KB3 WhatsApp APK V33 (2024 Updated) Download for Android!

What is KB3 WhatsApp?

KB3 WhatsApp is a tweaked version of the Official WA, it has numerous incredible features. It is a strong competitor and powerful substitute for the standard WhatsApp due to its additional features that are not included in any other version.
Advanced features like message editing, loading custom fonts, automated chat backups, proxy country settings, and many more are available. KB3 WhatsApp is a particularly good option for consumers looking for a more feature-rich messaging app.
Because of its anti-ban technology, it allows users to use this App even where the WA is prohibited. It offers privacy protections and lets users customize typefaces, stickers, and icons.

Additional Table of KB3 WhatsApp

App NameKB2 WhatsApp
Mod ColorRed
File Size72 MB
File TypeMod APK
Create DateAugust 31, 2023
Last UpdatedA few days ago

Download KB3 WhatsApp From Here

KB3 WhatsApp provides an improved messaging experience with more control, privacy, and customization options. Downloading KB3 WhatsApp from Waapks will provide you access to a more feature-rich and customized messaging experience. Don’t pass up the chance to improve your WhatsApp experience by using KB3 WhatsApp, which is currently accessible on Waapks. We also have KB4 WhatsApp. So, also check this. And if you don’t like KB4 then Check the Main version Called KB WhatsApp.

Key Features of KB3 WhatsApp

Privacy Control

KB3 WhatsApp’s privacy control function gives users many tools to efficiently control their privacy settings. To improve privacy and security, users can limit who can see their profile image to “My contacts only,”. It manage who can see their last activity time, and alter who can read their information.

Message Editing

Users can simply update it to provide extra context or remove errors with message editing feature. With this function, users may edit their chats more easily. By fixing types and improving the message content without having to remove the entire message or submit a new one. By adding this function, this App improves user experience by providing a simple means of quickly editing messages. It guarantes more precise and understandable communication.

Load custom Fonts

By uploading customized fonts, users of this App can improve their messaging experience with custom font loading. Users may add some personality to their talks by customizing the WhatsApp interface’s design using distinctive typefaces. This App gives users the option to upload their custom fonts. It gives users chance to customize their chat experience to fit their tastes and aesthetics. With the help of the app’s font selections, users may express themselves artistically, which improves the visual element of communication.

Proxy Settings

This feature of KB3 WhatsApp prohibits the limitations of using original app in different countries. Users can easily access WhatsApp even in nations where it is not otherwise available thanks to a proxy configuration. Users can bypass geographic restrictions and use WhatsApp even they were in a different country by setting up a proxy. It allows users to connect to WhatsApp servers through a different location. There are many countries that prohibited WhatsApp, such as China, North Korea, Iran, Turkmenistan, the United Arab Emirates, Cuba, and Syria, will find this function very helpful. Users can take advantage of the app’s features and capabilities from anywhere in the world, making it more accessible.


With KB3 WhatsApp themes, users may choose from a range of color options, including Blue, Black, Red, and Gold, to customize their chatting experience. With unique icon colors and theme settings, every theme is compatible with a different version of KB WhatsApp.

Anti-Ban Option

Utilizing this feature of KB3 WhatsApp allows users to use this App worldwide. Through the integration of Anti-Ban technology, this App offers users a d secure messaging platform that eliminates pauses on communication. It provides a workaround for users facing WhatsApp prohibitions in some countries, highlights the app’s dedication to user accessibility and privacy.

Hide Blue Ticks

The capability of KB3 WhatsApp to conceal blue ticks Users can manage the ticks in their conversations. Using this feature users can tweak their friends, family, loved ones. Utilizing this feature, users have more control over their privacy. With this App, users can protect their privacyaccording to their tastes.

Chat Customization

With the help of KB3 WhatsApp, users may personalize their conversation entry styles, bubbles and ticks, and action bar. With this feature, users can add additional appeal and personalization to their chat screen based on their preferences. In addition to other customizing features, KB WhatsApp allows users to schedule messages, add expressions to their messages, and pause and resume audio recordings. These features improve the user experience and provide the user with more control over the functioning and look of the app.


With over 64 languages support, KB3 WhatsApp enables users to converse in the language of their choice. This multilingual function improves accessibility and lets users communicate with individuals worldwide. This App offers many customization options, such as privacy restrictions, and many more.

5-Minute Status

Users can exchange status updates with others that are visible for a maximum of five minutes, but only to other KBWA users, thanks to the 5-minute status visibility feature. The App improves privacy and control over the length for which shared statuses are available by limiting the visibility of these changes to KBWA members. This gives users interacting with status updates a distinctive and personalized experience.

Pros and Cons of KB3 WhatsApp


  • Increased Privacy Control: WhatsApp’s advanced privacy settings (KB3) provide users more power over their personal information.
  • Multilingual Support: With over 64 languages supported by KB3 WhatsApp enables users to converse in their native tongue while improving accessibility.
  • Options for Personalization: Users can customize their KB3 WhatsApp experience by modifying notification settings, changing themes, and personalizing the home screen.
  • Special Features: KB3 WhatsApp gives users a more personalized and entertaining messaging experience with features like message scheduling, chat customization, unrestricted media sharing, and the option to disable blue ticks.


  • Because the software is modified, its extra functionality can use up more device resources, such as storage and battery life.
  • Since the app is not an official product, it might not receive timely updates or bug patches, which could affect its security and functionality.


Finally, giving in to the charms of KB3 WhatsApp reveals a world of customized communication where privacy and customization coexist together. With a gentle voice, this messenger whispers promises of control and originality, urging people to add security and distinctiveness to their digital canvas. This app softly cradles users’ messaging experience in a tapestry of soft elegance and visual beauty as they navigate this ethereal environment of features and possibilities, providing a sanctuary of personalized connections and peaceful interactions.

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