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What is KB2 WhatsApp APK?

One of the variants of KB WhatsApp is KB2 WhatsApp, along with KB1, KB3, and KB4. Each of these variants has different icon colors and theme choices. Message editing, custom font loading, automatic chat backup, proxy settings for blocked countries, and a multitude of customization choices for chat panels, icons, and stickers are just a few of KB2 WhatsApp’s notable features.
It also has features like numerous accounts, unrestricted media sharing, and the ability to hide blue ticks. For Android devices, KB2 WhatsApp is accessible through third-party sources for download.
However, utilizing altered versions of WhatsApp carries some hazards and can result in account bans but using this App users are not going to be banned because KB2 WhatsApp introduced Anti-Ban feature.

Additional Table of KB2WA

App NameKB2 WhatsApp
Mod ColorBlack
Download60K Plus
File Size72 MB
File TypeMod APK
Create DateAugust 31, 2023
Last UpdatedA few days ago

Download KB2WhatsApp V33

Users can download this App from Waapks.com the Official website on the mods of WhatsApp. Users do not have to dig down on the internet to get KB2 WhatsApp. Just click on the download button given below. We also have the Next version of KB WhatsApp called KB3 WhatsApp Also check this.

Key Features of KB2 WhatsApp Latest Version

There are some special features of this Modified Version are given below:

Message Editing

One of KB2 WhatsApp’s best features is message editing, which lets users quickly alter texts they’ve sent. This is especially helpful for people who send messages by mistake or in a rush. Since this feature is uncommon in other WhatsApp mods, KB2 WhatsApp stands out as a special option for consumers looking for greater customization and control.

Custom Fonts

This feature improves the app’s visual appeal and customization choices by letting users select typefaces they like. KB2 WhatsApp gives customers an exclusive method to personalize their chat interface by enabling them to load custom fonts. This allows users to adapt KB2 WhatsApp to their tastes and preferences.

Automatic Chat Backup

The handy feature of KB2 WhatsApp’s automated conversation backup improves user experience by automatically storing chat data without requiring manual interaction. Although chat backup is available in several WhatsApp versions, KB WhatsApp stands out for providing automatic backups that make sure users’ chats are safely saved and readily restored. Users may rest easy knowing that their conversation history is regularly backed up, which lowers the possibility of data loss in the event of device malfunctions or inadvertent deletion. Even though this backup process is automatic, users should also take manual backups regularly to guarantee complete data security and accessibility.

Proxy Country Settings

Users of KB2 WhatsApp can get around limitations in nations where the program or similar modified applications might be prohibited by setting up a proxy. With the use of this feature, users may configure proxy servers to reroute their internet traffic through alternate locations, effectively hiding their true location and allowing them to use KB WhatsApp without any problems—even in areas where it may be blocked. Users can take advantage of the complete set of capabilities and functionalities provided by this amazing APK without being restricted by geographical restrictions or bans by using proxy country settings. With this functionality, users’ privacy and accessibility are improved, making this app flexible and easy-to-use messaging app for people across the globe.

Privacy Tools

The privacy tools in KB WhatsApp are a collection of capabilities that give functionality not found in the original WhatsApp application. This allows users more control and flexibility over their messaging experience. By limiting senders, turning off notifications, and hiding their online status, among other features, users can improve their security and privacy with these solutions. KB WhatsApp is a well-liked option for individuals looking for a more private and personalized messaging platform since it allows users to customize their communication experience to their tastes by providing these sophisticated privacy settings.

Customization Options

Alkasir created KB2 WhatsApp, a modified version of the official App app that comes with many customization features not seen in the official program. These customization choices allow users to add their unique theme to their WhatsApp experience, with possibilities including black, blue, red, and gold. With KB WhatsApp, users may further customize the chat screen by changing the action bar, bubble and ticks, and conversation entry styles. KB WhatsApp is a flexible and user-friendly messaging app that comes with customization choices as well as features like message scheduling, unlimited media sharing, and linguistic support.

Emojis and Stickers

Emojis and stickers can be customized in many ways with KB2 WhatsApp that aren’t available in the original App client. The most recent version of this App offers users new style stickers and emoticons to improve their messaging experience.

Hide typing and recording status

With KB2 WhatsApp’s privacy function, users can hide their typing and recording status from other users while they are writing or recording a message. Users can take control of their online appearance and privacy by activating this feature in the KB2 WhatsApp settings. For people who wish to prevent distractions or interruptions when composing or recording messages, this feature is especially helpful. All things considered, This app gives users more control over their messaging activity and a variety of privacy tools and customization options to improve their overall experience.

Hiding Blue Ticks

One feature in KB WhatsApp that lets users manage who can see read receipts in their conversations is the ability to hide blue ticks. Two grey ticks that show the message has been delivered display beneath the message when it is received by the user. Two blue ticks indicate that the message has been read once it has been read. The blue ticks may be hidden with KB WhatsApp, though, so the sender isn’t aware that the message has been viewed. This option is especially helpful for people who prefer to keep their talks private or avoid receiving instant answers.

Copy Status

Copying KB WhatsApp’s based status captions One of the features makes it simple for users to replicate a contact’s status update text. You can accomplish this by visiting WhatsApp online on a computer or by utilizing the “Universal Copy” app. The status text can be shared with others or inserted into any application once it has been copied. Those who wish to preserve or share a contact’s status update without having to fill it out by hand will find this function especially helpful.

KB2 WhatApp APK Pros and Cons


  • KB2 WhatsApp gives users more control over their relationships and communication by offering amazing privacy capabilities like hiding blue ticks, limiting message acceptance, and barring undesired contacts.
  • By allowing users to upload custom fonts, change chat settings, and choose from a variety of themes, KB2 WhatsApp users may make their messaging experience more visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Unlike other WhatsApp mods, KB2 WhatsApp lets users edit messages with ease, giving them a practical means to fix mistakes or change messages that have been sent.
  • KB2 WhatsApp has the practical feature of automatically creating chat backups, guaranteeing that users’ discussions are safely preserved and readily restored without the need for human involvement.


  • Users must download KB2 WhatsApp via third-party sources, which could be risky for their security, as official app stores like Google Play do not offer it.
  • Since KB2 WhatsApp is not an official program, users could not get the same updates or support as they would from the original WhatsApp.
  • KB2 WhatsApp could contain errors or malfunctions that are absent from the official version, making the user experience less dependable and stable.

Final Words

In conclusion, KB2 WhatsApp is a customized version of the official WhatsApp that comes with many special features and personalization choices, such as the ability to edit messages, load custom fonts, automatically backup chats, change the proxy country setting, and access privacy tools. It has many drawbacks in addition to its benefits, which include improved privacy features and automatic chat backup; these include the possibility of account bans, risks associated with third-party downloads, inadequate support, a glitchy user experience, privacy concerns, limited compatibility, lack of official endorsement, possible security risks, restricted features, and legal issues. As a result, before choosing to use KB2 WhatsApp, users should carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks, obtain it from Waapks.com, and take all required security and privacy precautions.

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