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What is NA7 WhatsApp?

The seventh iteration of Nasser Al-Jaidi’s modified version of the WhatsApp App is called NA7. The additional features of this App are not present in the official app, like the capacity to save and view media, read deleted messages, change fonts, themes, and more. It has a black color scheme.

The most valuable feature of NA7 WhatsApp is the 4000 theme library. It also offers a variety of bubble styles, font styles, colors, background colors, and icons to create a different and fashionable interface. With the help of the App, users can turn WhatsApp into a genuinely customized messaging service.

There are additional options for enhanced security features like PIN, pattern, or fingerprint-based chat locking. Accounts are protected from being banned through anti-ban functionality. There are also extra features like the ability to schedule messages, send automatic responses, message without storing contacts, clear cache with a single click, download status updates, have higher file sharing and status length limitations, and much more.

Additional Table of NA7 WhatsApp V13.15

App NameNA7 WhatsApp
DeveloperNassar Al-Jaidi
Latest VersionVersion V13.15
Android RequirementAndroid 5.0 or Up
NA7 WhatsApp PriceFree of cost
Download Size83 MB
Mod FeaturesGray Colors

Download NA7 WhatsApp Latest Version

Users do not have to go anywhere to install this amazing App just click on the Download Button given below and enjoy it. If you also want to download NA8 WhatsApp Latest Version click on link.

Key Features of NA7 WhatsApp APK

There are a lot of features in all the variants of NA WhatsApp, and every variant of NA WhatsApp has its look and features. The features in this App are the same as all the variants of NA WhatsApp. So, here are some features of NA7 WhatsApp which are given below:

Black Home Screen

The black color scheme of this App, which includes the home screens, buttons, and icons, makes for a distinctive and eye-catching application. One of the features that distinguishes NA7 WhatsApp from the regular App interface is its black theme.

Font Styles

Users can create a distinctive and customized messaging experience by customizing the font style inside the App. Users have the freedom to express themselves in many ways by altering the way their text looks. By accessing the App’s settings, users can modify the way their messages look by selecting from a variety of font styles. This feature is among the many customization choices offered by this APK, which also lets users change the chat and home screens’ background color and bubble style.

Additional Chat Buttons

It provides extra chat buttons so users can quickly access features. These buttons are just a few of the many customization choices along with font styles, background colors, bubble styles, and icon customization.

Save to Gallery

Even when media visibility is disabled, NA7 WhatsApp users are still able to save media to the gallery. Those who wish to store media without having it appear in their gallery will find this feature helpful. Open a photo, select three dots on the right corner, and select “save to gallery” to save the photo to the gallery.

Save View Once

The “Save View Once” function is new to NA7 WhatsApp. It lets users save and view media that has been sent with the “View Once” option again. Users have greater flexibility and control over the shared content they can save and view at a later time. This feature is one of the many customization options and extra features that offers, improving the user experience above and beyond what the Official App can offer.

Read Deleted Messages

The ability to read deleted messages is a special feature provided by this App. The official WhatsApp app does not have this functionality. Users now have more control over their messaging experience with NA7 WhatsApp as they can retrieve messages that the sender has deleted. This feature is a part of the App’s extensive customization and extra features, which improve the user experience.

Save WhatsApp Status

Users of this App can store media from the “View Once” feature in their gallery. With the help of this feature, users can save and retrieve media that was originally aimed to be viewed just once. It provides an improved user experience by enabling this feature, giving users more control over the media they receive and share within the App.

Stop others from Deleting Messages

With NA7 WhatsApp, users can stop other people from erasing messages even if that’s what the sender wants to do. Users now have more control over their messaging experience, which lets them recover messages that the sender has deleted.

Theme Store

This App allows users can customize the chat interface to their choices by selecting from a wide range of themes. With this feature, users can customize the appearance and feel of the App that suit their personality and enjoyable messaging experience. People can customize the color schemes and font styles of the chat with a wide range of themes so that every conversation reflects their individuality. Users can also align the theme with their device’s wallpaper or theme, offering a lot of customization choices to improve their messaging experience.

View All Messages

Users can click and hold on a group member’s name to view all of the messages that the member has sent. In addition to having a theme shop, customizable font styles, and the ability to stop others from deleting messages, It also has extra chat buttons.

My Experience

One of the greatest WhatsApp versions on the Internet is NA7. Android users should give it a try because of its many features. The article above includes a list of all the App’s features. Users don’t have to worry about being banned because it has an Anti-Ban feature. Users should exercise caution when downloading the App, even though it has a ton of exciting and useful features. Since it’s a third-party App, download it from our site the official website of modified versions of the Official App, and use it at your discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Third-party developer Nasser Al-Jaidi developed NA7 WhatsApp.

Yes, users can download and use NA7 WhatsApp for free.

Indeed, NA7 WhatsApp is compatible with multiple devices.

Yes, this App is safe and secure to use.

No, iOS users cannot access NA7 WhatsApp. It is limited to Android-powered gadgets.

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