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Dodi Hidayat developed a mod DYOWA WhatsApp that is based on Delta YoWhatsApp. The D WhatsApp app was created to replicate the interface and feel of iOS WhatsApp on an Android smartphone.

What is Dyowa WhatsApp?

Dyowa WhatsApp has many features that must be added to the WhatsApp original edition. Despite being modified from Delta YoWhatsApp, the mod has unique features. The mod provides users with a large selection of themes and an interface modeled after iOS.

Dyowa has a plethora of privacy options, some of which include the ability to conceal one’s online status, visible messages or status, blue ticks, and anti-delete messages or status. Take a look at some of the recently introduced features on the most recent app version below.

Additional Table Of Dyo WA

App NameDYOWA WhatsApp
VersionVersion 120
Size75 MB
Latest UpdateFew Day Ago
FeaturesMany Features
Operating SystemAndroid
File TypeMod APK

Additional Features Latest V120

This Amazing WhatsApp Modified Version has many mind blowing features. Let we tell you some of these:

Editing and Trimming of Videos

Dyowa is a video editor in addition to being a messaging app. Let’s say you would like to post your video to your status update. If so, this mod version will give you simple, practical tools for editing and trimming your movie. To access various video status features, simply tap the lower right corner of your status screen.

DYOWA Malware

When you download this app from an unreliable website, viruses and malware infiltrate your system and contaminate your data. This application offers you its antivirus software for this reason. In DYO WhatsApp, you are immune to any external spyware or viruses. However, excessive utilization of it is prohibited by the developers.

Status Editing

This isn’t just another WhatsApp; it’s more than just another WhatsApp APK called Dyowa WhatsApp since it gives you the ability to edit videos. If you want to submit a video to your status, this feature gives you the best tool for setting or editing videos.

Voice Changer

With its voice changer you to record audio messages with numerous sound options—such as baby, intoxicated, teen, female, elderly guy, and more DYOWA allows you to have a lot of fun with your friends and family.

Innovative Text Formats

This function adds a highly creative element to your messaging. You can flip, reverse, and reverse flip your messages by selecting the creative text option. Try this feature; it will make you feel at ease. Additionally, a large selection of templates for various text styles can be added. Only after experiencing these features just by reading this blog post can you fully immerse yourself in it.

Increased Forward Limits

This version of WhatsApp allows you to forward messages to up to 250 contacts at once, which is significantly more than what regular WhatsApp allows. similar to the original WhatsApp Pro.

Assistant for Messaging

This is an amazing writing tool that saves you time by providing you with an auto-set template that is just a touch away, without adding flowery text and various emojis to your messages. Using this captivating version of WhatsApp, your messages will stand out among your peers.

DYO Personalization

There are much more customizing possibilities available with this version of WhatsApp. Using various features, such as altering secondary and main colors, accent colors, and Action bar Title colors, you may customize WhatsApp to your liking. You may also easily modify the backdrop and color of your UI list, chat wallpaper, and other settings.

Language Translator

You can now translate every message sent in your chats on WhatsApp, which is a wonderful function that users need to improve their conversations. Installing a separate application is not necessary for translating purposes alone.

Edit Message

This incredible function will truly astound you. Even after sending a message, you can edit it. Let’s say you bite your nails to change an important message you sent. The message can be tapped, and you can choose the change option from a list that drops down. You can thus simply change that message.

Superior Pictures

There’s a persistent issue with WhatsApp where the quality of images you send gets lower. However, you can transmit a picture up to 6MB using Dyowa WhatsApp. Additionally, it provides you with a 1 MB lower restriction and a 6 MB upper limit. As a result, you can choose any resolution for the image you want to share.

Duration of status

Since official WhatsApp only permits you to submit videos that are 30 minutes long, you may now upload a log video to your status. As we all know, DYO WhatsApp surpasses all of the limitations of the original WhatsApp and offers new, updated choices.

Delta Message Broadcast

This feature is simply incredible. Sending a message to someone with different types is simple. You can send more love and caring emojis than they can count to your closest friends. When utilized properly, this function can be a lot of fun.


You can download themes with this version of WhatsApp with an integrated plugin. You will have access to hundreds of incredible themes after installing the theme’s plugin, from which to select your favorite.

DYO WhatsApp Changelog

  • [Base] Updated — Play Store.
  • [Added] Ios home ui.
  • [Added] Hidden chats.
  • [Added] Lock app.
  • [Added] Favorite contacts.
  • [Added] Chats row color.
  • [Added] Home background color/image.
  • [Added] Bubble style.
  • [Added] Backup/restore data.
  • [Added] Save, reset and change themes.
  • [Added] Translate chat.
  • [Added] Save, reset and change themes.
  • [Added] Chats/group filter.
  • [Added] Custom fonts.
  • [Added] Game mode.

Old Version 119:

  • [Added] New Added a new option to publish written statuses for linked devices.
  • [Fixed] Added more Anti-ban protection.
  • [Improved] More Anti-ban protection.
  • [Improved] Anti-ban for people who are getting repeat 1hr ban.
  • [Misc] General bug fixes.

Current Version 120:

  • New Ghost Mode (Privacy and security > Ghost Mode).
  • New Add a quick interaction option to menu options when clicking view once on conversations.
  • New Blur Wallpaper.
  • New Profile home UI.
  • Added New home dialog style (Home Screen > Home Style).
  • New Improved ios UI, Neomorph UI, home UI, Settings UI, Drawer Menu.
  • Added New header style (Home Screen > header).
  • Added Show/hide tab divider (Home Screen > header).
  • Added New story UI (Home Screen > header > Story).
  • Added Fix drawer distance (Home Screen > Home styles > Drawer).

Pros and Cons of DYo WA WhatsApp


  • Users have more privacy control by being able to block calls, make themselves appear unavailable, and hide their “last seen” status from particular contacts.
  • With so many customization options available, DYOWA WhatsApp lets users customize the appearance and feel of their texting experience.
  • DYOWA WhatsApp makes it easier to share documents, photos, and videos with contacts by allowing larger file transfers than the original WhatsApp.
  • The app’s font style can be altered by users, improving the visual experience over the initial version.


  • Possibility of Malware: Installing and downloading third-party modified programs, such as DYOWA WhatsApp, might raise the possibility of malware infections, which may jeopardize the security of your device.
  • Compatibility problems: There’s a chance that DYOWA WhatsApp won’t work with every device or operating system, which could cause problems during installation or use.
  • Absence of Official Support: Users may not get the same amount of support as they would with the original WhatsApp because DYOWA is not an official app, which could cause dissatisfaction if problems occur.

Install DYowa WhatsApp

Before you Install this APK read these instructions given below:

  • Allowing the installation of unidentified Apps is the first Step.
  • Turn it on by going to settings>security>Unknown devices.
  • After that, simply click the downloaded file, select the install option, and wait for the installation to finish.
  • After installation is finished, Open the installed program and grant all necessary permissions.
  • After that, Give your mobile number so that it may be verified.
  • You’ll receive an OTP on your phone.
  • In WhatsApp, enter the verification code.
  • You can now utilize WhatsApp!

Update DYO WhatsApp

  • On the very first, Go to the profile for backup.
  • Now, go to the settings.
  • Search for Backup in the settings.
  • Click on the Backup.
  • After some time, Your Backup is ready.


Let’s sum up by saying that Dyowa WhatsApp includes all features available on official WhatsApp, even the more sophisticated ones like voice status and avatar. In addition to these advantages, this version of WhatsApp offers you a wealth of very imaginative mod features.

However, to improve their efficiency, several aspects need to be refined. From its earlier iterations, including v58, v59, v72, v100, v101, v102, and the most recent v120, DYOWA has advanced quickly. DYOWA is simply booming. Try it out and remember to share your experience at Waapks.com

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