new effects, styles, and features, make it more unique. The App’s creator made some changes to make chatting more fun for users. The list below includes a new user interface, a chat that users can customize, and more.

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption, built into AG4 WhatsApp, ensures user communications are entirely private and safe. This feature in this App means that only the sender and other recipient have the unique key to open and read the messages. This means no one else, not even AG4 WhatsApp, can access the content. This encryption process happens automatically, so users don’t have to change settings. It provides a safe way to communicate where personal and business talks are kept private and secure from possible data breaches or surveillance.

Fingerprint Lock for Chats

AG4 WhatsApp has a robust fingerprint lock tool that protects users’ chats with biometric authentication, which makes them safer and more private. By turning on this feature, users can protect their messages with their fingerprints, ensuring that only people who are allowed can see their talks. With this extra layer of security, chats stay private and can’t be read by people who aren’t supposed to. It gives users peace of mind when using the AG4 WhatsApp platform to talk to each other. Users who want to keep private chats safe from prying eyes will find the fingerprint lock feature in AG4 WhatsApp very useful.

Hide Blue Tick

In AG4 WhatsApp, users can remove blue check marks called “read receipts.” This App gives more privacy and control over who can see their messages. Users can keep senders from seeing when they’ve read a message. This way, they don’t feel force to reply immediately. People who value privacy and want to read messages without letting others know about it will find this helpful function. AG4 WhatsApp allows users to control their read receipts, making texting more private and customizable to each person’s tastes.

Message Scheduler

Users of AG4 WhatsApp can plan messages, which makes it easy to send messages at certain times. This feature allows users to write notes, and a fix time. Users can plan messages to be sent at certain times, so they don’t have to be online at those times.

DND Mode

The “Do Not Disturb” (DND) mode in AG4 WhatsApp lets users handle calls and messages the best way they can. With this feature, users can turn off notifications from WhatsApp talks so they can focus or be at peace at certain times. Users are in DND mode; they can change the settings so that alerts don’t bother them. This App is helpful when they need to focus on essential tasks or meetings or want some alone time. By using the DND mode in AG4 WhatsApp, users can customize their messaging experience to fit their needs. It makes them more productive and lessens the number of times they are interrupted by calls and texts.

Send Large Media

AG4 WhatsApp lets users send big media files, like videos, without being limited by the platform’s normal file size limits. With this App, users can send movies bigger than 16 MB by turning them into documents. This lets users send files up to 2 GB in size. With this feature, users can keep the quality of their video files while ensuring others can easily access and view them. Users of this app can also use online tools to compress movies before sending them. This App allows for quickly sharing even larger files without losing quality. Overall, it makes the user experience better by making it easy and flexible to share big media files.

Change Font Styles

Users of this App can change how text is displayed, making messaging more unique and creative. In chats, users can change the type, style, and color of their text, which makes their messages look better and more expressive. Users can emphasize important points, draw attention to specific content, or give their talks a unique touch using different formatting options, such as bold, italic, strikethrough, and even monospace font. Third-party apps can also be used with AG4 WhatsApp to access more font styles, emojis, and text decorations. This App lets users make their messages even more unique by adding styled letters, numbers, symbols, and colored text. This feature lets users change the message to fit their tastes, making conversations more exciting and visually appealing.


AG4 WhatsApp has an easy-to-use interface that makes chatting more enjoyable with its simple layout and flexible options. It’s intentional that AG4 WhatsApp’s layout looks good and is simple to use, so users can quickly get to different features. Users can make the design more unique by picking from various themes, font styles, and colors.

Font Colors

Changing the color of text in AG4 WhatsApp is not a built-in feature. Customization options on the platform include changing font styles, sizes, and text formatting choices like bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace. However, users can’t change the font color directly in this App. Users can get around this limitation by using third-party apps like Blue Words to add colored text to their chats. With these third-party apps, users can make stylish, colorful texts that can be copied and pasted into chats. This App makes texting more personal and appealing to the eye. Even though it doesn’t let users change the font color, they can still use third-party apps to add colorful text to their chats.

Chat Lock

AG4 WhatsApp adds a “Chat Lock” feature that improves privacy and security by giving users an extra layer of protection for specific talks. Users can protect private talks by locking individual chats with a passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID. This App keeps sensitive conversations private and prevents unauthorized people from seeing them. This feature hides conversations from the main list of conversations and puts them in a secure folder that only authorized users can view. Notifications for locked chats also don’t show the sender or content of messages, and media shared in these chats isn’t saved immediately to the device’s photo library, which adds to privacy. With this App’s Chat Lock feature, users can keep their private chats private, giving them peace of mind and privacy in their messaging.

My Personal Experience

AG4 WhatsApp is a great messaging app combining advanced security features with customizable choices to improve the user experience. It’s a great example of how innovation and user-centered design can work together to make something great. This APK is very good at meeting all of its users’ needs. It has end-to-end encryption, a fingerprint lock for chats and scheduled messages, and an easy-to-use layout. You can send big media files, change how the text looks, and use features like “Do Not Disturb” mode to make every contact more accessible and more personal. AG4 WhatsApp makes contact easy and puts user control and comfort first, making it an excellent choice for people who want a safe and fun messaging experience. Features like Chat Lock protect privacy and security.

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