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HAWA2 WhatsApp’s slick UI and extensive privacy settings transform the way we communicate. Staying in touch has never been simpler or more fun thanks to improved group chat features and streamlined media sharing.

What is HAWA2 WhatsApp APK?

HAWA2 WhatsApp APK is the second variant of HAWA WhatsApp. This App is the modified version of the Original App, and it is used to communicate worldwide with friends and family. It has many additional features and functionalities that the Official App needs to have.

Its primary functionalities are the capacity to pause the most recent message viewed, and access communications even after the sender has erased them by utilizing the “Anti view once” feature.

This App has many other features like publishing lengthy status updates and eliminating messages’ “Forwarded” labels. With an emphasis on privacy and personalization, this updated version of WhatsApp gives users more control over their chat experience.

Hawa2 Additional Table

App NameHawa2 Whatsapp
Latest VersionV36.00
DeveloperThe Legend
File Size64MB
File TypeMod APK
FeatureMany Features

Key Features of HA2 WhatsApp

This APK has many amazing and fantastic features. Let we tell you some of them:

Anti-Delete Messages

The Anti-Delete Message function in HAWA2 WhatsApp enables users to view and access messages even after the sender has erased them. This feature makes sure that messages that the sender deletes will remain accessible to users and can be viewed. Users can retain access to their chat history and chats by turning on the Anti-Delete Message option, which offers a degree of privacy and control not available in regular WhatsApp.

Sticker Store

One important feature of HAWA2 WhatsApp is the Sticker Store. Users can improve their messaging experience by using the many free stickers and emojis available at the Sticker Store. These emojis and stickers, which are taken from social media sites like Facebook, are available for users to use and share to convey their feelings and liven up conversations. One benefit of utilizing the HAWA2 WhatsApp customized version over the original WhatsApp is the availability of this large sticker library.


It support more than 20 languages, including Arabic, which is the primary language for which it was designed. Diverse language support ensures smooth communication for users of all backgrounds, transcending language barriers

Privacy Control

Many features under the umbrella of Privacy Control enable users to efficiently adjust their privacy settings. Users can control who sees their info, last seen status, profile pic, and status updates.

Hide Files

With the help of this App, you can customize your device with a range of themes, conceal media files from the gallery, and even alter the launcher icon to give it a special look. By giving users more control over their messaging experience, these privacy options hope to make using the app safer and more customized.

Theme Customization

With HAWA2 WhatsApp’s theme customization function, users may personalize the appearance and feel of their messaging experience by selecting from more than 1,000 free themes. To alter the colors, layouts, and visual components of the app, users can download and apply different themes. With so much customization available to users, this vast theme library lets individuals personalize the App UI to suit their tastes and improve the chat experience overall.


With its Anti-Ban feature, users may take advantage of this modified version of WhatsApp’s special features and personalization possibilities without worrying about getting banned from the original platform. HAWA2 WhatsApp offers users a safe and reliable messaging experience by integrating anti-ban mechanisms. Users experiment with features like Anti-Delete Message, theme customization, privacy controls, and other improvements without worrying about getting banned from the Official App.

Launcher Icon Customization

With HAWA2 WhatsApp’s Launcher Icon Customization feature, users can alter the app’s icon to suit their style preferences. HAWA2 WhatsApp offers hundreds of customizable launcher icons for a personalized experience, unlike standard WhatsApp. One of the distinctive qualities that distinguishes HAWA2 WhatsApp from the standard WhatsApp program is the option to alter the launcher icon, offering users an extra degree of personalization and customization.


HAWA2 WhatsApp interface is designed by Arabic developer thats why this app has “Arabic touch” in its layouts and designs. Customize your WhatsApp experience with HAWA2’s hundreds of launcher icon options, improving overall messaging satisfaction.

Status Download

Users can save any status directly to their device by using the status download feature. With no additional procedures or third-party programs required, users may download and save status updates shared by their connections. HAWA2 WhatsApp improves user experience by offering a simple method to save and retrieve statuses for offline viewing or sharing with others, through the integration of the Status Download feature.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HAWA2 APK


  • Sharing status updates that are only accessible to your contacts gives you more control over what you post.
  • Options for seeing messages offline, like concealing your last seen or online status.
  • a huge selection of emoticons for greater artistic expression, including ones taken from Facebook.
  • More than a thousand paid themes are available to further personalize your WhatsApp experience.
  • a wide range of look customization options for the program, including photo resizing, headers, rows, and the home screen.
  • Improved privacy settings that let you manage who can view your online status, last seen, and read receipts.


  • The user experience may be ruined by performance issues, crashes, or other flaws.
  • The platform’s terms of service may be violated by using modified versions of WhatsApp, such as HAWA2 WhatsApp, which could result in the user’s account being suspended or banned.
  • Despite having more customization options and capabilities than the official version, HAWA2 WhatsApp lacks some features.
  • This app is not available in Google Play Store Officially because this app in a third party app which is developed by Arabian Developer “The Legend“.

Install Hawa2 WhatsApp

Before Installing this app please read these instructions carefully:

  • Download HAWA2 WhatsApp APK file from Waapk’s.
  • Then find this APK file on your mobile file Manager.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • After that, Click the “install” option.
  • After installing the app, register with your phone number.
  • Once the app has validated your number, it will be operational.

Installation Guide of Hawa2 WA for PC

If you want to download and install this app on PC/Laptop Read these Instructions:

  • Download the NoxPlayer emulator after downloading HAWA2 WhatsApp.
  • Install NoxPlayer in you PC/Laptop.
  • Open the emulator and add this APK file.
  • Register your number on HAWA2 WhatsApp enjoy this amazing APK.

Final Words

In conclusion, users should carefully examine the potential risks before connecting with using a modified version of WhatsApp. HAWA2 WhatsApp offers attractive customization choices and new functionality. Utilizing HAWA2 WhatsApp, one should consider security threats, lack of official support, stability concerns, and many more. When looking into other messaging apps, it’s critical to give user privacy . Make informed choices based on your needs and preferences for a safe and happy messaging experience.

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