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What is AB6 WhatsApp?

AB6 WhatsApp is the sixth variant of AB WhatsApp. All the variants of this App are tremendous and are top mods of the official App. Like the other variants, this App is customizable and has additional features. This app has many unique features that were not present in the original app. With these customization options, users can easily customize the whole AB6 WhatsApp according to their taste or personality.

Moreover, it provides many features, such as Anti-Deleting Messages, Anti-Viewing Once, Voice message-to-text, Emojis and Fonts, and more. By using these features, users can enhance the chatting experience.

Additional Table of AB6 WhatsApp

App NameAB WhatsApp
Latest Versionv31.00
File Size74MB
Developers TeamAbdul Malik Alhaj
Mod ColorYellow
File TypeMod APK
Downloads1 Million+

Download AB6 WhatsApp

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Additional Features of AB6 WhatsApp

This app’s features are outstanding. This section provides a comprehensive overview of AB6 WhatsApp’s features.


It allows users to translate the voice message into text easily. This feature is helpful for busy people who need more time to listen to their voices. This App enhances the chatting and messaging experience.


This App includes an “Anti-Ban” feature. The primary purpose of this feature is to protect the account from banning. It is for those scared of getting banned from the official App. So, users can use AB6 WhatsApp without hesitation and without having to worry about anything. See how unique this feature is?

Status Downloader

It offers a built-in “Status Downloader” feature. Using this feature, users can download any status to their device’s gallery from the status feed with a single click. It enables users to get any status directly from the app. Full-screen DP photos and profile videos can be cloned, shared on social media, and saved in the device storage. This feature enhances the user experience by allowing users to download anything.

Privacy Control

Users of AB6 WhatsApp have more control over the security and privacy of their messages thanks to the configurable privacy settings. Setting unique passwords for locked chats is a noteworthy feature that provides additional protection for private talks held within the app. With the help of this feature, users can make it more difficult for unauthorized parties to access private chats by hiding their encrypted chats behind a password that differs from the one used to unlock their phones. Users may ensure their most private conversations stay private and safe even if someone manages to access their smartphone using secret codes.

Anti-Delete Messages

The Anti-Delete Messages function: Even if the message sender deletes it, AB6 WhatsApp users can still access the message. By guaranteeing that the sender has erased messages can still be viewed by users, this feature protects data from being lost or accidentally disappearing. Despite attempts by the original sender to have messages deleted from the chat history, users can utilize this function to keep track of all messages they have received. This feature makes a safer and dependable messaging experience within the app possible, giving users more control over the app and preventing crucial conversations or information from being inadvertently deleted.


With the help of various customizable themes, this App’s users can alter how their App interface looks. Users can alter the AB6 WhatsApp’s color scheme, background picture, chat bubble style, and other design components with these themes. Users can change the theme according to their tastes, mood, or style by choosing from various themes. Using different themes alters the look and appearance of the App.

Anti-View Once

The Anti-View Once function in AB6 WhatsApp gives users more privacy control by shielding senders from knowing when a receiver has seen a message marked as “View Once.” With this feature, the sender is protected from read receipts and notifications that the recipient has accessed a message meant to vanish after viewing. Users can keep more discretion and privacy in their interactions by using Anti-View Once, which lets them read messages without alerting the sender. This feature provides a more secure and covert communication experience within the app by improving user confidentiality and control over their message interactions.

Built-in App Lock for Chats

AB6 WhatsApp users can secure particular chats using a password, PIN, or fingerprint to increase the security of their private communications. Once users lock a chat with a fingerprint, it adds an extra layer of privacy control. This feature improves the app’s security by keeping private and unreadable chats secret. Moreover, locked chats are automatically concealed from alerts, giving users more control over their privacy within the application.

Freeze Last Seen

AB6 WhatsApp allows users to manage who can see the date of their most recent online activity by modifying their privacy settings. It includes freezing the “Last Seen” status. Users can freeze this data and stop it from updating in real-time for all of their contacts by choosing to hide their Last Seen status from other people. This function gives users discretion and flexibility in limiting their availability within the messaging platform, preserving their privacy and giving them control over when their online presence is apparent to others. Users can improve their privacy and control over their online appearance by personalizing who can access this information by modifying their Last Seen settings in AB6 WhatsApp.

Emojis and Fonts

Users of AB6 WhatsApp can alter how their text and emojis display within the chat. Users can add personality to their messages by changing the font type, making them stand out, or reflecting their preferences. Furthermore, users can customize how emojis appear on other platforms like WhatsApp to better fit their aesthetic preferences or tastes. With the ability to personalize the visual components of their chats and add a personal touch to their communication experience, this feature encourages user creativity and expression.

In Article Summary

To sum up, there are numerous benefits associated with AB6 WhatsApp, a customized variant of AB WhatsApp that surpasses any possible drawbacks. The application offers unique features that significantly improve the user experience, such as customizable privacy settings, anti-delete messages, and the opportunity to modify the font and emoji types. AB6 WhatsApp is particularly well-known for its influence on communication and is becoming increasingly popular among college students. More features on the platform, such as the ability to customize themes and freeze the Last Seen status, make for a safer and more enjoyable messaging experience. AB6 WhatsApp is a valuable tool for improving communication in the current digital era since it provides users with a flexible and customized messaging experience that can accommodate a wide range of tastes and demands.

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