HAWA WhatsApp Latest APK (Download 2024 Version) for Android!

What is Hawa WhatsApp APK?

The effective HAWA WhatsApp mod provides more customization choices and improved communication features. It is an altered version of WhatsApp created by “The Legend” a well-known Arabian developer.

This mod offers many privacy measures, including the capacity to hide material from the gallery, prevent users from viewing a page more than once, and freeze the last seen status.

Moreover, HAWA WhatsApp offers distinct launcher icon choices, supports many languages, and enables users to communicate numerous images and data at once. With a focus on privacy and personalization, it is made to satisfy customers seeking a more customized and feature-rich WhatsApp experience.

Table of HAWA WhatsApp V36

App NameHawa Whatsapp
Latest Versionv36.00
File TypeMod APK
Last UpdatedA few days ago

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Features of HAWA WhatsApp Latest Version

Let me first explain how HAWA WhatsApp protects your privacy. If you are unfamiliar with this HAWA mode of standard WhatsApp, you will be amazed by some of its unwavering privacy and customization capabilities, which are as follows:

Anti-View Once

Furthermore, You can view communications to which the sender has granted you only one view at a time with limitless access thanks to the special “Anti view once” option. Even after a communication has been erased or access has been withdrawn, you can still view it.

Call Management

My phone, My will” Yes, you have the ability to test and call yourself. You may manage who can reach you with this function, preventing unsolicited calls.

Freeze Last Seen

First, by turning it on in your settings, you can freeze the last message that was seen. You can manage who can view your last seen status and when.

Extended Status: 10 Minutes or more

You can upload status for up to 10 minutes with only one click thanks to this feature. You don’t have to upload each one individually in 30-second halves.


Hawa WhatsApp supports more than 20 languages, it will gradually remove languages as Arabic font makers work on it. As a result, a large collection of Arabic fonts is provided.

Icons Launcher

It may surprise you to learn that WhatsApp Hawa’s most recent version allows you to modify the launcher icon. All WhatsApp APKs typically have a standard WhatsApp icon with the APK representation shown first, then the graphics of this App. There are now hundreds of launcher icons available on this App. The icons are always changeable.

Sticker Store

People express their feelings using emoticons or stickers because visuals are more interesting than text, and this enhances their communication with loved ones. It can be sent as an animation or as pictures. Users can purchase stickers for free on this version of WhatsApp.

Anti-Delete Messages

It’s interesting to note that a strong button named “Anti delete messages” prevents the person sending the message from removing any content that has surfaced. Messages that have been erased by the sender are still visible to you.

Take the “Forwarded” label off

The word “Forwarded” that is displayed directly above your chat should be removed. Correct? That is possible with this APK. Everyone will take every text message you send from now on as coming from you.

Privacy Control

Limiting Privacy on WhatsApp Hawa uses many features, such as hiding blue ticks, to allow you control over your privacy. You can read status updates and messages from other users using this feature even if you don’t know who they are.

Offline Notifications

You can now select how to view your messages when offline. When not using WhatsApp, you have the option to conceal your online status or last seen.

Personalization of Home Screens

You have total control over how Hawa WhatsApp customizes your home screen, down to the headers, rows, photo scaling, and other fine aspects. You can change any part of this App according to your taste. With the help of this tool, you may customize WhatsApp to suit your tastes.

We’re Bored with Junk Auto-Downloads

The auto-download of various trash files and images into our galleries irritates a lot of us. You can choose to hide media from your gallery using this modified app as a result.

Customization of Conversations and Themes

The ability to download more than 1000 Legend Premium Themes is enabled by default. With this feature, you may download and utilize a huge selection of free themes to personalize your HAWA1 & HAWA 2 WhatsApp experience.

Some of the most popular features include

  • A secure security system with built-in Hadith and the Holy Quran; a selection of Islamic collections; password recovery; and visibility management.
  • There are two downloadable versions available.
  • Auto-responding templates that facilitate rapid corporate communication.
  • Send large messages and large files with the mass message sender capability.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It lets users select from a variety of app launcher icon designs.
  • Incorporates Facebook-sourced emoticons, offering more imaginative discussion starters.
  • Customize the App’s interface in many ways, such as the headers, rows, and photo scaling.
  • With features that give users more control and freedom over their WhatsApp experience, WhatsApp is meant to improve daily communication.


  • Since it is a third-party app, the Play Store does not have it.
  • If you do not download from a reliable source, there is a high-security risk.
  • Not the same official WhatsApp support.
  • You must remove the previous version to install the new one, but remember to back up your chats first.

Installation Steps of HAWA WhatsApp

Here are some important steps to downlaod HAWA WhatsApp. First Read them carefully then download this Amazing APK.

  • Download HAWA WhatsApp from our Official Website (Waapks.com)
  • When download is complete find downloaded file on your mobile File Manager.
  • Open the settings on your device, find the security section, and select Allow to Install Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Click the “install” option after opening the downloaded file.
  • After installing the app, register with your phone number.
  • Once the app has validated your number, it will be operational.

Steps to Download Hawa WhatsApp on PC

Use these instructions to install HAWA WhatsApp on your computer/Laptop:

  • Download BlueStacks Emulater form the previous link.
  • Install the BlueStacks emulator on your Computer/Laptop.
  • Download the APK file of HAWA WhatsApp.
  • Open the BlueStacks Emulator and add the Hawa WhatsApp APK file on this emulator.
  • After following these steps HAWA WhatsApp is now install on you Computer/Laptop.

Final Words

You should now have a clear picture of that gorgeous APK after reading the aforementioned post. However, you won’t be able to fully utilize it until you download HAWA and use the app.

Like I did, you’ll begin to feel like you have more control over the conversations you have on WhatsApp.

The same is true of this OB WhatsApp, which periodically updates itself. Therefore, keep checking our website for the most recent editions as well as new information about planned cutting-edge features.

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