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Introduction of MB WhatsApp for IOS

Communication is an integral part of our daily lives in the digital world. As a result, quick messaging Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have changed how we talk. WhatsApp is a great messaging App for communicating, but it only has a few features. Because of this, most Android users want extra features like having two accounts on the same device and more customization choices to improve their messaging experience. That’s why Stefano YG develop MB WhatsApp iOS for peoples.

Currently, two Apps, Fouad WhatsApp iOS and MB WhatsApp iOS, can replace the original App and use a second account. This MB WhatsApp iOS is also a custom package called an app made by Fouad iOS. It has more features that can be used to meet the needs of different users. In addition, this App lets you pick from more than 3000 styles and change each element according to users’ tastes.

What is MB WhatsApp iOS APK?

MB WhatsApp iOS is a modified version of the Official App, offering users many customization options and features. The developer of this App is “Stefano YG.” This App is used to communicate with friends, family, and relatives worldwide.

Utilizing this App, users may change the look of the phone interface to the iOS interface. This App provides extra features like Theme customization, Freeze Last Seen, Hide profile, Anti-View once, Anti-Revoke Messages, change font style, and many more.

Moreover, MB WhatsApp iOS enables users to enjoy a distinct look and feel compared to the Official App. This App is for those seeking more customization options and enhanced functionalities. For more, Keep reading this Article.

Additional Table of MBWhatsApp iOS

NameMB WhatsApp iOS
DeveloperStefano YG
File Size60 MB
Updated onA few days ago
File TypeMod APK
Mod featuresMany features

Features of MB WhatsApp iOS V9.96

After getting this App, users can enjoy many great features. In this Article, I’ll show users everything they need about MB WhatsApp’s fantastic features, updates, installation process, and download link. Let’s begin!

Ad Free

Ad problems are the most annoying when talking with friends or working. I wouldn’t like this, too. Most users find it irritating that other changed versions of WhatsApp, like GB and AG WhatsApp, show ads on the screen. On the other hand, if users download the latest version of MBWhatsApp, they won’t have to deal with these nasty problems because it’s an ad-free App with users’ needs in mind.

Dual Account

These days, millions of people can’t live without WhatsApp, no matter what other Apps they use. One of the biggest problems with the official WhatsApp is that users can’t have two accounts on the same Android. We only want our phone numbers to be kept private and to be able to call other people on a different number to escape the daily noise. Using two different phones is quite difficult to handle. Using two WhatsApp accounts on the same Android is an excellent way to eliminate this problem. MB WhatsApp iOS, which makes it easy to use this superb function. Utilizing this App, users can use two accounts on the same phone. They do not have to buy another phone to use another messaging App.


MB WhatsApp iOS offers an “Auto Reply” feature that allows users to manage automatic replies for various contacts as they need. Users must fill out details like time, date, day, and a predefined message to enable this feature. Users can customize a predefined message whenever they want.

Message Unsaved Number

My other favorite funny thing about it is that users can send a message to anyone immediately without saving their number. People like us are usually in a hurry and don’t have time to save phone numbers, especially for people we only want to talk to once. So, this is a great feature: type in the number and send them a text message without saving their name on the phone.

Chat Lock

Users can use a built-in lock feature to keep their private pictures, messages, and other important data safe. Users can lock specific contacts and chats with a fingerprint, password, or PIN. This App keeps things private and secure from other people. This App’s users can also set rescue questions to help them get back in if they forget their PIN or password without deleting the App. Users can learn more about how to hide chat and media here.

Anti-Delete Messages

We don’t always have time to answer everyone, so most people delete messages before the other person can read them all the way through. To do this, we often need to add different Apps that take up more space on our phones. Luckily, MB WhatsApp has this feature because it lets users read all deleted messages, even if they don’t know who sent them.

Privacy Control

Original WhatsApp doesn’t give users a lot of privacy choices because users can’t hide their name, a single tick, a double tick, or typing and recording tags. That being said, this MB WhatsApp was made based on what users wanted, so users can use all of these features here as long as they don’t invade their privacy.

iOS Theme

People who love iOS and want an interface that looks like an iPhone will be happy to know that with MB WhatsApp iOS, they can get an iPhone theme and a bunch of other themes. This MB WhatsApp iPhone for Android works great on all of them.

Anti-View Once

Recently, developers added a new, very private feature to the official WhatsApp that only lets users look at media files one time. However, this App has an “anti-view once” feature that allows users to watch that media as often as they want. Additionally, users can download the anti-view media to their phone gallery.

Freeze Last Seen

Like AG WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp, users can hide who they were last seen by and chat with friends and family online late at night. This incredible function keeps other people from discovering whether they’re online.

Download Status

Users love some statuses but can’t get them from the official App, so they have to download other Apps from the Play Store. It can be annoying because most of the Apps are useless and have a lot of ads. The MB WhatsApp APK 2024 lets users grab any status and save it in their phone’s gallery with just one click.

Fonts and Colors Combination

Everyone can choose their fonts and colours. Still, because the original WhatsApp didn’t have many features, we couldn’t select fonts and colours that we liked and were happy with. You can use this great function with MBWhatsApp because it has more than 100 fonts and colours from which users can choose.

Hide the Name of any Profile.

Utilizing this feature of MBWhatsApp, users can hide the name of any profile within the App. This feature is helpful for those who want to hide their partner’s name from their friends or family members. The official App does not allow users to hide the names of other profiles. This feature adds another degree of privacy to users. So, get this amazing App and protect your partner from others.

Some other features of MBWhatsApp iOS

  1. For WhatsApp, users can only use “aeroplane mode,” “dark mode,” or “dark mode.” Because users get WhatsApp texts from all their contacts, they don’t need to put their whole phone on aeroplane mode.
  2. Users can use emojis on Instagram and Facebook Messenger to show how they feel about certain texts. Just hold down on the message for a while and choose your favourite emoji to respond.
  3. Users can use the same emoji on their Android phone as on their iOS phone since MBWhatsApp has a beautiful iPhone look. In settings, users can change how big the emoji is.
  4. It’s letting anti-delete status work, which means that MBWhatsApp users can keep their status from being wiped even after 24 hours.
  5. In the same way, MB WhatsApp lets users see their contact list state without them knowing.
  6. When users forward a message (usually an idea from a friend to another), it often shows an ugly forwarded tag with them at the top, which means you copied it. That being said, this feature is easy to turn off in MBWhatsApp’s settings.
  7. And with MBWhatsApp, users can pause and pick up where they left off with any voice note, even after the chat.
  8. Users can change their pictures with the MB WhatsApp iPhone’s camera and gallery and use emoji stickers by searching for them online.
  9. We couldn’t copy captions from other people’s messages in the first version of WhatsApp. Still, MB iOS makes it easy to copy any comment to the clipboard and post it on Instagram or Facebook. Another great thing about this App is that it lets users show their state, just like Instagram Stories.
  10. For some reason, we might use more words in our status updates than is possible with regular WhatsApp. With MBWhatsApp iOS, it’s easy to do this.
  11. It lets users back up their chats, which users can do in a few easy steps. In addition, users can hide multimedia files in their gallery without downloading any extra Apps.

Additional Requirements to Use this App

Here are some other things users need to use this App without any problems.

  • Android 4.0.3 or higher is the last operating system version to run this App.
  • People who aren’t running at least Android 4.0.3 might run into bugs, crashes, or other problems when they try to use it.
  • Users must ensure the “Unknown Sources” option is turned on in their phone’s settings before loading. They won’t be able to run this on their device if it isn’t.

MB WhatsApp iOS Pros and Cons


  • It has many additional features that the Original WA does not have.
  • The interface of this App is user-friendly.
  • This App is popular in India, Indonesia, the US, Pakistan, and many more.
  • It has gained a lot of popularity in just two months.
  • The functionality of this App is very strong.
  • iOS users can get this App from Waapks.com


  • Third-party developers developed this App.
  • The speed of this App is slower than that of the official App.
  • This App is not an Official App that’s why this app is not available on Apple Store or Google Play Store.

How to install MBWhatsApp iOS Mod

Follow the steps below and install MBWhatsApp iOS on the devices.

  1. Get the APK file of MB WhatsApp iOS from this Article.
  2. Once the APK is downloaded, Click on the APK file.
  3. After that, choose “install”
  4. When you click on the Install button, it will start installing automatically.
  5. Click the “Open” button when it’s done.
  6. Now register with the number and Enjoy with MB WhatsApp iOS.

How do you fix being temporarily banned from MB WhatsApp for iOS?

Some people may get temporarily banned, which normally happens when they use the old version. Don’t worry if you get temporarily banned on MBWhatsApp; here are some easy steps you can take to fix it:

  • Some people may get temporarily banned, which normally happens when they use the old version. Don’t worry if you get temporarily banned on MBWhatsApp; here are some easy steps you can take to fix it:
  • Now get the newest version of MBWhatsApp by clicking on the button on the link above and installing it as we discussed earlier.
  • Once you’re done with this, you can restore your data, and I promise you won’t have to deal with this brief ban issue again. I fixed this on my computer because using the old version was the main cause.

Review without Bias

When I tried other mods of WhatsApp that had been changed, I ran into problems like annoying ads and being banned. So, those events made me feel pretty down. To be honest, though, I had a great time with this well-known App. It has a lot of great features that I really like, like password-protected private chats, scheduled texts, auto-reply, and strong security. Also, I really like that I can send texts to numbers I don’t know without saving them in my contacts. This is something I didn’t know before. You should try this App; then you’ll know why it’s so popular and why people all over the world prefer it.


The App has a lot of useful functions, but it could still use some work. Because of this, the last two versions to MBWA have made some big changes to the way it is built.

Version 9.96 of this modified App is the most recent version. It has better features than the versions that came before it. This is much better than v9.30, v9.11, or v8.20 of MBWA. This APK is getting a lot of attention in the WhatsApp group because it keeps getting better. That’s why this APK is right for users if they want the above benefits.

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