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What is AG3 WhatsApp?

AG3 WhatsApp is the third variant of AG WhatsApp, and the color of this App is Green. As we all know, this App is also a modified version of the Original WA. It offers various customization options and additional features. Users can cheer up with the features of this App to enhance their messaging experience.

It provides features like Anti-View Once, Hide Forward Tag, Anti-Revoke Messages, Hide Last Seen, and many more. This App allows users to use all these features to add another degree of communication or to personalize their chatting experience with AG3 WhatsApp.

Moreover, this App is viral and famous worldwide. People use this App as their personal messaging App rather than the Original App because its interface is super friendly and eye-catching. This App is easy to use because of its navigation buttons and user-friendly home and chat screens.

Additional Table of AG3 WhatsApp

Application NameAG3 WhatsApp
DeveloperAsim Mahjoub
 Last UpdateA few days ago
Size77.94 MB
File TypeMod APK
Mod FeaturesMany Features

Download AG3 WhatsApp

Waapks allows users to download the AG3 WhatsApp APK file and offers a straightforward way to acquire the APK version for improved messaging capabilities. Click the download button given below to download the APK. We also have AG2 WhatsApp APK. So, also check this.

Features of AG3 WhatsApp

Almost everyone wants to use the most recent versions of many apps. New mod apps are replacing standard or formal Apps with more features. This one is easier to use than WhatsApp Aero and other mod apps. Let us describe the most important features of this App.

Hide Last Seen

AG3 WhatsApp users can hide their “last seen” state, which gives them more privacy and control over their online presence. This function allows people to use this App with more freedom because others won’t be able to see their last seen time. This feature benefits people who want to stay anonymous or private when interacting with others. Users can enjoy the ease of using the App without their online behavior being shared with their contacts.

Anti-Revoke Messages

AG3 WhatsApp has an ” Anti-Revoke ” feature that lets users read their contacts’ deleted messages. This feature ensures that conversations are clear and avoids misunderstandings. This function enables people to see messages that the sender has already deleted. It lets them know what was said in the past and keeps a record of communication. With the Anti-Revoke feature, users can see what was said in texts even after they have been deleted. It makes messaging better overall and makes it easier for contacts to talk to each other.

Media Sharing

AG3 WhatsApp improves file sharing by letting users share bigger files than the official App. Users can send videos up to 700 MB, significantly increasing from the original App’s file size cap. Users can also share photos in their original quality, which makes the sharing experience more thorough and high-quality. This feature is for people who share media files and need a platform to handle bigger files.


With AG3 WhatsApp’s comprehensive customization options, users can significantly customize their messaging experience. They can alter the font size on the main screen, apply alternative themes in different colors, and define distinctive backgrounds for each contact in their chat. Users can also change privacy settings, which allows for more customized and private communication. Examples of these modifications include masking one’s online and last-seen status.


With the many themes and color options that AG3 WhatsApp provides, users may customize their messaging interface to suit their tastes. By allowing users to personalize the visual style of their chats, these themes enhance user engagement and allow for greater customization to suit individual preferences. Users of this App can improve the visual attractiveness of their conversations. Users can create a more individualized and aesthetically pleasing environment for their interactions by choosing from various themes. Furthermore, these themes give the messaging platform a dash of originality and creativity while letting users show their individuality and sense of style via theme selection.

Emoji Variants

Users of AG3 WhatsApp have access to a vast array of emoji variations lifted from social media platforms such as Facebook, Android O, Old WhatsApp (iOS), and System Emoji (EXPERIMENTAL). Users can improve their texting experience by choosing from emotive icons with these emoji variants. Through these many emoji styles, AG3 WhatsApp enables users to infuse their discussions with more personality and emotion, resulting in more visually appealing and engaging communication. With the help of this function, users may express themselves creatively and individually on the chat platform by using a variety of emoji designs.

Status Downloader

Users of this App can save online status updates, images, videos, and GIFs from their contacts using the extensive Status Downloader tool. Using this all-in-one solution, users can download and store different media, which are given as status updates on the messaging app. Moreover, AG3 WhatsApp’s Status Downloader has functions like text repetition, video splitting, message recovery, automated responses, sending to unsaved contacts, and unrestricted chat pinning. It improves the user experience by providing a practical and adaptable solution for organizing and storing media files and status updates.

Anti-View Once

The “Anti View Once” function in AG3 WhatsApp enables users to understand the view-once constraint on messages. With the help of this feature, users can view messages intended to vanish after one viewing, allowing them to access and examine these communications more than once. It gives users more control over their messaging experience by introducing the “Anti View Once” function, which keeps users’ access to critical or noteworthy messages that might otherwise disappear after just one view. This feature makes it easier and more flexible for users to manage their messages and conversations within the App.

Home Screen Customization

Users can tailor the UI to their tastes with the various customization options available in AG3 WhatsApp. Users can customize the themes, wallpaper, and home screen design to create a distinctive and eye-catching messaging environment. It lets users customize the user interface (UI) to their liking by allowing them to change chat bubbles, background colors, font styles, and chat icons. The program also offers features like categorizing chats, quickly navigating buttons for effective chat management, and screen locking via pattern, PIN, or fingerprint. By providing a customized and aesthetically beautiful interface for interacting with contacts and messages, this degree of personalization improves the user experience.

Multiple Accounts

AG3 WhatsApp is unique because it provides the much-desired capability of allowing users to manage numerous accounts conveniently from a single APK. This feature enables users to manage innumerable accounts on a single device, simplifying communication and giving users freedom when managing different elements of their lives or keeping personal and professional relationships separate. This App improves user experience by allowing users to use many accounts. It is a valuable solution for users who need to move between different profiles quickly within a single program.

Freeze Last Seen

With AG3 WhatsApp’s “Freeze Last Seen” function, users may manage when their last seen status is visible and can set a time limit for when this timestamp is frozen. This feature allows users to keep control over their online identity and privacy by preventing their contacts from seeing their current last seen status. Users who want to control when their previously seen status is updated will find this feature especially helpful, as it lets them alter when they are available and visible within the App.

Final Words

Finally, AG3 WhatsApp distinguishes itself as a feature-rich and adaptable substitute for the official WhatsApp client. This App gives customers more functionality and control over their messaging experience with unique features, including colossal file sharing, anti-revoke messages, theme customization, and multiple account management. AG3 WhatsApp gives users access to sophisticated features like message pinning, configurable fonts, and enhanced anti-ban methods despite drawbacks like manual upgrades and a lack of backup for older conversations. AG3 WhatsApp serves users looking for a more customized and flexible chatting option with extra capabilities not found in the regular WhatsApp program.

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