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What is KB4 WhatsApp APK?

KB4 WhatsApp is a popular mod of WhatsApp developed by Alkasir. Offering users a range of options through its different variants, including theme color. It comes in various colors, including Black, Red, Gold, and Blue. Users can select the theme color that best suits their tastes. KB WhatsApp offers privacy tools and anti-ban technology. Allowing users to use the software in nations where it might be prohibited. Advanced features include modifying messages, loading custom fonts, automatically backing chats, changing the proxy country, and many more. Except for icon colors and theme options 3, KB1, KB2, KB3, and KB4 WhatsApp variants all have the same capabilities.

Additional Table for KB4 WhatsApp

App NameKB4 WhatsApp
Size54 MB
Rating4.8 High Rating
LanguageMulti-Language Support
Last UpdatedA few days ago.

Download KB4WhatsApp V33

Users can download this app from the official WhatsApp mod website, Waapks.com. To obtain KB4 WhatsApp, users do not need to delve far into the internet. Simply click the download link that is provided below.

Features of KB4WhatsApp Latest Version

Key features of KB WhatsApp include the ability to modify messages, schedule messages, share material indefinitely, support many languages, hide blue ticks, manage numerous accounts, and customize status updates.

Message Scheduler

This function lets users plan messages to be sent at a later time, so they may stay in constant communication with their audience without having to do anything manually.

Unrestricted Sharing of Media

KB WhatsApp users can now upload videos up to 700 MB, choose image resolutions up to 3 MB, and write status updates up to 5 minutes in length. This removes constraints on sharing media.

Support for Multiple Languages

KB With support for 64 major languages, WhatsApp increases its user base and ease of use across borders.

Customize Your Status

Users can add different themes and styles to their status updates, which enhances the personal and engaging nature of their presence.

DND (Do Not Disturb) MOD

The DND (Do Not Disturb) mode in KB4 WhatsApp lets users turn off their internet connection only for KB WhatsApp, so blocking notifications and messages from arriving. With the help of this function, users may manage their connectivity and prevent disruptions, making it possible for them to utilize the application more intently and quietly. Through the DND mode, users can customize their usage to their liking, improving their privacy and enabling them to more effectively manage their online presence within the KB4 WhatsApp environment.

Multiple Accounts

KB WhatsApp is a flexible solution for maintaining numerous identities or numbers since it enables users to create and manage several accounts within a single application. Those who need distinct accounts for personal and professional use or who need to manage various devices may find this option especially helpful. Users may quickly switch between their accounts with KB WhatsApp, guaranteeing smooth communication and anonymity for each one. It allows users to use multiple accounts within a single App. It gives users more control over their communication needs.

Hiding Blue And Double Ticks

KB WhatsApp users can manage the visibility of ticks in their conversations with a special option called hiding blue and double ticks. Upon sending a message, the recipient’s status is first shown as offline with a single grey checkmark. Two grey ticks indicate that the message has been delivered but not read if the recipient is online. Blue checkmarks show up in the chat window when the recipient reads the message. Users can read messages without notifying the sender thanks to the hidden blue ticks feature, which increases privacy and gives them control over message appearance. For those who would want to read messages without feeling compelled to reply right away, this function is quite helpful.

Customizing Home Screen

With KB WhatsApp, users may personalize their home screen to have an interface that fits their tastes. Users can change the appearance of their App home screen. It can alter the top bar, rows, floating buttons, and status UI. Adding personal touches to the home screen not only improves the user experience. It lets users exhibit their unique personalities and styles within the app.

Saving Once-View Media

In KB WhatsApp, the feature of saving once-view media refers to the ability to save images and videos sent as “view once” messages. Once a user views these media files, they can be saved and viewed multiple times without the sender being notified. This feature allows users to keep a record of these media files for future reference. Even if they were initially sent with a “view once” restriction. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to save important or valuable media files, as it provides an additional layer of control and flexibility over the content they receive.

WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp Lock is a feature created to give users an extra layer of security. Utilizing this feature, users can lock a chat. Also moving it out of the inbox and into a separate space that can only be opened with a password, PIN, or biometric (such as a fingerprint). When the app locks a chat and automatically conceals its contents in notifications. An application that automatically hides its information in alerts and locks a chat adds a layer of security and privacy.

Sorting Messages

Users of KB4 WhatsApp can arrange their chats according to their preferences by sorting them by the oldest or newest messages. By making it easy for users to find certain messages quickly, this feature is intended to improve user experience. KB4 WhatsApp makes conversation management more efficient and convenient by offering the ability to sort messages. This makes it possible for users to quickly access and prioritize their chats based on their preferences and needs.

Increased Pin Chats

With KB4 WhatsApp’s expanded pin chat function, users can pin up to 25–30 chats, making frequently used discussions easily accessible. Users who need to prioritize certain chats for easy access or handle many conversations at once will find this functionality especially helpful. With KB4 WhatsApp, users may manage their WhatsApp conversations more efficiently and organizedly by having more pinned chats.

Muting Conversations

Muting talks in KB4 WhatsApp is a function that lets users put an end to unwanted chats for as long as one hour or as long as they like. Users can lessen disruptions and distractions by muting discussions to stop receiving notifications from these chats. This function is very helpful for keeping track of busy chat lists and focusing by muting less critical or urgent chats. Furthermore, muting chats in KB4 WhatsApp gives users the freedom to alter their notification choices and requirements, improving their messaging experience all around.

Message Editing

KB4 WhatsApp’s message editing feature is a useful feature that lets users edit messages they’ve sent within fifteen minutes. It gives users more control over their interactions. In contrast to the official WhatsApp version, this App allows users to edit messages fix mistakes, and make changes. Users who value precision and clarity in their communication will especially benefit from this feature, which enables prompt edits without requiring the user to send new messages or erase the ones they had sent. With the ability to edit messages, KB4 WhatsApp improves user experience by enabling users to better manage their discussions.

Custom Font Loading

Users can upload custom fonts to customize their App. With KB4 WhatsApp, users may personalize the look of their chats and messages. This App improves the app’s look by letting users upload custom fonts. It lets people express their individuality and creativity through font selections. This feature improves the overall KB4 WhatsApp user experience by giving users a degree of personalization not usually found in other messaging apps.

More Themes

Users of KB4 WhatsApp can personalize their messaging experience by selecting from a range of themes. With the help of these themes, users may customize the way their chats look, giving their interactions a unique and stylish touch. KB4 WhatsApp improves the app’s appearance by including a variety of themes. This App allows users to choose a theme that suits their tastes and style.

Some Good and Bad thing of KB4 APK 2024

The ability to switch between multiple WhatsApp accounts, a plethora of customization options (including changing themes, fonts, and stickers), improved privacy controls (like viewing media multiple times and preventing message deletion), and features (like message editing and automatic chat backup) are just a few of the benefits of KB4 WhatsApp. Furthermore, KB4 WhatsApp gives users more control and organization over their chats by increasing the number of pin chats, muting conversations, and sorting messages. However, this app have some drawbacks of KB4 WhatsApp as well, such as possible security risks when you download this app from unaffiliated sources.

Pros and Cons of KB4 WhatsApp


  • Provides a range of choices through its several iterations, such as theme colors.
  • Available in a range of hues, including blue, gold, red, and black.
  • Let people select the theme color based on their preferences with its anti-ban technology, users can use the app in nations where it might not be allowed.
  • Lets users customize icons, stickers, and fonts and gives privacy-related tools, Message editing, the ability to load custom fonts, automatic chat backups, proxy country settings, and privacy tools are among the notable features.
  • Provides a more individualized and customizable texting experience.
  • Gives individuals greater flexibility and management over their conversations and improves the app’s visual elements by giving users the option to choose a theme that suits their tastes and appearance.


  • Downloading from unaffiliated sources could be risky for your security.
  • The possibility of being barred for utilizing altered versions of WhatsApp Despite the automatic chat backup feature, chats must be manually backed up regularly.
  • Limited accessibility due to KB4 WhatsApp’s non-availability on official app stores; possible incompatibilities with the most recent version of WhatsApp; absence of official support from WhatsApp.
  • The threats to security when downloading from unaffiliated sources Possibility of experiencing problems with KB4 WhatsApp.
  • Users may have problems with WhatsApp’s most recent version in terms of compatibility.
  • WhatsApp’s official lack of support for KB4 WhatsApp’s restricted availability due to KB4 WhatsApp’s non-existence in official app stores.

Final Words

In conclusion, KB WhatsApp is a well-liked mod for WhatsApp that provides a tonne of functionality, such as the ability to edit messages, load custom fonts, automatically backup chats, change the proxy country setting, and much more. Users can choose the theme color based on their desire since it comes in a variety of hues including Black, Red, Gold, and Blue. KB WhatsApp offers anti-ban functionality by enabling users to use the service in nations. However, users who download KB4 WhatsApp from unaffiliated sources may having risk. Their accounts suspended for utilizing altered versions of the messaging app.

We advise that you Download KB4 WhatsApp from reliable sources like Waapk’s. Benefits of KB WhatsApp include improved privacy protections, customization choices, and sophisticated capabilities including automated chat backup, custom font loading, message editing, and proxy settings for restricted nations. But there are drawbacks as well, like security hazards when downloading from unaffiliated sources and the potential for punishment for using altered versions of WhatsApp. When choosing to use KB4 WhatsApp, it’s critical to consider these advantages and disadvantages.

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