KB WhatsApp APK V33 Latest (2024 APK) Download For Android!

It’s time to stop using WhatsApp’s official versions when there are better options available like KB WhatsApp. The official WhatsApp versions are significantly more limited in what capabilities they can provide their customers with.
To bridge this gap, some inventive coders have created various WhatsApp tweaks. KB WhatsApp is one of these mods, and its astounding performance has stunned fans of the messaging App.

What is KB WhatsApp APK?

It is the substitute for the official versions of WhatsApp. It is cleverly designed to meet user expectations for increased control, enhanced privacy, fine-grained customization, and practical and enjoyable communication.
Furthermore, it outperforms the official versions for numerous reasons, which you will discover in the sections that follow. Alkasir, an Arabian developer, developed it. This App has four variants, each with its own features and distinctive colors.
The variants of this App are yellow Gold WhatsApp, Red WhatsApp, KB2 Black WhatsApp, and Blue WhatsApp. Having stated that, let’s dive right into the details and how using them will affect your life.

Additional Table of KBWhatsApp V33

App NameKB WhatsApp
Latest VersionV33.00
Version MODsKB1, KB2, KB3, KB4
File Size54MB
Color MODsBlack, Blue, Gold, Red
File TypeMod APK

Features of KB WhatsApp Latest Version

Many features in this App are not available on the official App, which is why this App is beyond the Official WA. Let’s look at the details of KB WhatsApp’s features.

Message Editing

With this app’s message editing feature, users can edit messages within 30 days of posting. This function does not cover photos, videos, or other kinds of material or files; it only pertains to text content.

Custom Font Loading

The Custom Font Loading feature in KB WhatsApp gives users the ability to add and utilize custom typefaces inside the chat screen, making the user experience more distinctive and personalized. KB WhatsApp differs from the other apps because it has a function that is not the standard version of WhatsApp, and no other modifications are offered. This feature allows users to select from a variety of font styles to fit their tastes by going to the “Chats” and then “Font” settings within the App. Not only does custom font loading improve a message’s visual appeal, but it also gives the messaging experience a unique and creative touch.

Automatic Chat Backup

One of the many features offered by KB WhatsApp is automatic chat backup. With the help of this function, users can automatically store their conversation history, protecting the security of their messages.

Privacy Tools

This app provides a range of functionality and privacy settings that are not found in the official app. Users can restrict senders, disable forward and status view, and more, giving them more excellent privacy options. It also offers personalized privacy options to give users more control over their discussions.


When we talk about “anti-ban” features for KB WhatsApp, we mean a technique or function that helps users stay on the app and not get banned, especially in countries where modified apps like KB WhatsApp might be blocked. Ensuring that users can make use of KB WhatsApp’s expanded features and operations without worrying about their accounts being banned or restricted is made possible by its anti-ban technology. The goal of KB WhatsApp’s anti-ban features is to give users a safe and secure chatting experience, free from the worry of facing the consequences of using a modified version of the app.

Limitless Media Sharing

KB WhatsApp users are free to send an infinite number of pictures, movies, and other items to their contacts. The official WhatsApp app does not support this capability, restricting the number of media files that may be exchanged simultaneously.


KB WhatsApp’s customization possibilities are among its most essential aspects. Users can customize the app’s look and presence to suit their tastes. They can change many things, including the message’s font, size, and style. Users can have more control over the App and feel of their App by altering the background of their chats.

Hiding Blue Ticks

This App provides the ability to hide blue ticks to their users. The sender of a message cannot determine if the recipient has received and read it if the blue ticks are hidden. This feature is helpful for those users who want to protect their privacy and avoid uncomfortable circumstances that may arise from reading a message and delaying answering. Users of this App can enable this feature by going to the privacy settings and choosing to hide blue ticks. Utilizing this feature, users will have more control over their privacy.

Multiple Accounts

KB WhatsApp provides the convenience of managing many accounts on a single device, something that the official WhatsApp App does not do. Those who need to maintain many accounts for various identities or goals may find this feature helpful as it facilitates switching between multiple accounts. For those who want this level of account administration in a messaging service, KB WhatsApp is a superior choice because it allows for the management of numerous accounts, giving users greater flexibility and convenience.

Multilingual Support

KB WhatsApp is available to users worldwide and supports more than 64 languages. Those who would rather speak their mother tongue or native language instead of English may find this function especially helpful. Users can choose their favorite language in the app settings, which offers multilingual support. By allowing users to converse and utilize the app in their favorite language, this feature improves user experience and makes it simpler to use.

Emojis and Stickers

Due to its many features, including stickers and new-style emoticons, KB WhatsApp is a preferred option among users. The most recent edition of the app has new-style stickers and emojis, a reaction option to respond to someone’s chat, and the capacity to conceal one’s typing and recording state from other users.

Hide typing and recording statuses.

With KB WhatsApp, users can protect their privacy by hiding their typing and recording statuses. This functionality is present in KB WhatsApp, a modified version of the program. However, it is not included in the official version of WhatsApp. Users can choose to hide their typing and recording status from other people by going to the privacy settings in KB WhatsApp and selecting that option. This function, which hides the user’s typing and recording activity from others, is beneficial for users who want to protect their privacy while using the app.

Copy Status Lines and Download Statuses

Users of KB WhatsApp have the option to download and copy the status caption, making it easy to preserve and distribute status updates. This feature improves the app’s sharing and reposting capabilities by making it simple for users to copy a status post’s text content and download any related media files. KB WhatsApp provides a smooth experience for users who want to store or reshare significant or fascinating status updates with their contacts by allowing them to copy status captions.

Some Other features of KB WhatsApp

  • Including a fresh option to display the message writer’s notification. (Notifications > When writing a message in KBWhatsApp Add-ons).
  • Include a fresh way to conceal the camera symbol. (Home screen > Top bar > Hide camera symbol) in WhatsApp Plus Add-ons.
  • When the camera was opened, the new appearance was enabled.
  • Sending a sound to the casing is now possible.
  • The option to create or edit a profile photo has been enabled through the avatar function. (Avatar > Settings).
  • The Communities feature is now operational.
  • When removing messages, the undo function is now active.
  • The ability to communicate text along with a picture or video.

Pros and Cons of KB WhatsApp


  • Numerous capabilities are available with KB WhatsApp, including the option to hide blue ticks, customize chats, schedule messages, share media files without restrictions, and support multiple languages.
  • Improved privacy features offered by the app include the ability to conceal typing and recording status, duplicate status captions, and make use of new, fashionable stickers and emojis.
  • Improved performance, security, and user interface offer advantages to users, making KB WhatsApp a dependable and feature-rich substitute for the official WhatsApp program.
  • KB WhatsApp offers sophisticated settings for a customized messaging experience, automatic chat backup, customization of fonts and themes, and management of many accounts.


  • Using any unofficial version of WhatsApp, including KB WhatsApp, may expose the user’s data since it might not be as secure as the official version.
  • Users may find it challenging to use other apps and services using KB WhatsApp since it may not integrate with them as well as the official version of WhatsApp.
  • Users may not be able to access all of the features and functionality of the official WhatsApp version, and they may also lose out on some of the most recent updates and additions.

Installation Steps of KBWhatsApp

There are five steps to install this App. Follow them and get this app installed.

  • Download and save the KBWA APK file for internal storage.
  • In settings >, enable the installation of third-party apps. Safety
  • Click the APK to install it.
  • Check the number on your phone.
  • Use KBWA now.

How to Set Up KBWhatsApp on a Computer

  • Install an Android emulator (BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, MEmu, etc.) after downloading it.
  • Open the emulator and go to the Google Play Store to log in.
  • Click to install KBWhatsApp after downloading it.
  • Open the app after installation to confirm your phone number.
  • Launch KBWA on your computer.


Despite having many features, there is still space for improvement in the software. Because of this, KB WhatsApp has made some significant structural changes in the recent two versions.
This modified program is currently running on V33, the most recent version, which is taller than its predecessors. Compared to KBWA, v30.00, v29.00, v28.00, v27.00, v26.00, v21.00, v20.00, or v18.00, this APK is far superior.
This APK is gaining popularity in the WhatsApp community because of its ongoing improvements. Therefore, this APK is for you if you’re looking for the advantages listed above.

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